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CodeIgniter Framework Learning Essays, CodeIgniter essays


CodeIgniter Frame


Lecturer: Shi Yiliang



Main content

About CI

In-depth MVC design Patterns

controllers and views in CI

The Super object in CI

Database access

AR model


What is CI?

CodeIgniter is a lightweight but powerful PHP framework

Provides a rich set of class libraries based on the MVC design pattern

Easy to learn, efficient and practical

Official website

Chinese website

Download current Latest Version

(As of 2015.7.1, the latest version of the 3.0.0--author note)

What are the characteristics?

You want a small frame.

You need great performance.

You need to be broadly compatible with various PHP versions and configurations on the standard host

CI 2.1.4 Need PHP5.1.6

You want a framework that is almost only 0 configured

You want a framework that doesn't need to use any of the command characters

You want a framework that doesn't need to stick to restrictive coding rules.

You don't want to be forced to learn a template language (although you can choose the template parser you like)

You don't like complexity, love simple.

You need clear, complete documentation

Directory Structure Description

License.txt License Agreement

User_guide User Manual

Syste Framework Core File

Application application Directory

index.php Portal File



1. Entry file

The only script file that allows the browser to request directly

2. Controller

Reconcile Models and views

3. Model

Provide data, save data

4. View

Only the display is responsible

Form ...

5. Actions action

is a method in the controller that is used by the browser to request


The access URL is using the PathInfo

Entry file. php/Controller/action

In the application directory:

Controllers Controller

Models model

Views View

The default controller is welcome

The default action is index


1. No suffix required

2. File name all lowercase such as user.php

3. All controllers, directly or indirectly, inherit from the Ci_controller class

4. In the controller, the action (method) requires:


Cannot start with _


1. In the controller if the view is loaded

Write the view name directly, do not write the extension, if there is a subdirectory, write the directory name

2. View, directly using native PHP code

3. Recommended Use

Super Object

The current Controller object

Provides a number of properties:


instance of the loader class system/core/loader.php

The method provided by the loader class:

View () Load views

VARs () assigning variables to views

Database () to mount databases operation objects

Model () To load models object

Helper ()


is an instance of the Ci_uri class system/core/uri.php

Methods provided by the Ci_uri class:

Segment () to get the parameters in the URI

Traditional: Entry file. php/controller/action/parameter 1/value 1/parameter 2/value 2

Entry file. php/controller/action/value 1/value 2

Echo $this->segment (3);//value 1

Echo $this->segment (4);//value 2


Public Function Index ($p =0) {echo $p;//Output 6



Input class

is an instance of the Ci_uri class system/core/input.php

Methods provided by the Ci_uri class:

$this->input->post (' username '); Equivalent to $_post[' username ');

$this->input->server (' document_root '); Equivalent to $_server[' document_root ');

$this->input->server (' remote_addr ');

In the view, use $this directly to access properties in the Super object

Database access

Modifying a configuration file


Mount the database Access object into the properties of the Super object $this->db

$this->load->query ($sql);//Return Object

$res = $this->db->query ($sql);//Return Object

$res->result ();//Returns an array that is an object of one in the array

$res->result_array ();//Returns a two-dimensional array with an associative array

$res->row ()//returns the first data, directly an object

Parameter binding
$sql = "SELECT * from Blog_user where name=?";
$this->db->query ($sql, $name);//If you have more than one question mark, you need to pass in an indexed array

Table prefixes
$db [' Default '] [' dbprefix '] = ' new_ ';
$db [' Default '] [' swap_pre '] = ' swap_ ';

As configured, the code directly hardcoded the table prefix is OK, if later the Project database table prefix changes,
Only need to modify $db[' default ' [' dbprefix '] = ' new_ '; swap_ in code is automatically replaced with New_

Automatic loading of DB
$autoload [' libraries '] = array (database);
Not required: $this->load->database (); true techarticle CodeIgniter Framework Learning Essays, CodeIgniter essays--------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------CodeIgniter Frame----------------...

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