Chrome is also crazy about the Vimium plugin

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Chrome is also crazy about installing the Vimium plugin

  Thanks to the recent switch to the Mac, I feel the burden of the peripheral, out of the external mouse as well as the keyboard to find that the operation is more smooth (pity me to start less than a year of mechanical keyboard). Of course, out of the mouse with the touchpad to operate the browser sometimes still some Xu not fluent, for like keyboard operation I can only seek other methods, who had thought unexpectedly let me meet Vimium, forgive me to read less, so far only see Vimium, In fact, it's just a super-powerful extension on Chrome, and after it's installed, you'll be able to manipulate the Chrome browser like you did with vim, but if you like the Safari browser, it's the vimri that corresponds to it, and here's a quick key to the vimium. , though it is a vim-based extension that is used on chrome, there are individual differences. Interested can go here and look down.

Vimium Shortcut Key Introduction

1 J: Move Down. 2 k: Move up. 3 h: Move left. 4 L: Move right. 5 en: Keep moving to the left. 6 ZL: Keep moving to the right. 7 GG: Jumps to the top of the page. 8 G: Jump to the bottom of the page. 9 D: Page Down (equivalent to PageDown is pressed)Ten u: Page Up (equivalent to PageUp is pressed) One r: Reload the page (equivalent to F5 refresh page) A GS: View page source code - yy: Copy the URL of the current page to the Clipboard - yf: Copy a URL to the Clipboard the p: Open the link in the Clipboard on the current page - P: Open a link in the Clipboard on a new tab page - o: Open URL, bookmark or history on current page - O: Open a URL, bookmark, or history on a new tab page + T: Query from the tabs you opened - B: Open bookmark on current page + B: Open Bookmark in new tab page AGu: Jumps to the parent page, such as, enter and then jump to the parent page that is, so the shortcut keys that are different from H are back to the previous history page) at  - I: Input mode (if the discovery command does not work, it may be entered in input mode, press ESC to return to command mode) - GI: Focus on the first input box (the input GNI is focused on the nth input box) - F: Open a new link on the current page.  - F: Open a new link on the new page.  -<a-f>: Multiple links are open on the current page (no more labels are used, but the input AF is indicated) in GF: Loop to the next box layer on the current page (may be related to page creation, not currently available) -  to Find mode: (similar to vim) +/: Find - N: Find matching content down the N: Find matching content up *  $ navigation history:Panax Notoginseng H: Fallback to previous history page (equivalent to left arrow in browser) - L: Go back to the next history page (equivalent to the browser's right arrow) the  + tab actions: A K,GT: Jump to a tab on the right the J,GT: Jump to a tab on the left + T: Create a new tab page - x: Close the current tab $ X: Restore a tab that just closed $? : Displays a help hint for a command (and then once again closed)

Chrome is also crazy about the Vimium plugin

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