Collation of SQL SERVER

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Sometimes when querying the database will be found (such as when the name of the duplicate check): The database query is not sensitive to case, that is, a and a are the same.

That is to say select * from tabletest where name = ' A ' and select * from tabletest where name = ' a '

Two SQL statements are executed the same way.

How to do it ... Baidu a bit, only to understand that this is related to the SQL SERVER collation. I had seen this option before when I installed SQL SERVER, but I didn't know what it meant ...

Perhaps this collation of the translation is also more confusing, the English original is collation, check the dictionary, as if the meaning of proofreading, anyway, did not see the meaning of the order.

But this thing is also really related to the sort, such as a series of names (Chinese) data, you can specify to sort by Pinyin (chinese_prc_), or Sort by stroke (chinese_prc_stroke_) or something ...

More sorting rules can be viewed:

Here is to solve the case-sensitive problem, OK, also in the above page has an explanation, you can set the following parameters:

The CI specifies case-insensitive, and the CS -specified sensitivity is casing-sensitive.
AI Specifies accent-insensitive, as specifies accent sensitivity.
omitted Specifies that kana types are not distinguished, and KS specifies kana-sensitive types.
The omitted specifies that the full half angle is not distinguished, and the WS specifies a full-width difference.

The SQL statement that sets the collation is:

COLLATE Chinese_prc_cs_as_ks_ws

The first half is sort-related, and the second half is the four options listed above, and you can add changes as needed ... Specifically how to add ...

-- or Baidu, or look at the above MSDN link inside the example, do not want to write ... 


The collation can be set on the server, or the database can be set, or the columns in the data table can be set, or the accompanying

In addition to using the SQL statement settings, you can also set it through the SSMS graphical interface:

Server settings may be troublesome, you need to stop the server or something, it is best to set the installation time

The database has a drop-down list in the Direct Properties option to select Settings.

For columns in a data table, you can set the column properties below the Table Designer

Well, there is also a graphical interface to select options ('? ') )

Please forgive me for writing simple ... Finish

Collation of SQL SERVER

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