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web| Design If you find a website that is helpful or useful to your work on the Internet, you'll be sure to tell your co-workers about their web site, and if you find the information your friends need, you can also write down the URL to tell your friends, and if you stumble across websites that are particularly interested in surfing the web, You must add to your browser's bookmarks, and every internet surfer will do the same. There are a lot of people who have designed websites and personal homepages, which are easy to implement and can be leveraged by a lot of WYSIWYG tools and software that is almost without programming. But let people from a vast array of sites, access to visit your site or even for you to promote, it is not so simple, because the mouse and keyboard is always in the hands of the Internet users. How to design the site and Web page to achieve the desired results, it is necessary to deeply understand the needs of users and the people on the Internet when the psychology of serious analysis and research.

The internet is changing the world, it has contributed to the formation of the network economy, especially E-commerce is moving from the new concept to practical. Since the internet has been developed into a new communication media with the characteristics of great information capacity, diverse forms, rapid convenience, global coverage, freedom and interaction, almost every enterprise and institution in the world have set up their own web sites. And this creates a new job--web designer (Website Designer) and website Manager (webmaster). How to design a website that achieves the user's purpose and attracts as many people as possible to visit is a subject worth studying. To attract a large number of netizens to visit your site is only half the success, with unique content and services to enable netizens to visit again, or to his friends to introduce the site is the real success.

A Web site is a way to provide information, including products and services, to a user or potential customer. Its documentation consists of text, graphic images, sounds, and even movies called hypertext (hypertext). The HTML language (Hypertext Markup Language Hypertext Markup Language) is implemented to enable these hypertext associations to be organically associated and to enable the browser to recognize them. At the same time CGI (Common Gateway Interface Common Gateway Interface) enables the web to have interactive functions. The Web site directs the user to browse the paging information on the site or other site, providing two-way interaction through the connection between the table and the e-mail. After the establishment of the site, your business in the country, and even in the international has a place, with 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, "virtual retail shop." Web site is the future of E-COMMERCE infrastructure and information platform, it is the commanding heights of "knowledge-based economy", corporate Web site as the trademark and brand of enterprises, is a reflection of corporate image and culture of the huge intangible assets.

This article summarizes the Web site design, management and maintenance of the 12 key points, together with the discussion.


One, the goal is clear, the position is correct

The design of a Web site is an important part of the development strategy of an enterprise or institution. To the enterprise site as in the Internet-the new media to display corporate image, corporate culture of the information space, the leadership must pay enough attention to clearly design the site's purpose and user needs, so as to make practical plans.

Select and temper the key information of the enterprise, use a logical structure organized in an orderly manner, develop a page design prototype, select the user representative to test, and gradually refine the prototype to form ideas.

Analysis of some sites are not as good as expected, the main reason is that the user's understanding of the needs of deviations, lack of user testing results. Designers often put the enterprise's marketing and business goals first, but not the real needs of users and potential users know much. Therefore, enterprises or organizations should have a clear understanding of the site's audience groups, such as the level of education, income levels, the need for information and depth, and so can be targeted.


Second, the theme is distinct, rich in characteristics

On the basis of a clear goal, complete the idea of the site is the overall design plan. The overall style and characteristics of the site to make positioning, planning the organization of the site structure.

The web site should have different forms for the service object (institution or person). Some sites provide only concise textual information, while others use multimedia techniques to provide gorgeous images, flashing lights, complex page layouts, and even downloading sound and video footage. The best web site will combine graphic imagery with effective organization and communication.

To achieve a clear theme, and strive to be concise, the main points, to a simple and clear language and screen to tell you the theme of this site, to attract the needs of the site of the people's eyes, the independent staff can also leave a certain impression. For some industry signs and company logo should be fully utilized.

All means to mobilize the full performance of the site's personality and taste, highlighting the personality, to run the characteristics of the site.

The basic elements of the Web site's home page include:

Header: Accurately identify your site and corporate logo;

e-mail address: Used to receive user inquiries;

Contact information: such as ordinary mail address or telephone;

Copyright information.

Note that reusing existing information, such as customer manuals, public relations documents, technical manuals, and databases, can be easily used in an enterprise's Web site.


Three, layout arrangement reasonable

Web design as a visual language, of course, we should pay attention to the layout and arrangement, although the design of the homepage is not equal to the graphic design, but they have many similarities, should be fully utilized and used for reference.

The layout design expresses harmony and beauty through the spatial combination of the text graphics. Layout design through the visual elements of the rational analysis, and strict form of training, training to the overall picture of grasping ability and aesthetic ability. A good web designer should also know which section of text graphics should fall where to make the entire page glow.

Strive to achieve the overall layout of rationalization, orderly, holistic. Excellent work, good at clever, reasonable visual way to make some words can not express ideas to be elaborated, to be rich and diverse and concise and clear.

Multi-page Site page layout design requires the organic relationship between the pages reflected, here the main problem is the page and the page within the order and content of the relationship. In order to achieve the best visual performance effect, we should pay attention to the rationality of the overall layout. Especially closely related to the context of the page, must be designed with a forward and backward buttons, easy to read by the viewer.

Site design simple and orderly, the primary and secondary relations are distinct, the messy page of the organizational process mixed content according to the needs of the overall layout of the group induction, through the organization has an internal relationship between the arrangement, hashed text, graphics and space relations, so that viewers have a smooth visual experience.


Four, color harmony highlights

Color color and black, white, gray of the three-colour spatial relationship in both design and painting plays an important role. On the page must be clearly tuned, and other colored or colorless content is black, white, gray three-color spatial relations, thus constituting their spatial level.

Color is one of the elements of artistic expression, it is a kind of feeling that the light stimulates the eyes to transmit to the brain center. In the web design, according to the principle of harmony, balance and emphasis, the different colors are combined and matched to form a beautiful page.

Make use of the fruit of the influence of color on people's psychology rationally. According to the principle of the color of the memory, the general warm colors than cool memory strong. Color also has associations and symbolic characteristics, such as: Red symbolizes fire, blood, the sun, blue symbolizes the sea, the sky and water. Therefore, the design of the sale of cold virtual store, should use a negative and quiet color, make people feel more cool mentally.

In the color application process, but also should pay attention to a problem is: because of national and ethnic differences, religion and belief, the geographical location of life, cultural differences, different people on the color of the degree of joy and Evil has a great difference. Such as: Children like strong contrast, distinct personality of the pure color; people who live in the grassland like red; people who live in busy streets like elegant colors; people who live in the desert like green. The background and composition of the main readership should be considered in the design.


Five, the form content harmonious unification

Form serves the content, the content also serves for the purpose, the form and the content unification is one of the basic principles of designing the webpage.

In the organization principle of the picture, the rich meaning and various forms are organized in a unified structure, the formal language must conform to the content of the page and embody the rich meaning of the content.

The use of contrast and harmony, symmetry and balance, rhythm and rhyme, as well as white and other means, such as through the relationship between space, text, graphics to establish the overall equilibrium state, resulting in a harmonious aesthetic. such as the principle of symmetry in the page design, its balance will sometimes make the page appears stiff, but if you add some dynamic text, patterns, or exaggerated methods to express content will often achieve better results.

Dots, lines, and faces are the basic elements of visual language, the use of dots, lines, faces interspersed each other, foil each other to form the best page effect.

The point is the simplest element in all spatial forms, and it can be said to be the most active and restless element. Design, a point can be all-inclusive, embodies the designer's infinite Mind, the Web page icon, a single picture, button or a group of words can be said to be points. The point is flexible, we can see a row of text as a point, and a graph as a point. In the web design point, because of the size, shape, position of different and give people different psychological feelings.

The line is the trajectory of the point movement, the line in the choreography design has the emphasis, the division, The wire, the visual line role. The line will be different from the direction, shape and different visual feelings, such as vertical line to give people a smooth, upright feeling, the arc makes people feel smooth, light; the curve makes people beat and restless. More content in the page, it needs to be divided into sections, through line segmentation to ensure a good visual order of the page, the page in line segmentation, resulting in a harmonious unity of beauty; Through the different proportions of space segmentation, sometimes the spatial level of the sense of rhythm.

In addition to the geometry of the regular shape, there are some other irregular forms, it can be said that the form of expression is diverse. Surface in the graphic design is the expansion of the point, the repetition of the line formed. The facial shape gives the whole esthetic sense, makes the spatial level rich, causes the single spatial pluralism, in expresses is more implicit.

The use of the midpoint, line and surface of web design is not isolated, many times need to combine them to express the perfect design mood.


Six or three-dimensional space is pointed out

The three-dimensional space on the network is an imaginary space, which needs to be represented by the spatial factors such as static and dynamic change, and the proportional relation of the image.

In the page, the picture, the text position before and after the pressure, or position density or page, left, right, middle, lower position produces the visual effects are different. On the Web page, pictures, text and before and after the formation of the space level is still rare, more on the web is some more standardized design, concise page, this kind of stacking can produce a strong rhythm of the space level, visual effect is strong. The Web page is common on the page, left, right, down, middle of the space generated by the relationship, as well as the location of the density of space generated by the spatial level, the two position relationship makes the visual process vivid and clear, high visual visibility. The position relation of the density makes the spatial level of the formation flexible, and also makes people have the relaxed or urgent psychological feeling.

It should be pointed out that with the popularization of the web and the rapid development of computer technology, the demand for Web language is growing. People have not satisfied with the HTML language compiled two-dimensional Web page, the temptation of the three-dimensional world began to attract more people, virtual reality to display its charming style on the web, so the VRML language appeared. VRML is a kind of object-oriented language, which is similar to the HTML language used in Web hyperlinks, is also a text-based language, and can be run on a variety of platforms, but it can serve more virtual reality environment. VRML is only a language, and it still needs theoretical and practical guidance for the artistic design of three-dimensional environment.


VII. utilization of multimedia functions

The biggest resource advantage is the multimedia function, so make every effort to excavate it, attract the visitor to keep attention. Therefore, the content of the screen should have a certain practicality, such as the introduction of products can even use three-dimensional animation to performance.

The problem to be noted here is that due to the limitation of network bandwidth, it is necessary to consider the transmission speed of the client when using multimedia in the form of the content of the Web page, or to control the content of the multimedia in the download time that the user can receive.


Eight, related site guide links

The basic element of a good website is that after the user enters, the information related to this website can be found conveniently and quickly, in which the use of the relevant site, so good guidance is an important work. Hypertext is a structure that makes all Internet-connected computers in the world a very large information base, linking to other sites easily.

In the design of the Web page guidance organization, should give a number of related Web site links, so that users feel want to get the information in the mouse immediately can click on the place.


IX. website testing is essential

Why well-designed Web sites are capable of scrutiny is because it has been carefully tested. Testing is actually the process of simulating a user's visit to a Web site to discover problems and improve design.

Since the general website design is designed by some professionals, they have a deep understanding of computers and networks, but take into account that most of the people who visit the site just use computers and networks, and they should actually meet their needs. So there are a lot of successful experiences that make it very good for people who are not familiar with the computer to take part in the testing of the site, and they ask questions that many professionals have not taken into account or some good advice.


Ten, timely update serious reply

Enterprise Web site After the establishment, to constantly update the content, the use of this new media to publicize the enterprise's corporate culture, corporate philosophy, enterprise new products. Site information updates and the continuous introduction of new products, so that visitors feel the strength and development of enterprises, but also to make enterprises more confident.

In the enterprise's Web site, to seriously reply to the user's e-mail and traditional contact information such as letters, telephone inquiries and faxes, do have to answer. It is best to classify users, such as: general understanding of pre-sales, sales, after-sales service, etc., by the relevant departments to deal with, so that site visitors feel the real existence of enterprises, generate trust.

Be careful not to promise things you can't achieve, and not to ask users to enter information or list a number of phone numbers they can't answer in time before you really have the ability to handle them.

If visitors are required to voluntarily provide their personal information, they should disclose and conscientiously implement an individual privacy pledge, such as not providing such information to third parties.


Xi. use of new technology in a rational manner

The internet is the fastest growing area in the IT world, one of the new Web page production technology will appear almost every day, if not to introduce the network technology of professional site, we must reasonably use the new technology of Web page production, avoid the Web site into a production technology booth, always remember that users quickly and easily get the information needed is the most important.

But for web designers, it is necessary to learn to track the design of the new technology, such as Java, DHTML, XML, etc., according to the content and form of the site needs to be reasonably applied to the design.


12, the promotion of the site to widely spread the way your web address

Site has been built, the following work is welcome to visit the visitors. So how do you get people to know about your Web site?

The use of traditional media (such as print advertising public relations documents and promotional promotions, etc.), welcome to all people to visit is a very effective way;

Treat the company's Web site as the same as its trademark, printed in the packaging and promotional materials on the goods;

Exchange links with other websites or purchase icon ads for other websites;

To the Internet navigation station to submit the Web site and keywords, in the original code of the page, you can use META tags to add keyword, so that search engine identification, so that your site easy to be queried by users. Attention to the high access rate of the navigation table, such as Yahoo, Excite, AltaVista, InfoSeek, HotBot registration;

Through the establishment of a prize-winning contest on the site, so that visitors fill in such information as age, industry, demand, patronage of the site frequency and so on, so that the visitor's statistics, these are a wealth for the adjustment of Web site design and content Update reference.

In short, in the growing daily growth of the Web site, how unique, stand out from the Web designers comprehensive ability to test and challenge.

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