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Pu and the Domain name registration knowledge (Novice must read)!

first, the choice of registrars and agents:
1, Million network:
2. Easy Name:
3, the new network interconnection:
4. Business China:
5, the new network digital:
6. China Channel:
7. National Domain network:
8, the resources:
9, the era of interconnection:
10, ENOM:
11, the Asian State Registration (agent):
There are a lot more, just list these commonly used
Million network domain name Control Panel:Http://
Enom Domain name Control Panel:
Business China domain Control Panel:Http://
New network interconnection domain name Control Panel:
New network Digital Domain name Control Panel:
Onlinenic China channel domain name Control Panel:
Resource Name Control Panel in:
ERA interconnected domain name Control Panel:
Easy Name Control Panel:
Country domain domain name Control Panel:

Among these registrars and distributors,
More convenient for individual registration are: Easy name, state domain, the Asian State registration;
More convenient transfer are: million nets, intermediate frequency, easy name, national domain;
More convenient transfer is: Easy name, state domain, the Asian State registration.
second, to open the net silver, Alipay or PayPal
1, open the net silver: This is the first step, want to do domain name investment, do not open net silver, simply is impossible.
With a copy of your ID card and passbook, first go to the Bank window, with the staff inside said to open online banking, will give you a form, fill it out, sign your name, this is called signing, signed up, you can go to the silver on the website to register the net silver, download the certificate. Note that if there are more funds in the online banking, advised you to ICBC, get a U shield, only dozens of yuan, very safe and convenient.
2, registered Alipay PayPal or PayPal: ID, it is best to submit verification information, the future transaction domain name easier.
third, landing to the Registrar's website, contact customer service, ask the agent for the conditions and prices, and how much advance payment, select the most appropriate registrar. Special three registrars to be introduced:
1, million network: Registered CN domain Name the lowest price, but can not be deleted boiling.
2, the new network interconnection: The biggest advantage is the CN domain name can be deleted within 14 days, if possible, can be deleted and then registered forever, but the advance can not be refunded. COM and other international domain names can be deleted within 4 days, but each time 10 yuan.
3, China Channel: COM and other international domain names can be free to delete within 3 days, can only be deleted three times, the fourth time to start to receive a 20 yuan per deletion fee. CN domain name can be deleted free of charge within 10 days, unlimited number of times.
Other registrars are basically unable to delete, even if they can be deleted, but also to pay.
If you do not act as an agent, find a reliable agent, under the agent, the price of the agent registered domain name.
Introduce a few large, more reliable agents:
1,http://www.mishang.comRice merchants, network joint technology companies, agents of a variety of domain name registration, contact qq:28269 (Tianfeng)

2,http://www.enterdns.comVision Network company, agent a variety of registrars domain name, contact qq:985035 (Red child)
3,http://www.miba.cnRice bar China, the main agent million network domain name, do a lot, contact qq:11209588 (993) 663319 24 hours straight line 020-39665588
4,http://www.reddns.comAsia Register, agent a variety of registrars domain name, contact qq:531142998 (customer service)
5, Connaught China, agents at home and abroad domain name registration, contact qq:2918932
6, technology company million network 25 yuan CN domain Name Registration Agent platform (my own, ad a bit) qq:84434222 (no Shadow)
There are many excellent agents I did not include, I am sorry.
Five, register the domain name to pay attention to the question:
1, pay attention to the use of individuals or to register with the company name. The suffix is COM, net international domain name, include Chinese and English domain name, can register with personal information. The CN domain name according to the law, must use the company or the unit to register.

2, no company or unit of investors, registered domain name, advised you to choose Easy Name, country domain, they are preferred, because you can modify the registrant information, the second choice is if, because their domain name, management password is to transfer the password, do not need to submit information can be transferred domain name.
Six, the domain name transfer or transfer out
(a), the Domain name transfer:
CN Domain transfer needs to provide:
1. Copy of the business license of the buyer and seller (annual audit record); The copy shall be stamped with the official seal.
2. Copy of the Registration ID card of the buyer and seller;
3, download the Domain name transfer application form: Fill in the above information printed and stamped with the seal of the registered unit, and then sent to each other to cover the official seal, finally sent to the Registrar.
Mail to the Registrar's designated address and department collection, pay attention to the best express, do not want to use the Express mail at least.

COM and other international domain name transfer needs to provide:
1. Copy of ID card of the two parties ' registration;
2, download the Domain name transfer application form: Fill in the above information to print and sign the names of the parties to the transaction.
Mail to the Registrar's designated address and department collection, pay attention to the best express, do not want to use the Express mail at least.

(b), Domain name transfer:
CN domain name transfer needs to provide:
1. Copy of registered person's business license (annual audit record); the copy is stamped with the official seal.
2. Copy of registered person's ID card;
3, download the application form of the Registrar, fill out the print and cover the seal of the registered unit.
Mail to the Registrar's designated address and department collection, pay attention to the best express, do not want to use the Express mail at least.
The registrar will then send the domain name transfer password to the agent or the owner of the domain name of the mailbox, holding the transfer password, as long as the new Registrar to submit a transfer, about seven days to complete the transfer.
Note: You must submit the domain name transfer password 15 days before expiration otherwise, only the renewal fee can be transferred.

COM, net international Domain name transfer out only in the original registrar to unlock first, and then in the new Registrar to submit transfer domain name, and then a letter of confirmation sent to the registered mailbox, you just confirm turn out, you can. Time is about 3-7 days.

Advice Novice: See more stickers, see what other people's type of rice can sell, why can sell?

Less registration, can let oneself pay less tuition.

To register, in a position to think, if someone else registered this meter, I will not spend money to buy it, buy what station, will spend how much money to buy do station? Do you want to buy this domain name not? If you don't buy it yourself, don't sign up.

Seven, how the domain name is composed

Teach rookie a few strokes:
1, first to understand some basic domain name English words, I collected some for reference:

Express--------Express; fast shipping
Beyond---------in (to) ... Farther side, over, that side of the
Art-------Arts, art, technology, ingenuity, art
Garden----------(vegetable, flower) garden
Phone--------Telephone, telephone
Owner---------owners, owners
Wine-----Wine, wine
Great----great, big, strong, very, major, uppercase, momentous, lofty
Best----, most, most
Future------The Future
Center Business District Business Centre (CBD)
Union----League, Association
Fire----fire, fire, fire
Trip---------Travel (travel)
VoIP------Internet Telephony
NIC--------Network Information Center
EC---------E-Commerce Electronic transactions (E-commerce)
Labor------Labor, Labor and Labor
COM-------Company, Enterprise
Inc-------Co., Ltd.
ISP--------Internet service Provider
PR-------PR, public relations
Bid-------bids, bids
WX--------Literature, Wuxi
-------China (International Telephone Code 086), Hair Music
Doctor------, Life
Store--------Stores (shop)
1617--------Medical Equipment
7788--------Kiss a hug.
1000 or 10000---------Telecom (customer service)
Nation---------National and national
FZ-----------Textile and Apparel
JH---------Church opportunity marriage Lake coking Jinhua Golden Wedding
XB----------The Xiong Snow Leopard, a predecessor of the northwestern West
MH----------Beautiful Civil Aviation portal of the Fair Twist comics
ZW------------Plant curios debt Outlook taste creation positions
Biz----------Business (business)
FAQ--------Question Answer, can be a guest suit
852----------Hong Kong (postal code)
853---------Macau (postal code)
Game-------Games, games
Spa-------Spa. Spa, spa area, amusement resort, Spa
Oil--------Oils, oil
Tel-------Telephone, telecommunication, communication
PE--------Sports (Physical education)
Soon----------speed, fast
CEO---------chief Executive Officer, CEO
IPO--------listing, initial public offering
Chief-------Leadership, the main
Ben---------Room, room.
Crazy---------crazy, fanatical.
Spy------reconnaissance, reconnaissance, discovery
Pay----------Payment, trading
IDC-------Data Center
Aim---------Objectives, intentions
Clever---------Clever and smart
Job---------jobs, Job (Bible), very patient person, also can be solved as "talent"
Psy-------Psychology (psychology)
Business---------Business, trading, trading, business, things, things, businesses, businesses
Show-------display, show
Computer------computer (CP)
Web----Global Network
Realestate-----------Real (true)-estate (state)
Barte---------exchange of goods, physical transactions
Trade-------Trade, business

2, Encounter SH, BJ, SS, SJ, JX, ZZ, WY, YY, TT and so on, these how to understand what they mean? Rely on our own to think, too difficult, we still use the "intelligent ABC" bar, we switch to the "intelligent ABC" Input method, and then hit the initials, press "PAGE Down" to page, how do you find the business word you want?

3, you can in the search engine, look at the current site has been included in the search engine's domain name composition, if E-wen is not good, you can go to the following page to translate:

eight, how to creative domain name?

1, imitation and combination is the most commonly used method at that time: one is to see the naming of large Web sites at home and abroad, and the second is to foreign trading site reference list of the domain name.
For example, through NetEase's domain name NetEase inspiration, so can give post***.com the Chinese name is "Mail Easy".
2, want to have a good, simple and easy to remember the domain name. First, there is a convenient memory factor. Convenient memory is a tool (such as a word, a symbol, and a voice) that can assist in memory. The more universal the name, the more convenient the memory, the higher its value. People generally do not want to search for an inconvenient web site through searching engines, and most people prefer to connect by guessing or trying a reasonable domain name to reach the Web site they want to log on to. If a domain name itself is convenient for memory, then its traffic will naturally increase. In addition to the common name, a domain name short, easy to pronounce and convenient memory can be regarded as its value. The second factor is credibility. People often associate long URLs with free or low-quality websites, which is a natural tendency for people. Finally, try to follow the following principles, your site's traffic will have the opportunity to increase immediately----I call them "5 S": 1. Tendency 2. Spelling 3. Suffix 4. length 5. Catchy
3, can be to the query. For example, you want to query about the blog domain name, you can enter "blog" can be
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