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Perhaps for many, after 00, DOS is the product of the last century, and many of them have not even heard of the name DOS. But in fact, even in the latest version of the WIN10 system, Microsoft has not put this "product of the last century" eliminated. Windows is not necessarily able to do what DOS can do in many cases. The next small series for everyone to enumerate a few sets of commonly used DOS commands, see if you can let you enlightened!

Figure 01 Several sets of practical DOS commands introduced

1. Timed Shutdown--shutdown.exe

Timed off this sentence, said a few years also did not realize. As a matter of fact, Microsoft's attitude has been ambiguous. Because although this feature has never been seen in Windows, DOS has been available a long time ago!

Shutdown.exe is a DOS command in Windows that is related to shutting down and restarting, and one of the uses is to include a string of numbers after shutting down or restarting the code to control the startup time of the shutdown or restart. For example, "Shutdown–s–t 3600" means that the shutdown operation starts automatically after 3,600 seconds (1 hours), and the command will remain in effect as long as it does not restart. In the event of a change in the middle, you can cancel at any time by Shutdown–a.

Figure 02 The graphical interface is difficult to implement a timed shutdown, in DOS it is easy

In addition, we can also use "shutdown-i" to start the graphical version of the fast shutdown, which also has a timed shutdown function.

Figure shutdown also comes with a graphical interface, which also has timing options

2. Turn off the system hibernation--powercfg.exe

Now a lot of computers are configured with large memory, which also raises the issue, that is, Windows will default to create a memory capacity as large as the hibernation file. If you do not use this function normally, it means that there will always be a huge useless file in the hard disk wasted space (PS: the corresponding file on the hard disk is Hiberfil.sys, not virtual memory ha ~).

Powercfg.exe is a DOS command in Windows that controls power management scenarios, and one of the simplest uses is that users can turn off the system hibernation feature with "powercfg–h off". After the reboot, this huge system hibernation file will always disappear from the C drive, and can save a few gigabytes of space for C drive.

PS: Shut down the system after hibernation, will let WIN8/8.1/10 under the "Fast Start" (Hybrid boot) function is invalid, if necessary also please choose carefully!

Figure 04 If you do not normally sleep function, you can turn it off by the above functions, you can save a few GB of C disk space
(No prompt on behalf of the command executed successfully, DOS is actually this, crap less)

If you just feel that you are sleeping too much, and you don't want to give up on this feature, try "powercfg–h size 50". The meaning of this command is to compress the hibernation file directly into the memory capacity of 50%, say your memory is 8G, then after executing the command, the corresponding Hiberfil.sys will become 4GB, and does not affect the use of sleep function.

Figure 05 If you do not want to give up this feature, but also sleep files too much space, you can use this command for the sleep thin body

PS: Here is 50 in principle can be arbitrarily set, but not less than 50 (that is, not less than 50% of the memory capacity), you can set it as needed to 60, 70, 80, set the real-time effect.

3. Edit Group Policy--gpedit.msc

Many advanced computer settings use Group Policy, but for security reasons, Windows itself does not provide a Group Policy entry, and a DOS command can be used to start the Group Policy module.

The specific command is "gpedit.msc", which can be entered in the Command Prompt window, or in the Run box, the Contana search bar. All in all, as long as you enter, the mysterious Group Policy Editor will appear in front of you.

Figure 06 The legendary "Group Policy" is actually open.

4. Edit the Registry--regedit.exe

The same is true for editing the registry, where the system does not have a graphical entry to open the registry for security reasons. As with edit Group Policy, we can also enter the command "regedit" in the Run box or the Contana search bar to start the Registry Editor, rendering the effect real-time.

Figure 07 Registry Editor is the same, you can find the command through the search bar

5. Delete Unknown shared--net share

There is a lack of human touch in Windows sharing, which means that the cancellation of sharing must be done on the original folder. But a lot of times, the specific location of the shared folder is not easy to find, and even some are not users themselves open, which let me how to look for it?

Net share is a command for sharing settings in Windows, the biggest highlight is that you can delete a share relationship directly from the share name without the source folder. For example, let's say that in your computer sharing list, suddenly there is a shared folder called "HV", but how can not find the original folders location. It can be deleted by the command "net share Hv/del", and if it is windows, I do not know how many days to torture you!

PS: By the way, direct implementation of net share can also query the actual path of each share name.

Figure 08 If you feel that the computer sharing is not reliable, or delete it, rest assured!

Written in the last

Of course, there are a lot of similar orders, here is only a small part of a brief introduction to the simple. In short, although Windows occupies most of the space of personal computers, but eventually did not put the dos this little brother kicked out. Most of the time if you feel the problem to deal with special don't hand, may wish to consider whether there is a corresponding DOS command optional, many times there will be unexpected harvest!

(Turn) DOS obsolete? A few sets of Win10 DOS commands very good 2015-07-02 17:12 Source: Pconline Original Tangshan resident

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