Free 3-month VPS send independent IP (tested can be free for life)

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(After testing, the VPS in free 3 months, you can modify personal information, such as the way to carry out a trial for 3 months, that is, can be a lifetime free trial!!!) The second time I applied for a trial pass
A search solution for VPS (is better than the previous introduction of the United States virtual host, more stable space, tested by this VPS performance is not inferior to the domestic ordinary server. A difficult time, inadvertently search to a free 3-month VPS,
Really surprised to know that the use of almost the point of the VPs a minimum of 10 dollars a month, this unexpectedly free 3 months,

So I immediately tested with a credit card, because the foreign space is basically the need for credit card purchase, this VPS Also

It needs to be opened with a credit card and then you will be deducted 1 dollars to authenticate and prevent malicious registration. When the three-month trial

At the end, if you choose to unsubscribe, then this 1 dollars will be back to your credit card, this is my own test

Tried. After testing I put a super high flow of uchome on top, there is no problem, the performance is definitely more than the domestic more than 1000 per month server. Because of the domestic servers, I have used, is really very disappointed, unless you make a good monthly price, it is reliable. So to those who are eager to find a domestic server webmaster advice, take the U.S. VPS try to see which performance is good. Simply introduced under this VPS, Jumpline was founded in 1997, starting from 2002 only to sell VPS party

Case, a total of more than 500,000 customers. Main products:
VPS independent host, USD 10.95/month Support

Php/mysql, you can install software on your own, you can build countless independent websites. The performance has been very good, send independent IP

Provide toll-free phone service, 30 days of unsatisfied refund guarantee Jumpline has been providing 3 months free VDS alone

IP space Activities, with independent ip,24-hour technical support. Supports CGI, PHP5, Python, JSP,

Many scripts such as SSL, MySQL, SSH access, and so on. Need to fill out credit card information to prevent malicious registration.

Register Detailed:

(i). Registered Address: 3 Months free Web Hosting

(b) Dot that get started start applying

(c). Fill in the domain name as shown
(iv). Since the domain name is not registered in, he will prompt you to change the NS to and, regardless of him, direct point next (Continue)

(v) According to the following figure, select No

(vi) According to the following figure to fill out personal data, the mailbox must fill in the real, or not receive activation letter

(vii). See, 100% free. The next step is to mail the letter.

(eight) Click on the activation link to activate the account

(ix) See the following information, congratulations, the application to 3 months of free space has been submitted for review processing, and soon you will be able to receive account information of the mail

(10) in three months to cancel this VPS method for details, see:
3 months after the expiration, if you want to continue the free trial can be modified by personal information and other means to continue to apply for trial, I test again to apply for ...
Registered Address: 3 Months free WEB Hosting reprint please specify from Love | venture | make money |chinaren-I am Chinese, this post address: Thread-7124-1-1.html

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