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One, the common several FTP server software introduction

1.1 Server-u

Serv-u is a widely used FTP server-side software that supports the full Windows family of 3X/9X/ME/NT/2K/2000/XP. You can set multiple FTP servers, restrict login user's permissions, log in to the home directory and the size of the space, etc., the function is very complete. It has a very complete security features, support SSL FTP transmission, support in multiple Serv-u and FTP clients through SSL encrypted connection to protect your data security and so on.

Because Server-u is a fee-based software, online can download all kinds of cracked version, software security is difficult to guarantee, at the same time Server-u domestic also have agents, if do not want to be involved in lawsuits, it is best not to use pirated software. Therefore, Server-u is not today's protagonist, today to say the following two FTP server software.

1.2 FileZilla

FileZilla is a free open source FTP software, divided into client version and server version, with all the features of FTP software. The controllable, structured interface and streamlined way to manage multiple sites makes the FileZilla client version a convenient and efficient FTP client tool, while FileZilla server is a small and reliable FTP server software that supports FTP&SFTP.

FileZilla Official website:

From the official website you can see that FileZilla can support multiple platforms, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc.

Currently the latest client version is 3.14.1, server-side version is in Chinese and English, Chinese is the latest FileZilla server 0.9.46 Chinese version, can be applied to Win7 above operating system, FileZilla server 0.9.41 The Chinese installation version is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 2003, and above.

The FileZilla client is a fast, reliable, cross-platform Ftp,ftps and SFTP client. Has a graphical user interface (GUI) and a lot of useful features. Compared to other FTP clients, FileZilla contains the following features:

    • Easy to use
    • Support for FTP, FTP and SSL/TLS (FTPS) protocol, support SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
    • Cross-platform. Run more on Windows, Linux, *bsd, Mac OS X and other platforms
    • Support IPV6 Protocol
    • Multiple languages available (Chinese included)
    • Breakpoints continue and support for files larger than 4GB
    • Multi-Label User interface
    • Powerful site manager and transport queue management
    • Bookmark Features
    • Drag function support
    • Supports transfer speed limit function
    • File name filter
    • Folder comparison feature
    • Network Setup Wizard
    • Remote file editing features
    • Keep the link function
    • Support for http/1.1, SOCKS5 and FTP proxies (ftp-proxy)
    • Log on to the file feature
    • Synchronizing folder browsing
    • Find Files remotely

1.3 Typsoft_ftpserver

Typsoft_ftpserver is a very easy to use FTP server software, using a very small configuration, whether you are a novice or a master, can be easily mastered. The current version is 1.11, the official website address is:, also provides the Chinese language pack, supports each kind of Windows operating system.

1.4 Quickeasyftpserver

Quick Easy FTP Server is a full Chinese FTP servers software, rapid response, convenient operation, the implementation of the standard FTP server features.

Features of the software:

Software installer is minimal, but performance is no less than professional FTP server software

Fully functional. With complete account management, convenient server configuration, security settings, online user information, server logs, real-time data statistics, check the update readily available

Support for breakpoint continuation

A complete Help system

All Chinese, more suitable for Chinese use.

1.5 Home FTP Server (home FTP servers)

Are you looking for a small, powerful free FTP server, and Home FTP server is an easy-to-use FTP server that allows you to share files with others directly from your computer. You can set up user accounts, specify the license directory, and monitor incoming personal files.

It supports file transfer, virtual directory, prohibit IP address, change directory, download files and provide a Web-based management interface;

So that you can add users and view current stats, it's certain features even more than some commercial FTP servers, admittedly: it's all free and there's no limit! Compare to any similar product for you or your company; This is a perfect choice.

Ii. using Typsoft_ftpserver to build an FTP server

The first step, download Typsoft_ftpserver software (I do not have blog Park upload permissions, need to leave the mailbox, note the software name), you can see the package contains four files, followed by the Chinese voice package, program configuration file, main program, user profile.

The second step, after decompression, run the main program, server configuration.

The main interface is very simple, showing the program version in the Log window, and the current service running condition, FTP port.

Settings, FTP server:

Here you can set the FTP port, the maximum number of simultaneous connections, as well as boot start, save logs, welcome messages and other options.

Set the IP limit to be accessible for all IPs.

The third step, user account settings:

The default has an anonymous account--anonymous, anonymous account does not need to fill in the password, also can delete, you can configure this account with directory, access directory and access rights.

If you want to add more than one directory, you need to set the other directories (except the root directory) to a virtual connection, or FTP connections can not be accessed, here I set the E:\ directory link is E_pan,

So in the FTP client sees is a folder E_pan, the content points to e:\.

Add other users and assign passwords, other configurations as above anonymous account.

After all configurations are complete, you will need to restart the server.

After the software is running, a small icon appears in the Tray area.

Yellow indicates that the software is configured properly and is not connected.

Green indicates that the user is connecting.

Red indicates a software configuration exception such as port occupancy.

Tip: If the interface cannot be displayed after the software is started, it may be a configuration problem, remove the Confgi.ini and User.ini reconfiguration in the directory.

Third, using Filezilla_server to build the FTP server

We use Filezilla_server-0_9_41_ha as an example to build an FTP server on the WinXP system.

Filezilla_server-0_9_41_ha can be downloaded to the official website, this version supports xp,winserver2003 and so on, but also in the Chinese version.

There are netizens said Filezilla_server will appear in Chinese directory garbled problem, is because filezilla_server default encoding for utf-8 reason. This version contains Chinese garbled patches, no garbled problems.

(I do not have the blog site upload permissions, need to leave the mailbox, note the software name)

The first step, download Filezilla_server-0_9_41_ha, the software is the green version. After extracting, you can see the following files:

Among them, FileZilla Sever is the server-side main program, FileZilla server interface is the server-side interface configuration program, the configuration results are stored in the same name of the XML file, the other three DLLs are the main program extension.

Step Two, program installation

Run FileZilla Sever, the first time you run the following prompt:

Select Yes to install a FileZilla server FTP Server service that will prompt you to start the service automatically after installation:

You need two times to confirm that the server starts automatically after the server-side main program is installed.

You can see the FTP service in the service management of your computer.

The third step is to configure the FTP server with FileZilla server interface

Start the FileZilla server interface program by default using port 14147 to log in to the FTP server hypervisor.

After landing, the main software interface is as follows, the log display is logged in.

Select, edit → settings menu, enter the software settings interface, for setting the listening port, that is, the port connecting the FTP server, the default 21;

To set the IP binding, only the bound IP address can be connected, * represents all.

Black and white list settings.

Management interface settings, you can configure the management interface of the connection listening port, can manage the client IP address, administrator password and so on.

These modifications need to be set locally in order to be valid. Here I modify the listening port to 3883, allowing all IP addresses to participate in management.

If you need to sit at home and manage the FTP server, the settings for this interface must be configured correctly and keep in mind.

Log save cycle settings.

Transmission speed limit setting.

Fourth step, configure the user, user group.

If you only need to configure a single account to access the FTP server, you can add it directly to the User Configuration interface.

If you have more than one account and have the same permissions, you can add a user group to the group by first adding them.

Assign an accessible directory to the account, as well as permissions.

If you need to access more than one directory, you need to use aliases, preceded by/.

User group management interface.

Complete the above configuration and your FTP server will be built successfully.

Fifth, remote administration of FTP server

Open FileZilla Server interface software, login with the remote management port and password that you just configured;

After logging in, you can remotely manipulate any configuration except for "Manage interface settings".

Sixth step, FTP server online offline and locked

FileZilla server has the ability to set up an FTP server online offline and locked through the interface.

Select "Server", "activate" and pop up the dialog to confirm that the server is offline.

Select "Server", "lock" to prevent new users from connecting.

Seventh step, uninstall the FTP service

Run FileZilla server and if the current FTP server is running, pops up whether to stop the service.

Here, after you stop the service, double-click FileZilla Server again to bring up the service.

If you select "No" here, the uninstall service will pop up.

Click "Yes" to complete the uninstallation.

Iv. Quickeasyftpserver Build FTP server

The quickeasyftpserver operation is very simple, take the 4.0 version as an example, here with a few pictures.

V. Introduction of common FTP client

1, 8uFTP Client

8uFTP client small size, very powerful: support the external chain download, support multi-threaded upload, the speed is 3 times times the ordinary FTP tool, directly after uploading the compressed package in the space directly decompression (online decompression), can also be compressed in the space directly after downloading the compressed package; Quickly delete the remote folder.

2. FileZilla FTP Client

The FileZilla client is a fast, reliable, cross-platform Ftp,ftps and SFTP client. Has a graphical user interface (GUI) and a lot of useful features.


FileZilla Display Chinese garbled solution:

FileZilla is written by foreigners, free software. When communicating with a Chinese FTP server, the default is to automatically monitor the encoding. When you disconnect, the second time you open the same folder, the discovery appears garbled and cannot be opened. Said the directory could not be found.

Workaround: Click File-> Site Manager, create new site, Universal label, basic settings set to your own data (slightly)
Character Set label, select the "Custom Character set" option, keyboard input "GB2312", connect button
(If your server supports UTF-8, it's best to use UTF-8)

FileZilla and other software to build FTP server

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