CodeIgniter CodeIgniter Database _php tutorial for database connection, configuration, and usage

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CodeIgniter for database connection, configuration and usage, CodeIgniter database

This paper describes the connection, configuration and usage of CodeIgniter for database. Share to everyone for your reference, as follows:

1. Database:

Create Database Test;create table users (id int not null,name varchar), pwd varchar ($), email varchar) INSERT INTO use RS values (1, ' shunping ', ' shunping ', ' '); INSERT into users values (2, ' shunping2 ', ' shunping2 ', ' ');

2. I'm using a postgreql.

To configure database parameters in the \codeigniter\system\application\config\database.php file:

$active _group = "Default", $db [' Default '] [' hostname '] = "localhost", $db [' Default '] [' username '] = "postgres"; $db [' Default ' [' password '] = "admin", $db [' Default '] [' database '] = "Test", $db [' Default '] [' dbdriver '] = "Postgre"; $db [' Default ' [' dbprefix '] = ""; $db [' Default '] [' active_r '] = TRUE; $db [' Default '] [' pconnect '] = FALSE; $db [' Default '] [' db_ Debug '] = TRUE; $db [' Default '] [' cache_on '] = FALSE; $db [' Default '] [' cachedir '] = ""; $db [' Default '] [' port '] = "5432";

Test the file db1.php content in the \codeigniter\system\application\controllers directory as follows:

<?phpclass DB1 extends controller{  function index () {    $this->load->database ();    $query = $this->db->query ("Select Name,pwd,email from Users");    foreach ($query->result () as $row) {//returns an array of objects      echo $row->name;      echo $row->pwd;      echo $row->email. "
"; } echo "Total result==". $query->num_rows (); }}? >

Open the browser-typed address:


OK, fix it!

I think we must have encountered the problem of not even the database, I spent a lot of energy to solve this problem, now tell you, I hope to learn codeigniter this excellent PHP framework to help you.

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