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A total of 7 or 8 times have been successfully installed LFS. So I am a stupid person. But not to be ashamed of it.
is probably installed to the 3rd time when thinking so manual old input is not a way, not lazy, but old will lose mistakes. So I thought of a way (this method later found in the LFS forum that everyone will, Khan ...) or write it, after all, also think out of it.
Opened the readme.html in LFS's LiveCD. Inside, it lists the software on the CD package. There are ssh found. There are also putty on their own machines. Oh ~ A plan was born ...

/etc/rc.d/init.d/sshd start
However, when using the Putty connection, you must set the password to root (this is only the root user pull), enter
Set the password, you can open the putty, and then enter the IP address (ifconfig can know IP), all the other defaults on OK.
When the connection will say a thing about the certificate, click "Yes" on the line.

You can refer to this method if the bash command has garbled characters after SSH connection. And I found out it was a sure way to fix it. Open the putty and set it as follows:
Window-appearance-font settings inside Choose Courier New
(Online will say "new song body", but I think this better, do not tilt 90 degrees, their own disorderly touch out, you can choose "New song Body")
Check the next window-translation under the first is not "use font encoding", not the words changed to this.

Oh ~ again to give a hint is, copy the command and so what best is copied from the manual. Now LFS's Handbook has been to me rotten, ha, do not understand can also ask her ah, a walking dictionary ~

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