FTP list of major Chinese Universities

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FTP list of major Chinese Universities

Note: users with the "+" number are recommended sites, which are divided into three levels: +, ++, ++;
B is the site for recommended books;
The person who calls "C" is a recommendation cartoon (comic) site;
Those playing the F number are recommended movie (film) sites;
Players playing the G number are recommended game sites;
Those playing the M number are recommended music sites;
P numbers are recommended image (photo) sites;
Snumber users are recommended software (soft) sites;
The website with an HTTP site is marked with the "&" number;
The number * is the recommended HTTP site, regardless of the level;
? If there is a problem, the website cannot be certain.
Finishing: yaclear (yaclear@263.net)

---------------------- Tsinghua University -----------------------------
Tsinghua University: ftp.tsinghua.edu.cn ++ S &*
Science Museum: &
Item system: &
Workforchina: + &
Precision system: &
Heating and Cooling space: + M &*
Motor Series 1: &
Codeguru: + bc &
Electronics: ftp.ee.tsinghua.edu.cn &
Wireless Transmission laboratory: + + S &
Computer System 1:
Computer System 2: &
Shadow Workshop: ftp.lanbay.net + F &*
Foreign language:
Tsinghua DVD station: ftp.wuch.dhs.org + F
Well: ++ ms &*
9 #1: + + S &
9 #2: +
9 #3: + c
30 #: + F first registered in the BBS on the 30 # floor
Automobile: &
Chemical industry: &
Automation: ++ S &
26 #: + + BS &*
Linux's Club: + G &*
Peach ftp: +
Faculty: + F
27 #:
Motor Series 2: +
28 #1:
Zixia: ftp.zixia.net ++ bcgms &*
28 #2:
Mechanical System: dmeserver.dhs.org ++ CGM
Department of mechanics: demnet.dhs.org + m
28 #3: + CM &
Thermal Energy Series 1:
Thermal Energy System 2: + m
14 #: + F
14 # cinema: + + F &*
Halfy's FTP:
Xintianning station: &*
Zookeeper homepage: ++ FMP & * User: Tuser; key: Tuser (Tsinghua user)
Sparrows: ftp.sparrows.dhs.org? F

------------------------ Peking University --------------------------
Peking University: ftp.pku.edu.cn ++ S &*
Peking University Library: ftp.lib.pku.edu.cn ++ S &*
Peking University Computer: ftp.cs.pku.edu.cn ++ M &*
Peking University Electronics Department: ele.pku.edu.cn &
Pioneer online: & User :?; Key :?
Game happy land: G
Wangj ftp1: ktv.cnnis.net ++ F
Wangj ftp2: wangj.cnnis.net ++ F
MPG: mpg.dhs.org +
Japanese drama world 1: ftp.jptv.dhs.org + F &*
Japanese drama world 2: jptv.dhs.org: 5000 + F &*
Japanese drama world 3: ~td.dhs.org: 4000 ++ F &*
Japanese drama 4: Japan TV .dhs.org &*

------------------ Beijing Post and Telecommunications ----------------------
Beijing Post and Telecommunications: ftp.bupt.edu.cn &*
Apache: tracy.bupt.edu.cn ++ P &
DVD & Japanese TV series: ++ CFM &*
Program-controlled Communication Lab: &

-------------------------- Xi'an Jiaotong University --------------------------
Xi'an Jiaotong University: ftp.xjtu.edu.cn ++ FGS &*
Xixiftp: + + bgmp &*
Institute of Electronic physics: + &
Power Electronics center: ftp.pevirc.xjtu.edu.cn &
School Office: &
OwL: owl.teacher.xjtu.edu.cn & * User :?; Key :?

-------------------------- South China Institute of Technology --------------------------
China South Polytechnic: ftp.scut.edu.cn &
South China Institute of Technology. 38.241.8 +
China South Polytechnic 2: 202. 38.241.58
54888. Net: ++ &*
Kapo video: + F &

--------------------- Beijing Normal University -----------------------
Physics Department: + FM &*
Beijing Normal University. 112.85.2508888p

------------------- Shanghai Jiaotong University -----------------------------
Shanghai Jiao Tong University: ftp.sjtu.edu.cn &
Shanghai Jiao Tong University 1: nmcad.sjtu.edu.cn

----------------------- Big job -------------------------

Ha project: ftp.hrbeu.edu.cn
Underwater Acoustic system:
Ship Simulation Center:
Ship Project 102 space:

----------------------- Harbin Institute of Industry Affairs -----------------------
Harbin Institute of Technology: ftp.hit.edu.cn + B &
Harbin Institute of Technology 1: ftp.turbo.hit.edu.cn

--------------------------- ----------------------

COMPUTER: ftp.cs.uestc.edu.cn ++ BG
Academic Affairs Office: &
Music Paradise: + + M &*

------------------ Chinese Characters in Hong Kong ---------------------------
Hong Kong Chinese: ftp.cuhk.edu. hk88888888 &
COMPUTER: ftp.cs.cuhk.edu.hk &
Mechanical System: ftp.erg.cuhk.edu.hk &

------------ Huazhong Institute of Technology --------------------------
COMPUTER: student.cs.hust.edu.cn +
FTP for the Blue Book: 88888888888 + + B

----------------------- Jinan University --------------------------
Software Institute: ftp.sti.jnu.edu.cn &
Apache: &

------------------------- Nankai University ----------------------------
Nankai University: ftp.nankai.edu.cn + M &
Physics Department: &*

----------------- Other universities -----------------------
China North Jiaotong University: ftp.njtu.edu.cn &
University of Geosciences: ftp.cug.edu.cn &
HKUST of China: ftp.ustc.edu.cn + &
Zhejiang University: ftp.zju.edu.cn + &
Nanjing University: ftp.nju.edu.cn ++ FG &
Marine geological center of Tongji University: + M &
Shenzhen University: ftp.szu.edu.cn + B &
Xi'an Post and Telecommunications: ftp.xiyou.edu.cn + BM &
Sun Yat-sen University: ftp.zsu.edu.cn &
Huazhong University of Science and Technology: linux.hust.edu. cn88888 &
Shandong University: ftp.sdu.edu.cn &
Dalian Institute of Technology: ftp.dlut.edu.cn 888 + B & 8888
Wuhan ing: ftp.wtusm.edu. cn88 &
Wuhan Hydropower: ftp.wuhee.edu. cn88 &
Guangdong Foreign Language: ftp.gdufs.edu.cn + M &
Anhui University: ftp.ahu.edu.cn &
Hebei University: ftp.hbu.edu.cn &
Nanchang University: ftp.ncu.edu.cn? &
Nanjing rural university: happy.njau.edu.cn &
Fujian Rural University: ftp.fjau.edu.cn? &
Jilin University: &
Nanjing Post and Telecommunications: ftp.njupt.edu.cn? &

----------------------- Chinese Emy of Sciences -----------------------
Space Center: ftp.sepc.ac.cn ++ FM &
Smart Center: ftp.ncic.ac.cn ++ BGP &
Institute of gas and materials: ftp.iap.ac.cn + &
Institute of Computing Science: ftp.cc.ac.cn &
Acoustic Institute: &
Network Star: + M &*
Microelectronics center: &
Xinjiang Branch: ftp.xjb.ac.cn &

------------------------ Education Network ----------------------------
CERNET China North Network Center: ftp.edu.cn + S &*
CERNET South China Network Center: ftp.gznet.edu.cn &
CERNET northwest network center: ftp.xanet.edu.cn &
CERNET Central China Network Center: ftp.whnet.edu.cn + &
CERNET China East network center: ftp.shnet.edu.cn &
Chemistry center: &
Windtear ftp: windtear.dhs.org
Doublefish ftp: doublefish.dhs.org?
DNA studio: DNA studio. DHS. or

FTP server of Sun Yat-sen University Network Center
FTP: //
Peking University TV FTP search engine (strongly recommended)
Site tags: Sun Yat-sen University
Host Name: ftp.zsu.edu.cn
Username: Anonymous
Code: yourname@yourmail.com
Port: 21

Site tags: Wuhan Water Conservancy and Electric Power University
Host Name: ftp.wuhee.edu.cn
Username: Anonymous
Code: yourname@yourmail.com
Port: 21

Site tags: Xi'an Jiaotong University 1
Host Name: ftp.pevirc.xjtu.edu.cn
Username: Anonymous
Code: yourname@yourmail.com
Port: 21

Site tags: University of Geosciences
Host Name: ftp.cug.edu.cn
Username: Anonymous
Code: yourname@yourmail.com
Port: 21

Site tags: Central South University of Technology
Host Name: ftp.csut.edu.cn
Username: Anonymous
Code: yourname@yourmail.com
Port: 21

Site tags: Department of Physics, Beijing Normal University
Host Name:
Username: Anonymous
Code: yourname@yourmail.com
Port: 21

Site tags: Wenzheng College (film)
Host Name:
Username: Anonymous
Code: yourname@yourmail.com
Port: 21

Site Tag: Student's home (movie)
Host Name:
Username: Anonymous
Code: yourname@yourmail.com
Port: 21

Site Tag: 131 joyspace (movie)
Host Name:
Port: 21
Default remote folder:/pub/movie/

Site Tag: ftp: //
Host Name:
Port: 21
Default remote folder :/

Site Tag: Nanjing Post and Telecommunications movie folder
Host Name: ftp.nju.edu.cn
Username: Anonymous
Code: yourname@yourmail.com
Port: 21
Default remote folder:/upload4/personal/aerolite/Viedo/

Site tags:
Host Name: x18.scut.edu.cn
Username: Anonymous
Code: yourname@yourmail.com
Port: 21
Default remote folder:/movie/

Site tags: Tsinghua University Coal Combustion Laboratory (film)
Host Name:
Username: Anonymous
Code: yourname@yourmail.com
Port: 21
Default remote folder:/movie/

Site tags: Anhui University film station
Host Name:
Username: Anonymous
Code: yourname@yourmail.com
Port: 21
Default remote folder:/Films Guanghua cinema has many movies, music, and tools. Beijing Normal University has music, games, and software. It seems that there are no movies., games, movies, software, books, and MTV, music, software, and many games gxtc movies, music, games Tsinghua University music ...... animation, music, and books of Tsinghua University Tsinghua University film and music animation, music, games, software of Tsinghua University hut movies, music, books Peking University MP3, MTV, Flash, a small number of movies Peking University MP3, MTV, a large number of software, game, a small number of movies Peking University has many movies worth watching. Peking University MP3, MTV, Flash, a small number of movies liuyunfang has a large number of movies and is relatively new. There are also many films in Peking University, which are clearly classified. Tsinghua University has many movies Tsinghua University has many movies with great music. there are no movies in Tsinghua University, but there are a lot of software. Tsinghua University has a DivX version of westward journey. Tsinghua University has very few movies Beijing Normal University has many things, but no movies Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications has over 10 movies, books, software, and library.
Tracy.bupt.edu.cn Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications has many things, but it seems that there are no movies such as music, books, wallpapers, a few movies, etc. South China University of Technology has more than 10 movies, music, and many other things, including ftp.lib.pku.edu.cn.
Ftp.nju.edu.cn has no movies, but there are many other things.
Ftp.xjtu.edu.cn has many movies and many other things.
Vod.sjtu.edu.cn Shanghai Jiao Tong University has many movies, but they are named after pinyin.

Xijiao FTP Co., ftp://ftp.xjtu.edu.cn/incoming/.
Sparrow FTP television station ftp://ftp.sparrows.dhs.org/
Ktv.cnnis.net ftp://ktv.cnnis.net/vcd's ftpsite ftp: //
Lanbay FTP site ftp://ftp.lanbay.net/pub/movie/files/
Binghu ftpz station ftp://binghu.hust.edu.cn/pub/


Programfan.8800.org ):
Username: Movie
Password: Movie
Other downloads or uploads (no restrictions on the number of people currently)
Username: Program
Password: Program

Download username and password Leo
Upload username lionup
Upload password up

FTP address: kingpolo.net
FTP User name: kingpolodown
FTP password: Here, change the password every day ~~~~~
HOST: yaozheng.3322.org
User: Movie
Password: Movie

FTP: //
User name: Movie

: Yh3309.ip88.net
Download ID: 3309.
Password: 3309

Ftp://ftp.sheenk.com: 1021
ID: Movie PW: moviexya


Server address:
Port: 21
Upload account: Up
Upload password: Up
Download the account and password to the following URL
Port: 5678
User: appleboy
Psw: bbs.1to2.net
Password updates in Forum http://bbs.1to2.net


Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
FTP ftp: //
ftp: //
ftp: //
ftp: //
ftp: //
ftp: //
ftp: //
ftp: //
ftp: //
ftp: // 21
ftp: //
music paradise ftp: //
to the day-see the day ftp: //
download the essence ftp: //
NO ftp: //
Shanghai Jiaotong University ftp://vod.sjtu.edu.cn
my cabin ftp: //
Owen ftp: // 21
NO ftp: //
420 Resource Station ftp: //
Xiaoying station ftp: //
moky shared space ftp: //
music premium ftp: //
DF ftp: // 21
Wahaha ftp: //
recommended ftp: // ftp: // 21
C2H4 masterpiece ftp: //
Nanjing University ftp://ftp.nju.edu.cn ftp: //

meat ftp: // http: // You can download the video URL from the Education Network (updated at any time):
FTP list of major Chinese universities
note: most of them can be connected, but sometimes it is difficult to connect. It is best to use ftp tools. At the same time, download is sometimes not very fast! Thank you for your support!
ftp: // ebook: ebook@ebook.100steps.net/
ftp: // soft: soft@software.100steps.net/

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