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postgresql      Span style= "Font-size:12px;font-family:verdana, ' Sans-serif '; color: #0000FF;" >createdb [option ...] [dbname] [Description]      1. command-line Options list:

< Strong> option


-d (--tablespace=tablespace)

Specifies the default table space for the database.

-e (--echo)

echo createdb The generated command and sends it to the server.

-e ( --encoding=encoding )

Specifies how character encoding is used for this database.

-l ( --locale=locale )

Specifies the localization settings used for this database.

-o ( --owner=owner )

Specify the owner of the new database, If this option is not specified, the value is the currently logged on user.

-t ( --template=template )

Specifies the template database to create this database.

-h ( --host=host )

specify postgresql host name of the server.

-p (--port=port)

Specifies the server's listening port, if not specified, is the default 5432

-u (--username= username)

The logon user name for this operation, if -o " option is not specified, this database is owner will be the logged-on user.

-w ( --no-password )

If the current logged-on user does not have a password, You can specify this option to log in directly.

2. Application Example:
#1. log in as postgres .
Login to the default Postgres database (three ways to log in)

[Email protected] pg_9.5_201510051]$ psql-p 36985

Psql.bin (9.5.9)

Type ' help ' for help.


[Email protected] pg_9.5_201510051]$ psql-u postgres-p 36985

Psql.bin (9.5.9)

Type ' help ' for help.


[Email protected] pg_9.5_201510051]$ psql-u postgres-d postgres-p 36985

Psql.bin (9.5.9)

Type ' help ' for help.

postgres=# \q

#2. Create a table space.  

postgres=# CREATE tablespace tbspace01 location '/data/postgresql/tbspace ';

CREATE tablespace

[Email protected] tbspace]$ Cd/data/postgresql/tbspace

[[email protected] tbspace]$ ls


3. Create a new database owner .
   postgres=# CREATE ROLE testwjw LOGIN PASSWORD ' 123456 ';
    create ROLE
Span style= "Font-size:12px;font-family:verdana, ' Sans-serif '; color: #0000FF;" >   postgres=# \q

    #4.   Create a new database where the logged-on user for this connection is Span style= "Font-family:verdana, Sans-serif;font-size:12px;color: #008000;" >TESTWJW owner new database named cstest01

[Email protected] ~]$ createdb-u testwjw-p36985-o testwjw-e cstest01

CREATE DATABASE cstest01 OWNER testwjw tablespace db_space01;

Createdb:database creation Failed:ERROR:permission denied to create database

The reason is that user TESTWJW does not have permission to create the library:

postgres=# alter user TESTWJW createdb;


postgres=# \du List of roles

Role name | Attributes | Member of


MyUser | | {}

Postgres | Superuser, create role, create DB, Replication, Bypass RLS | {}


5. Log back in to see if the database was created successfully by querying the system table and whether the tablespace and owner are consistent.

postgres=# SELECT datname,rolname,spcname from Pg_database db, pg_authid au, pg_tablespace ts WHERE datname = ' cstest01 ' and DATDBA = au.oid and dattablespace = ts.oid;

Datname |  Rolname | Spcname


cstest01 | TESTWJW | Pg_default

(1 row)

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Createdb of PostgreSQL Client commands

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