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First, what is the domain name

Domain name is a familiar, easy to remember computer name on the Internet. For example, is a domain name. Domain name can be divided into different levels, including the common top-level domain name (GTLD), the country's top-level domain name (ntld) and Chinese domain names.

1. Generic top-level domain

Since the internet originally originated in the United States, the earliest domain names were not nationally identifiable, and people divided them into several categories by purpose. They end with a different suffix:. COM (for commercial companies);. NET (for network services);. org (for organizing associations, etc.); Gov (for government departments); Edu (for educational institutions), etc. The initial domain Name system is mainly used by the United States, as the Internet to the world, such as. com,. org,. and other domain names become universal, so this kind of domain name is commonly referred to as "Universal International Domain name."

2. Country Domain name

Country domain name is to distinguish between different countries and regions of the domain name, such as. CN on behalf of China; JP on behalf of Japan, use of country domain name has to be able to further clarify the details of the difference domain name.

3. Chinese Domain name

Since the Internet originated in the United States, English has become the main descriptive text of resources on the Internet. This has promoted the internationalization of Internet technology and applications, on the other hand, it has become a barrier for people to integrate into the internet world in some non-English culture areas. The introduction of Chinese domain Name system for Chinese people who can use Chinese to access resources on the Internet without changing their writing habits, some research and service agencies, including the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), are making unremitting efforts.

second, domain name suffix

Domain suffix up to 90 kinds, including the universal top-level domain name, China's top-level domain name, Chinese domain name and other regional top-level domain name.

1, the latest domain name. CC/. TV/. tm/. cd/. LI

. The CC domain name was originally an official authorized domain name located in Cocos and Keeling Island in the Indian Ocean northwest of Australia. Because "CC" can be understood as the abbreviation of English "commercial Company" (Commercial Corporation), more and more enterprises are favored by it. CC will follow. com and. NET after the third largest top-level domain name, choose to use. cc domain name has become a trend. Therefore, we believe that. The CC domain name is bound to become one of the most important bridges to communicate the global network world.

. TV domain name is originally the domain name suffix of Tuvalu Country (Tuvalu), but the word "TV" makes people naturally associate with the concept of TV, video, Av. With the growth of network broadband access, the Internet entertainment business mature. The target market for the TV site is huge.

. The TM domain name is formerly a Turkmenistan country domain name. The abbreviation of "trademark" (trademark), with the rapid growth of Internet users, enterprises in the Internet trademark brand greatly affect the future of the enterprise, with the trademark domain name can be clearly expressed on the Internet, the protection of corporate brand name, is one of the most favored commercial companies.

. CD domain name is the Democratic Republic of the Congo country domain name, but a reference to the word "CD" reminds you of the music CD-ROM, the current Internet Piracy Music CD-ROM, the use of a representative domain name, must be the most efficient way to establish a genuine CD-ROM image.

. The domain name of Li is originally a Liechtenstein country domain name. But "Li" is "li" Pinyin, "Li" in the Chinese surnames ranked first, your surname Li? Do you want to be more personality in the surname Li? So what are you hesitating to do, sign up now. Li Domain name bar.

2, Superman gas universal top-level domain name. com/.net/.org/.biz/.info/.name/.mobi/.travel

A. com Domain name business organization uses domain name, is currently the most popular universal domain name format, the global user more than 10 million. All internationalized companies will register. com domain names.

. NET Domain name Network service organization domain name, the institution or company that is engaged in Internet related network service registers such domain name.

The. org domain name is a generic top-level domain, applicable to various organizations, including non-profit groups. ORG domain name can be registered by anyone.

. biz Domain Name "The new image of the enterprise on the Internet". Biz is a popular. com's favorable competitor, but also. com's natural replacement, from the English word "business", representing the business sector, In the case of the depletion of. COM resources, business is bound to replace. com to become the first choice of enterprise registered domain name.

. info domain name represents the use of general information services. can be substituted. COM's universal top-level domain, very suitable for providing information services to the enterprise. As the most clear sign of the information age. Info's development space Needless to say, it will become the preferred domain of network information services.

The. Name Domain name applies to the individual's generic top-level domain, primarily for individual user registration and personal website. The emergence of name Domain name, for people's name in the domain name space has its own independent of the business domain name created an opportunity. Name is a suffix that users can easily remember and use. Name Domain name is rich in resources, development potential is huge, a new generation of Internet users will accept and adopt.

Mobi domain name the world's only dedicated to mobile phones and mobile terminal devices to create a domain name, its commitment to the Internet information transmission to mobile phones and other mobile devices. Mobi domain name is a new generation of information services bridge, leading enterprises to create unlimited business opportunities for mobile networks.

Travel Domain name is the representative of the Tourism online service, is a unique global international top-level domain name for the tourism industry. Have a. Travel domain name so that your cause to enjoy more confidence to ensure that your business in the online image, create more effective channels.

3. Other country domain names

. CN domain name represents China is China's country domain name, the current CN domain name in the world with the largest market.

. domain name. gov domain name is mainly used by the United States Government and its affiliated agencies. Governments in other countries often use. gov as a subordinate domain name, and placed under the top of the country or region of the country or region, such as the Chinese government agency.

. HK domain name represents HKSAR, Hong Kong is an important port in China and Asia, and its economic strength is ranked in the forefront of Asia. HK domain name is to establish a clear identification of Hong Kong-funded companies, conducive to better development and promote trade in the company.

TW domain name in Taiwan, suitable for Taiwan service Enterprises and personal website registration, with the increasing number of Taiwanese investment companies, and there are no restrictions on registrant, so. tw domain name has great market potential.

The JP domain name represents Japan is Japan's country domain name,. jp Domain name does not represent the registration organization properties of the Co, NE and other attribute types, do not need to organize categories, individuals can also register.

. The AC domain name belongs to Ascension Island (Assonson), located in the South Atlantic, near Africa, is a British colony; AC can also be understood as academic, "academic", and is popular with the UK, the United States, Australia and Japan.

. The IO domain name is a shorthand for the British Indian Ocean Territory (British Indian Ocean territory). IO can also be understood as (input output) that is, the meaning of input. IO domain name is the computer peripherals manufacturers can not miss the domain name suffix.

. SH domain name is Saint Helen country domain name, namely Napoleon was exiled for 7 years of that piece of island's abbreviation. SH is the global user long-awaited domain name suffix, recently in the international Domain name market set off an unprecedented heat wave. Because it is the abbreviation of the English word "shop". In fact, SH can be understood as the abbreviation of Hanyu Pinyin Shanghai (Shanghai).

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