Dropbox is a practical and free file network synchronization, backup, and sharing tool.

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It is common to have multiple computers or friends who often use different computers. I believe many of my friends use USB flash drives to store some of their daily usage. Program , Work Composition Files and other documents so that they can work smoothly on every computer. But you have never encountered it. Sometimes you modify a document on a computer, forget to copy it back to the USB flash drive, and go to another computer to find that the document is not the latest. When such a situation occurs frequently, the version of this document will be very large and messy, and you need to sort it out. At this time, do you think it would be nice if these files/documents can be automatically synchronized!

Dropbox is a very usefulFree network file synchronization Tool(Of course, it is also a service ). When you use Dropbox on computer A, all file changes in the specified folder will be automatically synchronized to the Dropbox server. When you need to use these files on computer B next time, you only need to log on to your account, and all the synchronized files will be automatically downloaded to computer B. Similarly, you modify a file on computer B, it will also be reflected in computer A, and all this is fully automated, so that your files can be kept up-to-date anytime, anywhere. Let's take a look at Dropbox ......

Before using Dropbox, you must first install its Desktop client. Dropbox provides Windows, Mac, and Linux versions for cross-platform file synchronization! It also provides the Web access function. When it is inconvenient for you to install the client, you can access your files through the web browser and download them for use.

Dropbox features:

1. In addition to the basic client, Dropbox provides web access, allowing you to easily access your files anywhere.

2. Dropbox provides the file sharing Function and supports external links of files (non-download pages ); the Dropbox File Link path is in the form of "fixed directory + File Name". The file name is completely customized, unlike some network disks that convert the file name into a string of random numbers. 3. Free users have 2 GB of capacity, which is sufficient for many users, and the stability of free users is extremely high. At least I have not found any connection failure yet, uploading and downloading are fast and acceptable in China.

4. Provides File version control, which can be said to be cool !! If you have been familiar with programming and used version control such as SVN/CVS, you will know how nice it is.

5. You do not need to manually upload the file after modifying the file. Dropbox will automatically silently synchronize the file in the background. Similarly, you do not need to manually download files modified on other computers, and Dropbox will automatically update local files for you.

6. Dropbox provides better support for images. It integrates the album function to facilitate photo synchronization.

7. Dropbox has the cooperation function. You can invite friends to edit and update files in a folder.

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