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1. Summary: Learn any language need to see more and more want to write more questions!! Writing programming is a perfect thing! Because there is so much knowledge, you will feel the same when you see more.

Programmers are rehash, over and over again. Code more than a few times you can close your eyes to write, so the enterprise recruitment will ask you write how many lines of code!! Programmers are most taboo impetuous, sometimes found a program can not find a fault, just because less or more than a symbol, programmers need to be careful, careless people can not be programmers!

2.php reference manual is to be familiar with, some beginners will ask some very basic questions, in fact, the manual above all, so suggest beginners to read the handbook, it is best to copy common functions several times!! Knock the code in the manual a few more times.

When you get familiar with the things in the manual, you are less likely to have a problem. Of course, MySQL manual, but also to look at, but can not first look so thin! At least know the common SQL statements, this is necessary!

3. The best thing about PHP is that there are many open source projects that can be found online, and some are big projects. Therefore, it is suggested that beginners can look at the message board code, first familiar with the data operations, and then you can go to a simple corporate web site or blog, and then to study the Ecshop, and so on, when you understand these, you can go to see Discuz,phpwind Forum source code, inside the structure is quite strong, Of course this is not what beginners need to do, but always have a general ideal!

4. To get used to, encounter problems to solve their own first, in the network era, to learn to use Baidu Google, this is necessary. When you can not solve the time to seek other people's help!!

5. When you finish a program, to learn to share out, because you are beginners, your program may have a lot of imperfect places, so share your written program for you more useful!! Share more and more exchanges! Will let you write the program more refined!!

6. Remember, learn PHP you are not just learn PHP, you have to learn to analyze the implementation of a project or a program to implement the way. All say algorithm is the basis of language, to learn PHP, you have to learn and use algorithms to implement your program, learn to use algorithms can be used in any language, learn to use PHP you can only use PHP.
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