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--poor two white three promotion, no money to push the site
01, the first sentence of thousands of words: first the content of the site to do a good job!
However, here must emphasize one point: do not blindly superstition "original", avoid desperate original content, we have to do is to integrate the content, like a good cook with good skills to do dishes, rather than to feed the pigs themselves. What we need to do is integrate the content and form a clear theme that is attractive enough. As a matter of fact, that's enough!

02, the site title bar (title) content optimization:
--First write a brief introduction, no more than 30 words, and then adapt it, as reasonable as possible to import the site with the industry-related keywords, in other words, to write "search engine version" of the site introduction.

03, the title of the site content page to add:
--Site content page, especially the more important channel, column home page, should add like the homepage of the same title, add the principle and the homepage title similar to the site, such as a channel will develop into a separate domain name, then this step is more important.

04, add and optimize the home page tags (META):
--in the Code of the homepage of the website, embed descriptive text, generalize the characteristic and advantage of the website, also want to use the language characteristic of the search engine, this to optimize the search engine scan result to have very good function. Similarly, the website is more important channel, the column homepage also should take the same operation step. Other related to the search engine scan results optimization, such as adding bold text title (do not use pictures to replace), column settings for search engine scanning, add content paging, etc., can also be appropriate to do some, but to note that must not try through the so-called "Search engine optimization (SEO)" to "deceive" the search engine, That will be punished with severe punishment! "Mobile Home" is a typical negative example.

05, landing the major search engines:
--Landing search engine, can be said to be the site of the external release of the logo, at present in the domestic operation of the major search engines, including Google, Baidu, North Skynet, a search, search, Sogou, 3721, MSN, etc., to a do not fall, if the search engine does not accept, then three times a day, every day to submit, until it is accepted. And as a result of search engines included in the new site has a certain working cycle, generally 1 weeks to February, so the work should be done early. Here's a special emphasis on not using those so-called automatic add tools.

06, landing Site Directory system:
-This step is as important as the search engine landing, especially in the high-speed development of the Internet in China, a large number of new Internet users, network application level is low, many people can not distinguish between search engine and Site Directory system, many people prefer to use the Site Directory system, After all, the directory system can be more straightforward to help the network process low Internet users to find the target site.
--The Site Directory system in the country there are two main categories: one for the Web site class sites, the second for each major portal site search channel under the Web Site Directory column, both to strive for landing, indispensable.

07, the establishment of the site's Industry professional website Directory system:
If conditions permit, this step is very important, for the uplift of the site in its position in the industry is very large, but also, we and peer site Exchange links, user resources to share the main platform, is generally the first to add some of the industry's leading sites, well-known sites, and then attract other sites to participate, Take the interchange link as the inclusion condition.

08, add Friendship Links:
--the link here refers to the site outside the industry, the site content does not directly related to the site, such a link exchange can filter the user, it is worth considering, but to note that the remaining important partners should not be mixed on the site, should be differentiated treatment, if necessary, can use the Drop-down menu, pagination and other forms.

09, open the industry news channel:
Many industry sites are dismissive of this, which is not a good idea. The opening of industry news channels and the low cost of human resources to achieve daily updates, not only to improve, improve the site's search engine results, and to attract industry users, enhance the stickiness of the site has a great help. The key is to strictly control the content and its updated costs, as far as possible using the portal news channels to reprint.

10, soft article promotion:
--Before and after the site opened, should do their best to write a few about the main features of the industry, development prospects of paper-grade articles, with their own signature, Web site, contact methods and so on, and try to make it widely disseminated, in the past few years, there have been a lot of titles "XX Ten misunderstandings" such as soft wen, this is a very good form.

11, open the website forum:
An industry site without a forum is almost unthinkable, and its low efficiency will soon make policymakers miserable. We want to open a forum, divide the good column, increase the stickiness of the website, build the communication platform between the users. can go to the same industry forum to find those with a certain appeal of senior members, you can let them to act as a moderator.

12, Mass Mail:
--Use the mail promotion, this is the website promotion indispensable one of the main means, but the concrete operation has many fastidious, must not blindly hair, once by the mail server Blockade website, then very passive. At the same time also want to be clear, this means has a great negative effect, can only be enough, must not all promote rely on mail, that and suicide not much difference. It is important to send mail groups.

13, the expansion of the industry:
-to other people's forum to send a post, but to the point, not all four enemies, the best is the identity of the user in the signature of the use of this site information, in addition to their own post, see who posted up top, hehe.

14, the use of network-picking system to promote:
--The net picks the system to form in September 2004, after 2005 Spring Festival popular, the net picks the system is actually an open Dynamic Webpage collection folder, at present the more popular has Sina Vivi, every day net picks,. Our main use of this is in two ways: one is to submit their content page as much as possible to the open network picking system, when necessary, the use of network picking system of automatic submission software; the other is to set up their own industry network picking system, take out a part of the resources to establish a net-picking system.

15, the use of personal instant Messaging tools:
--Find QQ, want, bubble, MSN and other mass tools, crazy hair message, don't be afraid of being scolded.

16, the use of the Forum Irrigation Machine Promotion:
--to dare not in this industry website forum, wantonly irrigation, general can use a variety of free or charge of the irrigation machine software, wantonly posting, the more the more. But pay attention to the industry within the site and its forum, the operation should be prudent.

17, Mass supply and demand message:
--Supply and demand news column once popular, many local information port, industry portals, such as the opening of the channel or column, and even was once regarded as the landmark content of such websites, although it has shrunk, but still can form a lot of publicity points. The use of these resources for advocacy, generally in two ways: one is through search engines to find more such sites, the other way is to find free or cracked mass software, find several different versions.

18, QQ Favorites Plugin:
This is a relatively rare practice, QQ opened a personal web site favorites, there are individual sites have started to use this, on the homepage to do a plug-in, when users open the first page, automatically pop-up dialog box, please select, Add.

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