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Domain name preemption knowledge

The so-called preemptive, simply divided, there are two kinds of sense of registration:

1. A registration of a domain name that has never been registered.

In this case, the registrant of the domain name generally foresees the potential value of the domain name and registers the domain name before other people think of it. This scope contains some of the names of well-known brands, well-known groups or individuals, intellectual property rights and so on.

2. The registration of a domain name that has been registered.

A registered domain name, if not in a timely manner before the expiration of the renewal fee, it will be deleted after a period of time (the specific process see the text detailed). In the first time after being deleted, the act of preemptive registration to the domain name is regarded as another kind of preemption, which is also the scope of the register to be involved in this article.

In fact, some of the potential value of the domain name, often have been registered, as a domain name investors or are about to select a domain name to carry out online business, laborious to "think" or "create" a can let everyone recognized that a good domain name is really difficult. More, should be registered by the predecessors, and because of various reasons to be deleted domain name to find, can achieve a multiplier effect.

A domain name from the registered to be deleted from the normal survival process is this:

1.ACTIVE: Normal active state. Set by registry, the domain name can be changed by registrar; it can be renewed; at least one DNS is set (two is normally required). Which is the normal meaning of the domain name in use.

2.registrar-hold: Registrar reserved. is set by the original registrar of the domain name, the domain name cannot be changed or deleted, and the domain name can be changed by the Registrar, and the domain name may be renewed. The domain name is not included in the (Domain name root server) area (not used properly). If a domain name, the last day of its validity period, has not received the renewal fee, will be set to this state, at this time the domain name has not been normal access, set into the state of the period, the original registrant such as timely renewal, then the domain name will immediately revert to the active state. If the original registrant has not renewed the fee for a maximum of 45 days, the domain name will be set to the next more dangerous state: Redemptionperiod.

3.REDEMPTIONPERIOD: Grace period. After the Registrar has submitted a request for deletion of a domain name to the board, the registration authority will set the domain name to this state, however, if the domain name has been registered for more than 5 days (if the domain name registration time is less than 5 days, delete immediately); The domain name is not included in the area (domain name root server) (not normal) The domain name may not be changed or cleared and can only be recovered; any other registrar who makes changes to this domain name or other requests will be rejected; the state is maintained for up to 30 days. In the Registar-hold state the longest after 45 days (generally 30 days), and the original registrant is still not renewed, the domain name is set to Redemptionperiod state. During this period, the original registrant may restore the domain name through the registrar, but will need to pay a sum much higher than the one-year registration fee (as the ransom after the kidnapping). If the ransom is received by the board within 30 days, the domain name is immediately set to the Pendingrestore state, which is interpreted as: resuming pending. When the Registrar proposes to reinstate the request for a redemptionperiod domain name, it is set up by the registry, which is included in the area (which is normally used) of the domain name root server, and any changes made by the Registrar or any other request will be refused; within 7 days, If a registrar provides the necessary recovery documents to the board, the domain name will be set to active if the Registrar has provided the files within 7 days, otherwise the domain name will be returned to the Redemptionperiod state.

4.PENDINGDelete Delete pending. If a domain name is set to Redemptionperiod State, the Registrar does not make a request for recovery, then the domain name will be placed in the Pendingdelete state, and any request by the Registrar for the domain name will be rejected, 5 days after the removal. Things to this step, is really can not be saved, is set to Pendingdelete state domain name, will be in 5 days after the death penalty, there is no way to save the life of these domain names.

But at the same time, some of the good domain names, also through the process of Phoenix Nirvana, was again robbed. This is our most concerned moment, countless domain registrars manipulate countless tools and computers in the execution of execution at the same time, carrying out another battle. The time of the battle, is the eastern time every day around two o'clock in the afternoon, about one hours, less than 3 o'clock, the same day will be deleted the domain name was deleted, and in which the domain name, then got a new life.

The above description contains 5 of the 8 states of the domain name, and the other three states and their explanations are as follows:

Registry-lock: Registry lockout. be set up by the board; The domain name may not be changed or deleted by the Registrar and must be removed by the registry before the Registrar can change the domain name information; The domain name can be renewed; If the domain name is assigned at least one DNS, it can be included in the area (which can be used normally).

Registry-hold: The Board reserves. is set up by the board, the domain name may not be altered or deleted by the Registrar, and the State of registration may be removed by the Registrar to change the domain name information, the domain name may be renewed, and the domain name is not included in the area (not normally used) of the domain name root server.

Registrar-lock: Registrar lock. is set by the original registrar of the domain name, the domain name cannot be changed or deleted, and the domain name can be changed by the Registrar, and the domain name may be renewed. The domain name is included in the area (domain name root server) (which can be used normally).

In order to make it clearer about the rules for deletion of domain name expiration, specific examples are as follows:

1: For example, domain name expiration date is March 01, 2003;

2: Starting from March 02, 2003, the domain name NS will be automatically deleted by the system, domain name can not be resolved, but my company will continue to retain the domain name 30 days, users can be within the 30-day period to renew the fee;

3: If there is no renewal within the 30-day period mentioned in 2, that is, starting from March 31, 2003, the domain name will become Redemptionperiod state, which will remain for 30 days, during which the domain name will not fall, but all commands except the RESTORE command are not valid for this domain name ;

4: Domain name in redemptionperiod state can restore back, but each restore need to pay (equivalent) RMB 1000 yuan (including one year renewal);

5: If the domain name in the Redemptionperiod state 30 days without restore, starting from 2003.04.29 domain name into pendingdelete State (5 days), April 04, 2003 the domain name will be deleted.

After the whole process of a domain name is clearly understood, it is not difficult to understand the registration mentioned later in this article.

After a domain name is deleted, any individual, organization, can register the domain name through the domain name registrar, without any restrictions, fully comply with the principle of first-come first-served. Since there are many websites that now provide query functionality for the domain names that will be deleted. As a result, some good domain names are often registered by a new registrant within a second after being deleted. Most of the time, even if you have no time to query the domain name is deleted, it has been the beat.

Driven by interest, many registrars have also reached agreements with these domain registrars, making the competition even more brutal and reducing the chances of individuals registering for these very valuable domain names.

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