Digitally sign the cab file

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Digitally sign the cab file
In the legend, after a digital signature is signed, you can manually download it without prompting you, so try again:
There are three gadgets in the middle of \ Microsoft Visual Studio. NET 2003 \ SDK \ V1.1 \ bin to use them for digital signature.
1.makecert.exe --- certificate creation tool
2.cert2spc.exe --- issuer certificate retry Tool
3.signcode.exe --- file signature Tool

1) makecert-SS name-n "cn = company name"-sv d: \ pos. PVK-r d: \ pos. in CER, SK-indicates the key container location of the topic, the certificate storage name of the SS-topic, the N-certificate issuing object, and the R-certificate storage location, -SV: export the private key file (used for signature ). Note: At this time, three passwords will be entered, and three passwords will be completely consistent.
2) use cert2spc to generate a SPC issuer certificate (optional): cert2spc D: \ pos. Cer c: \ pos. SPC
3) double-click signcode. The signature wizard is started without the number of signatures. Select the file to be signed first, next, select "Custom", next, select "select from file", and add? The newly generated pos. Cer certificate. Next, select the newly generated private key pos. PVK. Next, you can continue with the SPC certificate and continue with the next step. Join? Timestamp, fill in http: // testcab. Cab in the timestamp, and then complete the next step.

In this way, the cab file is signed. However, when you click this file, you will find that the certificate is unavailable because the certificate is not forwarded. File properties-> digital certificate-> details-> View Certificate-> install certificate, enter the certificate Installation Wizard, and select "Trusted Root Certificate Authority" in the storage area ", click it.

Try it on the client:
1) add? Certificate, browser-> tool-> Internet Options-> content-> Certificate-> trusted authority-> Import Certificate.
2) In the case of a certificate, suppose the server does not add? "Trusted web site". When you are prompted to download the certificate, the signed content is displayed. If there is no certificate, the prompt is "unknown ".
3) Suppose the server has been added? "Trusted web site", and the certificate has been imported, No matter what information, download without feeling. Suppose no? "Trusted web site": controls can be downloaded normally but cannot be used normally, regardless of whether a signature is enabled.

Iv. Problems:
1. Can I leave it empty? "Trusted web site ".
2. The role of digital signature, the difference between the authorization certificate and the non-authorization certificate.

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