Detecting Android devices via JavaScript or PHP

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With the return of jobs, IPad2 's release seems to be getting hotter on the mobile side of the development topic. Here's a list of some of the biggest competitors in iOS-the Android (Android) system detection method.

JavaScript Judgment method

Searching for the Android word in the user agent string is the most time-saving method:

  1. if (Navigator.userAgent.match (/android/i)) {
  2. Do something!
  3. Redirect to Android-site?
  4. window.location = ' ';
  5. }

How to Judge PHP

Again, we can use the Strstr method in PHP to search for Android in the user agent:

  1. if (strstr ($_server[' http_user_agent '], ' Android ')) {
  2. Header (' Location: ');
  3. Exit ();
  4. }

In addition, you can use the. htaccess to judge

We can use. htaccess to judge and respond to Android devices!

  1. Rewritecond%{http_user_agent} ^.*android.*$
  2. Rewriterule ^ (. *) $ [r=301]

So you have all the three kinds of detection methods for Android devices.

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