Free 500m space/1000m/flow of the country I php space

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Tags hosting password protection ssh access sub domain wordpress blog zen cart

Storage space: MB
Monthly Bandwidth: 1000 MB

e-Mail Options
Email: 1
Post Office √
Auto Reply x
Discussion Group X
e-Mail Forwarding X
Capture all e-mail x
Junk Mail Filter x
e-Mail Digest √
e-Mail Filter log x

Website statistics
Error and Access/referrer/agent log X
Google's Sitemaps tutorial builder X
Graphical statistics for Webalizer x
Graphical statistics of Awstats √
Advanced graphics and Text counter √
Bandwidth Statistics √

Access features
Primary FTP account: 1
Other FTP logins: 1
SSH access X

Database Tutorial Features
X in phpMyAdmin

Advanced Features
Extended Control Panel 2.0√
iphone Control Panel √
Sub domain X
Site Builder X
Online file Management √
Website redirect √
Free submit to 10 search engines X
Back up and restore your site X
Advanced Website password protection x
Schedule Task X
IP Address blocking X
FTP Lock √

Programming features
X in PHP4
PHP5 with SOAP support √
Perl's X
Python's X
The Realaudiox
Sun an ASP (chili! soft ASP) x
Ruby managed X
Rails ' X
ImageMagick's X
Ghostscript's X
Optimization X of Zend
Guangdong X

Features of E-commerce
Secure server access sharing x
OsCommerce Shopping cart x
CubeCart shopping cart x
Agora car-Simple shopping cart x
Zen cart x
Personalized Security Server x     
Free online tools
Free software (value £ 300) x
Huge graphics archive x
50 Advanced site templates x
400 basic site templates x
100 new professional website models Board x
16 Flash site templates x
Flash advertising x
100 + company logo x
100 banner template x
22,500 photo x
75000 Network art picture x

Huge Web Application Library
Joomla CMS 1.0 and 1.5x
WordPress blog x
Concrete5 cms x
Chenglong x
Drupal Content management System x
PHP Tutorials bb 2&3 online Discussion area x
ELGG Social network system x
CMS Manufacturing simple x
give me a message x
Geeklog Load blog x
Nuclear blog x
Mambo cms x
Locked Area Lite Password Manager x
Eb LAH online forum x
TYPO3 Content management System x
Cunning syntax live help x
PHP coin Web Managed billing System x
openads-AD banner x
Point project-Project management system x
Osticket -Ticketing System x
Postcard x
form, email with captchax
Custom 404 and 500 error page x
Search engine x
All links page free x
Banner ad system x
Online auctions-just like ebay x
Domain name check x
Online album x
Web Calendar x
Network survey x
Internet countdown x
Random text display x
Random image display x
Tell a friend x
network ring x
Trouble Ticket Express X
Classified ads x
Library 2x
Roundcube Post Office x
SugarCRM x
Data center features
Cloud Technology √
Multiple Gigabit Connection Internet √
10,000 Gigabit Network √
Diversified fibre network √
hosting Dell Super Server √
Load balanced storage System √
Redundant data backup √
Redundant power feeds √
Redundant uninterruptible supply √
Redundant √ standby generators
Redundant cooling system √
24x7x365 onsite manned √
Fire prevention √
CCTV and smart card access √

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