Debian download, installation, graphical interface, multi-image killing

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Debian download, installation, graphical interface, multi-image killing

Linux has many versions, which are rare compared with non-professional users. Unlike Windows systems, we know a little bit about it. for lower-configuration machines, we choose Windows XP Professional SP3 to use Windows 2003 Enterprise SP2 for Asp, at a very high level, Windows 2012 and are directly used. General machines are on the Windows 32-bit system, and Win7x64 is used when the 4G memory is exceeded. Although there are many versions under Wini7, you don't have to think about it, select the most authoritative flagship edition ...... Most people who are not engaged in IT are still arguing over Win8 or Win10. Windows is the public, but Linux is rarely discussed. What's more terrible is that, people who have just been familiar with Linux have seen a bunch of Experts arguing over Ubuntu, Debian, and Centos. They don't even know which Linux to choose to get started. It's hard to get started with any Linux.

After many attempts, I downloaded the latest Ubuntu version 14.04, which was installed on a 1g Virtual Machine for a long time, after the test showed that it was in violation of the reputation of the Linux crowd, I was furious. After studying Debian, I tried to install it N times on the virtual machine, finally, a normal Linux system is ready.

I. Basic Concepts

First of all, there are many Linux versions. Ubuntu, Debian, and Centos are all Linux versions, just as Windows has the same relationship with WinXP. However, Linux does not have an official version. Ubuntu, Debian, and Centos are all used by others. In addition, there are more ideas, and each version of Linux has its own versions, such as Ubuntu8.0 and Ubuntu10.04. The most commonly used Linux system is said to be Ubuntu.

Ubuntu was transformed from Debian. It is said that it was designed for individual users and added a bunch of special effects. I really don't know whether or not a bunch of servers are running on Linux now. Besides those who have a tendency to abuse themselves, who else can use your Linux. You have to enter the password for any command. Windows cards are cards, but they are accessible to the elderly who are 70 or 80 years old.

Although Debian runs the server, it has a graphical interface. In fact, it can be used with other versions of Linux.

The following describes how to install Debian on a vmwarevm. We do not recommend Windows or Linux dual-systems. It would have been a problem to put Win7 and Winxp in different system architectures together. Winxp is usually installed on Windows 7 virtual machines. Now you have two different file systems, NTFS, FAT32, and EXT, to put them together. As the saying goes, it's not sweet to be twisted, so you can wait for such a small problem on both sides. We strongly do not recommend this. We strongly recommend that you use Windows as the main system. Linux is only a file on Windows.

Debian is the least card, with 1 GB ram allocated to it to run on the virtual machine, more than enough.

Ii. Debian download

This Debian is unpredictable from the moment it was downloaded. Unlike Ubuntu, it is a big Download button, and I know where to download it with a little IQ. I don't know how to download Debian.

All Linux systems are open-source systems. You can download them without any activation code or serial number during installation. They are completely free of charge.

1. First, open the Debian official website, to open the link ). This official website is very concise and I like it. It is not as cool as Ubuntu, and it is so cool. It would be great if the current web pages look like this, but it is impossible. Then select the ISO image, and then use BT or download via HTTP or FTP. The current download tool is as fast as the two methods, after that, select the AMD64 or I386 version of the DVD version. The difference is the difference between WIN7 64 and WIN7 32. In a virtual machine, the next 32-bit Linux system does not have such a card, moreover, 32 systems are too classic, such:

2. Open the Debian7 DVD and a bunch of strange files appear in I386, so the first image is enough. This debian-7.8.0-i386-DVD-1.iso is actually a complete Debian system, find a normal download tool slowly, full 4G. I was surprised at the beginning. After all, a full version of Windows XP Professional SP3 is only 700 mb in size, and a full version of Windows 2003 Enterprise SP2 is even less than MB. An official Windows 7 is 3.5 GB. Of course, Debian has a M installation package, but that's enough. There is nothing, and there is no graphic interface.

I suggest you do not have to get started with this scum. Instead, you can use a 4G Debian package directly.

Other strange files are said to be a bunch of Debian software packages, including those debian-7.8.0-i386-DVD-2.iso, debian-7.8.0-i386-DVD-3.iso ...... Yes. Linux systems are like this. For security, all software is officially provided.

3. Debian Installation

1. In the virtual machine mounted to download the debian-7.8.0-i386-DVD-1.iso before you unplug the network cable, and then portable also need to close your wireless network cable. This Debian, including the Ubuntu I tried yesterday, does not know what the problem is. I did not even know how to design it because I read the installation data from the network instead of the hard disk. Guo Jia's network, you know, so your computer has a network. Make sure that you don't have Debian installed until dawn.

2, start the virtual machine mounted to the debian-7.8.0-i386-DVD-1.iso, directly choose the first Install, feel this than the second graphical installation, no different. Maybe my system is installed too much.

3. Then, select Chinese. Who should I watch B? Chinese is your favorite language.

4. If you select China in the subsequent regions, there will be other things. By default, the installation will continue. It will take a long time later. 10-15 minutes. For example:

5. You will be asked about the host name and can write Debian directly. It makes no sense. This is the name you see on your network neighbor. This is not the case for Windows installation. The host names of Windows are all allocated by the system. You can only change the host names after installation.

7. Ask about the domain name and leave it blank. Then, ask the server and try again. Move the cursor up, down, left, and right, and press Enter.

8. You need to set a root password later. Remember to set this password. It is best to finish writing it with a pen. This password is forgotten and can only be reinstalled in Linux. After all, a password is used for many Linux operations.

9. After that, you must set a user. You cannot set admin as in Windows. Debian does not allow you to set admin as the account name and change it to a simple name. It is also troublesome to forget it.

10. Set a password for this account. For example, if the account PC is set up above, the admin password that I enter now is the password of this PC, which is different from the above root password. Fortunately, the Debian system allows the two passwords to be the same. Make it admin. After you install Debian in the system, you will be asked to enter the password of the PC account immediately.

11. After partitioning, we recommend that you select the first default item, just one partition, and put all the files in this partition. Anyway, I am a virtual machine and only 20 GB of space. I don't know anything about LVM.

12. After the installation is complete, click Continue and wait for a long time. Then, during the installation process, ask if you want to scan the disk, and select "yes" first ", after reading the debian-7.8.0-i386-DVD-1.iso, it also asks if you want to scan, and you choose no.

13. After scanning the DVD, Debian asked you whether to scan network resources or choose whether to destroy the DVD. Otherwise, why do I need to unplug the network cable for wireless installation? You don't know how long it takes for you to download a file. Just as you have to install a plug-in Eclipse, it's better to install it manually. What network does the installation system do? Something in the debian-7.8.0-i386-DVD-1.iso is enough for us to use. Who do you think is your Internet in Europe and America? We get stuck in 800 oceans every year!

14, after the selection of NO, and wait for a long time, which may be stuck in the part of the file being downloaded, but please rest assured that the essence is only slow reading in the debian-7.8.0-i386-DVD-1.iso. The installation is still slow.

15. During the installation process, a prompt box will pop up to participate in the user experience program. If you choose not to kill all of them, I am the owner of Linux. You should not use this as an excuse, I have stolen my data!

16. The next step is the most critical. Do not use the Enter key when selecting Debian "software". You must use the space key to select all components and attach them to the stars. Listen to me. That's right. Maybe you want to use it someday? Select and press Enter. Debian meets the B-Disposition trend of most people. The graphical interface is a component, but it is OK.

17. After completing this step, the installation is complete. You don't have to worry about the prompts of taking out the CD, directly choose to continue, and restart the computer.

18. Select the first item and enter the system normally.

19. Enter the password you just set for the PC to enter the system, and press the shutdown button in the upper right corner. The entire Debian, or Linux, is finally installed. If there is anything else, study it again ......

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