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Looking at the current domestic CMSProgramWith the increasing complexity and feature of enterprise site buildingCodeThat is to say, website construction is no longer feasible, because content management is the core of the CMS product.

These CMS systems are basically written based on two sets of frameworks: PHP + MySQL and. NET + MSSQL. Among the most famous PHP products are dedecms, php168, Empire CMS, and supesite, and zoomla in. net! CMS, netcms, fengxun CMS, and mobile CMS. PHP occupies a large share in the domestic market, while zoomla Based on. NET systems! Qirang CMS, netcms, fengxun, and mobile Yi are very bitter and tired in today's domestic market. Why is this happening?

First, let's analyze it from the framework! Let's talk about PHP and MySQL. Let's take a look at the features of PHP: OpenSource codePHP is free of charge. php is easy to use. It can run in UNIX, Linux, windows, and PHP. Compared with other languages, PHP is easy to edit and practical, and is more suitable for beginners. MySQL is also a free program. Can these two programs be used together for the moment? With these points, CMS developed by PHP has been sought after by major enterprises. Now another enterprise name is required for PHP + MySQL program development and building its own enterprise site. The reason is that it is easy to understand and free of charge!

However, there are several enterprises who know the complexity of open-source technology, the risk of collapse, and the high cost of post-maintenance!

For. NET development, let's not talk about the framework! Let's analyze specific products! Let's see why they are very tired.

Let's talk about zoomla! CMS is developed independently by Jiangxi aggregation industry. Its official website is Website management systems with independent intellectual property rights and editions are also currently in Central China (Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Hunan, Hubei, Shanxi, Henan, Hebei, Jiangsu, and Anhui) the only Website Management System (CMS) developer with independent intellectual property rights. In Nanchang, the development team is from the well-known Chinese host domain name and website creation service provider-Huaxia Internet team. Its products have always played a high role among developers, the disadvantage is that usability needs to be improved-after all, this is a development-level CMS.

Let's talk about netcms. It was developed by Chengdu guqiang Technology Co., Ltd. its official website is It is said that one of the core backbones joined kangsheng chuangxiang and did not know whether it was true or not. However, the fact is that today, I checked their official website and disabled it, in addition, domain names can be sold. Khan! Isn't it because the company is developing? Don't even use domain names! However, its function should be second only to zoomla! The product of CMS is far more efficient than the traditional CMS with strong ASP architecture.

Let's take a look at fengxun CMS, which was developed by Sichuan fengxun Technology Development Co., Ltd. its official website is fengxun. diyi. TV fengxun Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a network company mainly engaged in network software development. It owns famous Internet brands fengxun and foosuncms. On the official website of fengxun, I can't see any news or product introductions about the company. Although the company converted the forum system into comsenz, the forum software discuz was launched! NT, free for members. The days of fengxun technology have been quite tight, and few of them have seen their own versions.

Also, mobile CMS was developed by Foshan Mobile Network Technology Co., Ltd. its official website is a content management system independently developed by Based on ASP + acess/MSSQL. With the arrival of the financial crisis, the economy in coastal areas has suffered a period of freezing before. The road to moving and easy development seems to be smooth, and the taste is only known to you. Recently, the nest-based Guangzhou city is regarded as a kind of team loss or competitive adjustment. It is necessary to keep the north-facing and south-facing seats and to develop more functions, align with development-level CMS.

The competition in China's CMS market is becoming increasingly fierce, and its market share is becoming increasingly saturated. Easy-to-use software is also open-source, and there is a free version. However, the commercial version of CMS is charged, which requires sellers not only to sell products but also to sell services. Zoomla, netcms, fengxun, and zoomla, which are constantly researched and developed, should not only launch new versions, but also provide better service quality.

In addition, some low-end CMS systems do not pay attention to updates and security, leading to serious website Trojans, especially the injection vulnerability of mobile CMS, which has always been the lifeblood of the industry. We can also see that these CMS vendors have suffered a lot. Look at the domestic ERP, OA, CRM market, and focus on industry software development. YiYi's one-year income is not comparable to that of a provincial branch in southwest China. The investment of a Chinese company is only a salesman. What does this mean?

In fact, the majority of users do not care about functions, but the product experience and value, this need to learn from foreign CMS. China's CMS is powerful, and thousands of enterprises are widely used in website construction. The Internet will also become an international standard. We hope zoomla, netcms, fengxun, and Zhenyi will boost China's CMS market!

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