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FileZilla FtpThe tutorial is a classic open-source FTP solution, including the FileZilla client and FileZilla Server. Among them, FileZilla Server functions are no inferior to commercial software FTP Serv-U. FileZilla Server has almost no user limit; multi-thread engine; running in the form of services in Windows NT4, 2000, and XP; filtering for fxp/Bounce attacks; Secure Password Storage (using MD5 hash ); users/groups are managed in real time. All options can be changed when the server is online without removing the server from going offline. The transmission timeout function can be used to kill idle users who are always online using common tools; the speed limit for servers and users/groups based on the setting rules; supports mode z File Transfer compression.

1. Descriptions of resumable data transfer and Garbled text

Q: I heard that FileZilla cannot be resumed. Is it true?

A: It was a long time ago. The new version can be resumed.

Q: I heard that FileZilla shows garbled characters in Chinese file names?

A: This problem exists, but it is neither a bug nor a solution.

There are three solutions:

1) respect standards while using FileZilla's server and client.

2) compromise with reality. Use the non-UTF-8 version of filezilla server to download FileZilla Server V0.9.14.

3) compromise with reality. Use the unofficial FileZilla Server patch provided by Tom.


Since FileZilla Server V0.9.15 (and the corresponding client Version), UTF-8 is used by default as defined in RFC 2610. Other servers and clients do not use this standard. That is, when the server and client talk, Filezilla products first with UTF-8, unless the other party shouted UTF8 OFF; while other ftp products are most first with local encoding conversation, unless the recipient speaks UTF8 ON. Therefore, when Filezilla talked to other software, there was a UTF8 lecture and a local code, but we didn't know whether the UTF8 was on or off, so garbled code was generated! For details, see FileZilla's Garbled text.

2. Why is FTP enabled?

Because FTP is a dedicated File Transfer Protocol, it is the most reliable for uploading and downloading files, and its permissions and speed can be flexibly set.

I use FTP to share files with others occasionally or remotely process files on another computer.

3. What software should I choose?

One of the standards, of course, is free. You do not need to spend money, but do not need to bear pirated debts.

Among free tools (many free tools), I chose FileZilla because it is small, powerful, and easy to use. It is also open-source software and has a bright future. There are also many users and problems are easy to solve.

FileZilla has both clients and servers. I use less FTP, so I use IE or Total Commander for the client, and only use FileZilla Server.

4. Download FileZilla Server

Go to the official homepage to download:

Chinese garbled Patch:

Chinese version: FileZilla Server 0.9.25 Chinese Version

5. open port 21. Set the user's Home directory to Home. Do not use MLSD mode for some clients due to firewall problems.

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