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Developers and Open Source authors now has a massive amount of services offering free tiers but it can is hard to find th Em all on order to make informed decisions.

This and was a list of software, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS etc offerings that has free tiers for devs.

You can help by sending pulling requests to add more services. Once I has a good set of link in this README file I'll look to a better layout for the information and links that appreciated too.

If you ' re not inclined-make PRs, you can tweet me [email protected]

Source Code Repos
    • public and private git repos for small teams
    • Https://–free for a unlimited number of public repositories
    • public and private git repos with Unlimited collaborators
Tools for Teams & collaboration
    • and Inbox, free for teams of 5 or less
    • Https:// for unlimited users with some feature limitations
    • Https:// for unlimited users with some feature limitations
    • Https://"Chat, for GitHub". Free to public rooms.
Code Quality
    • quality for Python projects, free for Open Source
    • code review, free for Open Source
    • on GitHub commits about code quality-free for open source
    • test coverage reports-free for open source
    • inspection platform-free for open source
    • Coverage tool (SaaS) free for 1 private project and no restrictions for publics repos
    • Builds/month, 5 private projects. Unlimited for Open Source
    • Https://–free for one concurrent build
    • Https://–free for public Github repositories.
    • for public and private repositories
    • platform that includes browser testing, free for Open Source
    • Builds/month. Unlimited for Open Source.
    • Comparison of continuous Integration Services
Security and PKI
    • SSL certs for open source projects
    • SSL certs
Management Systems
    •, deploy, monitor. Free for 3 users
Log Management
    • search, 7 day archive, 100mb/month
    • with 7 day retention
    • for a single user, see Theliteoption
  • for up to 5 nodes
  • for up to ten nodes/services
  • for 2 servers with 7 days data retention
  • with hour data retention
  • basic server monitor up to ten servers
  • Site Free
  • management with mobile push. Alerts for 2 users a month
  • and log API usage. Single User-Request/month free
  • for metrics
  • monitoring, monitors free
  • monitoring, unlimited tests free with limitations
  • 1 second resolution for up to ten servers
  • website and Web application monitoring. Single user, test runs per month
  • monitoring of the JVM ' s and uptime
  • Tracks app exceptions in realtime. Have a small free plan
Crash/exception Handling
    • and error monitoring, free for prototypes and personal projects
    • for up to $ errors a month after the initial trial
    • for 1 project, 1 user, 2 errors per minute, 2 day retention
    • Https://–hosted Search solution (API and crawler). Free-a single search engine with up to Free upgrade to Premuim level for open-source projects.
    • ten emails is free
    • 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers for free
    • per day for free
    • 12,000 emails is free
    • version allow mails per months for free
    • mails per months for free
    • mails per months for free
CDN and Protection
    • service is free, good for a blog etc
    • for Bootstrap, Bootswatch and font awesome
    • Free Tier-free for months
    • App Engine gives instance hours free, 1Gb NoSQL Database and more.
    • Https:// Yard provides free hours
    • Azure gives $ worth of free usage for a trial
    • Net PaaS that provides 1 free worker
    • Your apps in the cloud, free for single process apps
    • PaaS with a monthly free allowance
    • OpenShift offers 3 free hosted apps
    • free small app
    • Https:// Tier, up to 3 apps, 1 container each, combined with the data store addons free tier
    • resources for Open Source projects
    • 500MB MongoDB
    • database from IBM, free if usage is below $50/month
    • Cloud gives $50/month for months
    • Compute Engine gives
    • container engine for run Docker containers (Alpha). Pricing:same of Google Compute Engine.
    • as a service (500MB free)
    • Application free
    • Https:// as a Service (MB free)
Stun servers (for WebRTC)
SSO and other authentication Systems
    • free for development SSO
    • take in Auth unlimited free tier for anyone not using premium features
    • to use phone number as ID, available for free
Issue Tracking/project Management
    • Https:// Jira etc for Open Source projects
    • based project management. Free (Premium version with more options).
    • based project management. Free
    • based project management solution from your existing GitHub issues. Free for Open-source.
    • project management for your GitHub issues. Free for Open-source.
    • management platform for startups and agile developers. Free for Open-source.
    • Https:// hosted Youtrack (Incloud) for FOSS projects ( Private projects free for ten users:
    • Dropbox, free for users
Media services/image Processing
    • Http:// upload, powerful manipulations, storage, and delivery for sites and apps, with libraries for Ruby, Python, Java, PHP, objective-c and more. Perpetual free tier includes 7500 Images/month, 2GB storage, 5GB bandwidth.
Other Services
    • Https:// Hosted Web Sockets Broker. Simultaneous connections and 100k messages a day.
Analytics, Events and Statistics
    • Https:// Hub to translate and route events to other third party services. 100k events a month free.
    • Event/ service with analysis and graphs. Limited plan for free.
Other Packs
    • Https:// long as you ' re a student in an recognized university
Docker relatedalternate Container Hosting
    • free public containers

Free resource collections for individual developers

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