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If the website optimization ranking is a competition, then domain name registration on the starting line of the competition. Domain name registration is the SITE Keyword ranking optimization first step, but also a very important step. Site optimization is the essence of the domain name optimization, registration of the appropriate domain name on the ranking optimization of the last hundred benefits and no harm. The following is the domain name registration considerations and how to select the domain name?

The impact of free domain names on site rankings:

Some stationmaster in order to save the input cost, will apply for the foreign or the domestic famous server provider to provide the free domain name, the free domain name includes two level domain name or the shared domain name. Or some of the redirected domain name services. Although the webmaster has a certain economic mind, but this approach is not wise, unless the webmaster do not have a good ranking effect, otherwise this practice has no benefit.


1, looking at the search engine in recent years, the update algorithm for some spam site pain under the ruthless hand, clear the index of the free server, completely cut off the garbage source! The reason why the garbage is free, is because spam is often found in these domain sites, or mirror sites, guide pages, and so on.

2, these spam site domain name or free server space IP address sharing will seriously drag your site, search engine once found this kind of phenomenon from in, nothing but punishment and the whole de-listing, the author warns you webmaster: If the same server space, or the same IP under the same two or three sites cheat behavior, Then the search engine on the so-called site to punish the IP, really do rather wrong to kill 1000, can not let go of one.

3, the sharing domain name is very difficult to optimize. Most search engines will reduce the number of sites included in the same domain. If the share domain under the site in the search engine quota limited, even if you have trouble how to optimize will not be included.

4. If you are lucky your website is included. But you belong to the shared domain under the other sites on different topics, such as you do cosmetics, he made machinery, and do cleaning and so on, so for search engines it is difficult to judge your site theme. Search engine rankings will also be affected, not by page to rank, all content are taken into account, ranking only one position.

5, previously said that the essence of website optimization is the domain name optimization. A new station in the search engine is not included in the collection, from the 100-page ranking after the first ranking after the webmaster carefully optimized, outside the chain construction. If you are optimizing a domain name that does not belong to you, or if the host provider stops the business and asks you to change the domain name, so much of the work in the early days is in vain, and those linked resources belong to someone else.

How to select a domain name? Establish friendly relationships with search engines

How to choose your own domain name? From the experience of search engine optimization, the domain name embodies the keyword is very important, as an SEO, you optimize the keyword pinyin into the domain name, the role of the site optimization is very large.


1, let the search engine easy to read your keywords. In order to let search engine correctly understand optimized keyword, take the measure that separates several compound keyword, concrete operation instance: if, do not set to

2, according to the search engine observation, sometimes the search engine on the length of the domain name is limited, preferably not more than 55 words.

3. Have done outside the chain optimization webmaster are aware that in some directory sites, such as Yahoo, DMOZ directory, the administrator will not be published in your page content extracts keyword-related information, and this time your domain name appears to be critical.

4, the domain name too many keywords will be part of the search engine is considered a filler;

To say that, before deciding which domain name to choose, you need to use a Third-party free query tool to check out the expired domain name, you may encounter which domain name contains your optimized keywords, so that the big bargain. On the other hand some domain names have a certain degree of extensive, need to check to ensure that the registered domain name does not involve the relevant copyright issues.

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