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Eclipse applications require many plug-ins, but how many plug-ins do you know about Eclipse? I don't know whether the readers know about the "30 most popular plug-ins in Eclipse". Feng shaoxia from the 51CTO translation group specially translated and presented it to you. I hope you will like it.

1. Python development environment of PyDev-Eclipse

Tool address:

The Pydev plug-in allows you to use Eclipse for Python, Jython, and Iron Python development, making Eclipse a first-class Python IDE (integrated development environment ).

2. EasyEclipse for LAMP

Tool address:

EasyEclipse for LAMP is an Eclipse release that supports the development of network applications using dynamic languages, and for PHP, Python, Perl, ruby and Ruby On Rail provide a network server and database, CVS and Subversion.

3. CFEclipse

Tool address:

Eclipse's ColdFusion plug-in has most of the features that are frequently used in DreamWeaver and Homesite, and has many features that they do not have. The purpose of this plug-in is to create an IDE for CFML.

4. Spket IDE

Tool address:

Spket IDE is a powerful JavaScript and XML Development Kit. This powerful Editor supports JavaScript, XUL/XBL, and Yahoo! Widget development. The JavaScript Editor provides code completion, syntax tag, and Content Overview functions to help developers create efficient JavaScript code.

5. ATL

Tool address:

ATL (Atlas conversion Language) is a model conversion language and tool suite. In the field of model-driven Engineering (MDE), ATL can generate a set of target models from a set of source models. At the top of the Eclipse platform, the ATL language development environment provides a series of standard development tools (syntax tag, debugger, and so on) to make the transformation of ATL development easier.

6. PTI-PHP tool Integration

Tool address:

On the one hand, we have many excellent tools that support PHP script development, such as PHPUnit or PHP CodeSniffer. On the other hand, powerful IDE (such as PHP Development Tool Engineering, PDT) cannot use these tools. Eclipse PHP Tool Integration (PTI) is a collection of Eclipse plug-ins, designed to eliminate this gap.

7. Skyway Builder Community Edition

Tool address:

Skyway Builder Community Edition is an Eclipse-based code generation tool used to improve the development efficiency of Spring applications. It can not only generate complete Spring application code, but also generate code for each module of the Spring framework, including DAO, ORM, MVC, Services, and Core ).

8. Bravo JSP Editor

Tool address:

The Bravo JSP editor is a wysiwyg jsp/html editor.

9. Eclipse Koders IDE plug-in

Tool address:

Koders Desktop IDE Plugins allows software developers to directly search for source code in the Eclipse development environment.

10. Google Eclipse Search (GES)

Tool address:

The Google Eclipse Search (GES) tool integrates the results of the Google Desktop Search (GDS) engine in the Eclipse development environment of IBM. It is designed to improve search functionality in software engineering, similar to searching on the Internet or on your own desktop.

11. Regex Util

Tool address:

This eclipse plug-in helps developers create regular expressions (regex ). The purpose is to make Regex creation easier and faster. It also highlights the regular expression syntax, matching brackets, and error detection, and reminds you of detailed functional descriptions of regular expressions.

12. Emac +

Tool address:

This plug-in provides enhanced Emacs-like functions in the Eclipse text editor.

13. Eclipse SQL Explorer

Tool address:

Eclipse SQL Explorer is a thin SQL client that allows you to query and browse any database that complies with JDBC. It supports plug-ins with dedicated features for personal databases (Oracle, DB2, and MySQL) and supports extensions for other databases.

14. soapui-eclipse plug-in

Tool address:

SoapUI is a desktop application that monitors, triggers, imitates, and tests HTTP network services based on SOAP/WSDL and REST/EADL. The main purpose is to provide/or test network services (java,. net, etc.) for developers/testers ). This soapui-eclipse-plugin supports all functions in soapUI, and also adds some eclipse-specific functions, such as soapUI Nature, which can display the integrated soapUI Project in Project Explorer, it also simplifies the code generation wizard and soapUI Perspective.

15. SMODL Development Kit

Tool address:

Smodl Development Suite enables model-driven Network Service Development (from scratch when model design or reverse engineering based on existing Code) to be faster, simpler, and more flexible. The plug-in can generate various types of code. If the model changes, the plug-in will still be synchronized. Its runtime engine can run on different platforms and provide network services with SOAP, XML-RPC, and JSON-RPC bindings. The running engine dynamically generates the WSDL describing the network service and implements data integrity (which can be defined in the Model ).

16. Eclipse notepad plug-in

Tool address:

The goal of this plug-in is to allow developers to write small records. These records are stored in the workspace metadata.

17. Apache Directory Studio

Tool address:

Apache Directory Studio (formerly LDAP Studio) is a complete Directory tool platform, originally used for LDAP servers, but is now dedicated to Apache Directory servers. It has the following plug-ins: LDAP browser plug-in; LDIF editor plug-in; Schema editor plug-in; Enable Apache Directory Server plug-in Studio and a plug-in for configuring Apache Directory Server.

18. Plug-in of the ehepatitis-Eclipse hexadecimal Editor

Tool address:

This Eclipse plug-in allows you to view or modify any files in hexadecimal notation. This plug-in allows you to view files in a hexadecimal table or text format.

19. Vaadin plugin

Tool address:

Vaadin is an open-source UI library with rich network user interfaces. It is a simple jar component library that helps Java developers easily create attractive network applications.

20. RMI plug-in

Tool address:

Genady's RMI Eclipse plug-in is a comprehensive RMI application development solution. In addition to the ability to automatically generate RMI piles (stub), the RMI plug-in also simplifies the process for applications to configure Java virtual machine parameters (such as security policies and basic code.

21. Lockness

Tool address:

Lockness is an Eclipse plug-in for analyzing Java Thread Dump. With Lockness, it is easy to find out the threads in the neck or lock status. The latest version has been improved to better support Thread Dumps generated by JDK 6.

22. Fast Fox

Tool address:

Fast Fox is simple, but the powerful mouse function will make your Eclipse IDE more colorful. For those regular activities, such as "Previous editor" and "Close Editor", you only need a simple move of the mouse to complete them. You don't have to describe complex symbols any more. Fast Fox has an easy-to-use ring menu, making it really easy to use.

23. effecefs

Tool address:

The only object of this plug-in (6 K) is to open a folder in the local file manager that contains the selected resources. It adds the "Open in File System" item to the shortcut menu of the package browser and resource browser, and any other display files or Java classes. It can also find classes that contain Jar files. Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux systems.

24. Saros-Distributed Pair Programming (Distributed Pair Programming)

Tool address:

Saros is an Eclipse plug-in designed for collaborative text editing, especially for Distributed Pair programming, but it can support any multiple participants at a time. All members of the task have the same Eclipse project backup. As the editing progresses, Saros will keep these backups synchronized with programming.

25. RSS View

Tool address:

RSS View is an RSS/Atom reader. Its concise and bright user interface is embedded in Eclipse and coexist with your workbench. You have all the functions in one place. RSS View may also improve your development process because it can directly integrate the bug Tracking System, Development Forum, or wiki into your IDE. Its functions include grouping and filtering news dynamic entries, offline News Push, and several user-defined functions.

26. FreeMem

Tool address:

FreeMem is a chart-type memory monitor that supports Eclipse.

27. EclipseColorer

Tool address:

Eclipse Coloreris is a syntax tag plug-in on the Eclipse platform. It supports over 150 languages and has many powerful functions and a large number of syntaxes. It can use the nested structure (jsp, asp, php) for language marking, with powerful XML language support.

28. Log4E

Tool address:

The Log4E plug-in helps you easily create a logger in a Java project. It can help in the following tasks: Recorder declaration, recorder insertion in some method entries, replacement of system output, modification of existing recorder statements, etc.

29. AmaterasUML

Tool address:

AmaterasUML is an Eclipse plug-in that depicts the UML that supports class diagrams, program charts, and use case diagrams. It also supports Java. For example, it can import classes/interfaces from the Eclipse workspace and export class diagrams to the Java source code.

30. UMLet-quick UML graphical Tool

Tool address:

This free UML tool UMLet has a simple user interface and no pop-up window, allowing you to easily draw UML charts. It allows you to quickly draw; export images in pdf, eps, jpg, gif, svg, bmp, png format, and system clipboard mode; Use Eclipse 3 + to share charts; you can also create custom graphic elements.


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