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FileZillaIt is a fast and reliable FTP client and server-side open source code program with a variety of features and intuitive interfaces. FileZilla Server is a software in the FileZilla project.

Many friends may need FTP Server software in practical applications. There are many such software, including Serv-U and G6. Here we will introduce FileZilla Server to you, windows is a good FTP Server software, which is free and open-source.

FileZilla Server is a software in the FileZilla project. This project also includes FileZilla's FTP Client. The official website is you can check it out. Here, we will briefly introduce the use of FileZilla Server. Currently, the latest version of FileZilla Server is 0.9.18, which is a beta version. You can also download the previous Release version with the same functions and usage. The following describes how to use FileZilla Server from the beginning of software installation.

Figure 1

Figure 2

The first half of the installation process is a standard process and there is nothing to say. However, when this step is illustrated, You need to briefly describe some related options and settings, the port number shown in the figure is the port number used by the FileZilla Server Interface management program to manage the FileZilla Server. It is not the port number of the FTP Server. As shown in, you can also select the FileZilla Server startup method, that is:

1. Install FileZilla Server as a service and start it with Windows.

2. Install FileZilla Server as a service, but manually start

3. Do not install FileZilla Server as a service and start it automatically

The first option is selected by default. You can select one option based on your individual needs.

Figure 3

Figure 4

In the following installation Interface, you can set the FileZilla Server Interface management program startup mode. There are also three options:

1. Applicable to all users, which can be started upon user login

2. Applicable only to the current user.

3. Manual execution

Similarly, you can select an instance based on your needs.

After the installation is complete, run the FileZilla Server Interface program on the premise that the FileZilla Server service has been started.

Figure 5

The figure shows the Interface where the FileZilla Server Interface program runs. By default, it is connected to the local machine. You can also enter an IP address to directly manage the remote FTP Server. Note that, the port number is the connection port number used for management when FileZilla Server is installed. Administrator password, which is not required by default. This option takes effect only after the administrator password is set through FileZilla Server Interface. You must enter the correct password to use this option.

The main Interface of the FileZilla Server Interface program is relatively simple. In addition to the menu and toolbar, it is the current connection record window and the remote IP address window currently connected to the FTP Server.

Figure 6

Is the toolbar of FileZilla Server Interface. The Toolbar contains almost all the functions in the menu, from left to right: "connection/disconnection", "Lock", "Settings", "user settings", "group settings", "about", "display by logical name", and "display by physical name ""and" arrangement ".

Brief description: "connection/disconnection" controls the connection between the FileZilla Server Interface program and the FTP Server. "locking" locks the Server and no new connections; "setting" means comprehensive setting. "user setting" and "group setting" means setting the user name used for login on the Server side and grouping multiple users; you don't need to explain "About". "display by logical name" and "display by physical name" are literally the display mode of Server files and the display logic name, it is still the physical name, but I tried it and did not find any changes. It still needs to be further tested. However, this function requires very little and will not affect other usage; there is no need to say more about the "arrangement.

Next, let's configure FileZilla Server to meet our requirements.

Figure 7

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