Free to build their own personal website, free domain name, free space, FTP, database and so on, one can not less, no money, but also so capricious

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As a program ape, have their own personal site, is a very hard thing ~ ~ As to the advantages of personal website? That is a lot of said are not finished AH ~ ~ For example we can put their own works, show their style, put their own pictures of the goddess (goddess see what will happen, think of it, haha) ... (⊙o⊙), the most important thing is to be able to do whatever you can, of course, within the bounds of law and morals. Pulled far, the following began to get to the point, say how we set up their own free site.

First, personal blog results show

First of all, this space is free PHP space, the server in Hong Kong, the free version has two FTP accounts and two MySQL database, access speed is OK, I am also engaged. NET, do not understand PHP, but a simple understanding of some PHP things, this blog to do with WordPress. Access Address:, we can look at, these days just got, put something simple test, the following gives a:

Of course, if you have a better PHP site, you can also put it up, space to provide us with the FTP and MySQL database, we can enjoy the play. See here, psychology is not a little excitement, don't hurry below we step by step start to make ~

Second, register the free domain name

To build a website, you must first have a domain name Bar ~ Domain name is not expensive, a year is 50~100 yuan, feel can afford and already have their own domain name, you can skip this paragraph.

There is a free domain name registration site abroad, you can register the TK domain name, etc., you see my blog address the TK suffix, domain name registration address: Index.html, the speed may be a bit slow, patience wait, open after

Web site provides. cf,.ga,.tk and other suffixes of the domain name registration, enter a domain name, select a suffix click Search, if you can register will appear the following information:

There is not much behind, registration is relatively simple, said more is nonsense. After the successful registration, login backstage, you can see the following interface:

Open domain management, click Manage Domain,

When opened,

If you just want the domain name to point to an address, then choose URL Forwarding, but here we want to point to their own domain name server, select Nameservers, open and enter the following information:

A minimum of two domain name servers, up to five, do not follow the image to knock, I will tell you where to find. Once the input is complete, click Change Nameservers to save it.

third, access to free space

Free space on the internet a lot, but there are too many restrictions, and some even give you a free site, you can only post some articles, pictures and so on. Completely unable to meet our needs. We need free space, at least to have FTP, database bar, below to see what we want to use this free space, PHP, after all, PHP deployment is relatively simple, server in Hong Kong, free version has two MySQL database, also provides phpMyAdmin database management tools. Here is the registered address: or click to visit the official website address

Because the server in Hong Kong, open a little slow, we understand, open the page after registration, it seems that QQ mailbox can not, we change a mailbox can be. After the registration is completed, enter the background,

Because I have built a new host, so I can not, the first to go in will remind you to create a new cloud host, select Free, and then prompt you to enter the domain name, enter the domain name we just registered, all the way follow the instructions, the middle will appear self-help build station, you can create a new test. After binding the domain name, you will see the following interface:

If it does not appear, click on host > Domain name to open. Then, click Account > Info to view the host information:

Open after you can see all the host information, the following look at the NS server, this is not the same as the previous registered domain name to fill in the same nameserver ah, is actually from here.

Back to the admin interface, pull down to see the admin options for FTP and MySQL:

You can see that there are phpmyadmin tools and some database operations next to MySQL. Below to create an FTP account, click the FTP account icon, jump to the following interface:

Note Select the directory, make sure to tick, and then enter the user name and password, click Create. Once created, our account information will be displayed below:

Then download the FTP tool to test it and be able to connect successfully. If you use the self-help station in front of you, you will see a php file in the folder. Below you can write an HTML or PHP Hello,world up to try.

To create a MySQL database is simple, click on the MySQL icon, the following interface appears:

Enter the information as required, and then the same as FTP will appear below the registered successful MySQL account information.

Then, you can use FTP to upload their own blog site, notice before uploading to modify the MySQL database connection address. If you use a system such as WordPress, there will be automatic initialization of the installation.

To here, basically finished, more functions also want you to work together to find.

If you feel that my blog is helpful to everyone, please recommend supporting one, give me the motivation to write. Consider everyone will encounter a variety of problems, I built QQ group 243633526, welcome everyone come in together to Exchange ~

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Free to build their own personal website, free domain name, free space, FTP, database and so on, one can not less, no money, but also so capricious

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