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I have long heard that domain name transfer-out in China is a very troublesome task. I can find articles written by angry registrants everywhere on the Internet. This is my turn to transfer-out, and I will keep them here to encourage everyone.

My domain name was originally registered in xinnet. Later I forgot why I switched from xinnet to At that time, I did not encounter any problems, but I did not know that I had already laid the seeds of trouble.

After that, because the host was transferred to the xinnet Internet, and was not a company in Beijing who was afraid of looking back and looking for something difficult, he wanted to switch to the xinnet internet again, but found that the Network could not be switched. The reason is that my domain name owner is regfirstname reglastname. does not give a transfer on the pretext of being unable to determine the domain name owner. Their proposed solution is to transfer ownership, because only the transfer of ownership can modify the information, when the transfer of ownership requires 500 yuan. At that time, I had no idea how to transfer the ownership of the domain name owner?

After careful analysis, the origins of all regfirstname reglastname should be caused by system errors when they first registered on the new network. This name seems to be their default user name, but in any case the result is like this, otherwise, you will be charged 700 (transfer fee + domain name transfer fee), or else you will stay in this way. The last reason is that the domain name remains in because it is too expensive (700 = 10 years of domain name registration fee.

After a long time, when I set up domain name DNS, I found that didn't actually do the domain name. Instead, I transferred the Domain Name Service to the second-level space and looked at the system with a simple second-level space, I am a little worried more (of course, the second-level space is actually doing well, except for the poor system, people are still good), so I moved the idea of transferring out, however, the strange owner name cannot be determined.

When a host is rented and an error is caused by a system with two-level space (see IP priority), the domain name will be transferred to at any cost, and then contact the second-level space, at the beginning, it was also very smooth, saying that it was about to send a copy of the ID card or something. Later, I saw the name of the owner regfirstname reglastname. It was no longer possible to transfer it out, and they could not do anything.

At that time, I was really depressed. Fortunately, I saw two articles about the same situation as I did. I finally sent a letter through the owner's mailbox to explain the situation and included a copy of my ID card, this provides a solution. I also use this to communicate with people in the second-level space. Another article said that domain name transfer-out should be calm and well spoken, which is indeed useful, once the domain name provider does not feel that you are responsible for it, everything will become good communication.

Although the news we have received over the past few days are negative, at least people in the second-level space will continue to contact the business China (both the second-level space and are business agents in China ), finally, I got the message. According to my suggestion, I used the owner's mailbox to send a confirmation letter, provided a copy of the ID card, and then paid 200 yuan of domain name transfer-out fee. A few days later, I received the transfer-out password, several days later, sent me a mail transfer, and I can set this domain name on their panel.

It took less than two weeks to complete the transfer from the proposed transfer to the transfer. I think it is still relatively smooth. Thanks to the efforts of the second-level space staff. Next, let me talk about how this transfer is made.

1. the Domain Name Service was used to find that the so-called Owner information error is not a problem at all. Because all the information on the Panel can be set at will. In fact, if you think about it, I can log on to the domain name service provider's system and it means that I am the domain name owner, do you need any other proof? Domain Name Information in China cannot be modified at will, but domain name registration is generally for many years. Is it because this domain name cannot be migrated and cannot be changed? It is ridiculous to send confirmation via the owner's mailbox. What can I prove if I can modify the sender information of an email by using a small program? What is the use of sending copies of ID cards? If foreign service providers do the same, do they need to learn to verify the identity cards of countries around the world?

At present, this identity authentication method cannot be fully achieved in China. Why? The general online saying is to retain users, but I think this may be one reason, and another reason may be a small proxy, such as the second-level space or, which does not really understand what the transfer requires, they say that they are just afraid of taking responsibility. Like the first transfer from the new network, there was no such thing as the name of all people, because the new network is one of the nine main generations in China.

2. We recommend that you do not register domain names in China any more. Because there are too many restrictions on domestic service providers, it is much better to directly go to a large Registrar like Worried about payment? You can use any credit card. I am worried that I do not understand English. Websites like have graphic registration steps. The key is that it is troublesome at the beginning and saves a lot of trouble in the future.

3. If it is unfortunate that you have to register in China, you 'd better find the top-level agents, such as xinxin. There are several other agents available on the Internet. Of course, you should also pay attention to the hooligans of top-level agents, such as hichina. If you search for a domain name on their website and haven't registered it at the time, they will be noticed in two days, therefore, it is important to check word of mouth. Of course, the benefit of top-level agents is that transferring out includes domain name management may be easier.

4. if you register for transfer-out, you must say something calmly. Do not make the other Party feel your hostility. Be patient and explain that you only want to solve the problem, rather than just try it out, it is best to do so more than three months before the domain name is registered, in case the domain name is lost because of no renewal.

Welcome to my full blog:

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