Dropzone. js implements the drag/drop upload function

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Dropzone. js is a lightweight JavaScript library that sets HTML elements as a landing area and is uploaded to the server through Ajax files. This article introduces Dropzone in detail. js implements the file drag/drop upload function. For more information, see dropzone. javaScript is an open-source JavaScript library that provides the AJAX asynchronous file upload function. It supports drag and drop, maximum file size, file type setting, preview upload results, and does not rely on the jQuery library.

Use Dropzone

We can create a formal form for uploading the form and give the form A. dropzone class.


In this way, the Dropzone will automatically find. the form element of dropzone, and the program that uploads to the background to receive files through the action attribute, such as upload. php is like accepting a very common file input form:


Then, in your upload. php writes the upload code. The Dropzone official website only downloads js Code without background upload code. However, helloweba.com provides you with the php version of complete upload instance code. Please download the source code.

The next step is to introduce dropzone. js.

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