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You're free to collect some git commands from the Web, sort it out.

1. Common git commands
Command Brief Description Special Notes
git add Add to Staging Area
Git add–interactive Interactive add
git apply Apply Patches
git am Apply Message Format Patches
Git annotate Comment File line submission information Equivalent to Git blame
Git archive File Archive Packaging
Git bisect Two-point Search
Git blame FILE-by-line traceability
Git branch Branch Management
Git cat-file Repository Object Research Tools
Git checkout Check out to a workspace, switch, or create a branch
Git Cherry-pick Submit picking
Git citool Graphical commit, equivalent to git GUI commands
Git clean Clear the workspace does not track files
git clone Cloning a version library
Git commit Submit
git config Querying and modifying configurations
git describe Visually display submission IDs through milestones
Git diff Difference comparison
Git difftool Call the graphical diff comparison tool
git fetch Get the remote repository submission
Git format-patch Create a patch file in message format. See git AM command
git grep File Content Search Locator Tool
Git GUI Graphical tools based on TCL/TK, focusing on submissions and more
Git help Help
Git init Version Library initialization
Git init-db* Synonyms, equivalent to git init
git log Show Submission Log
git merge Branch Merge
Git mergetool Graphical conflict resolution
Git MV Renaming
Git pull Pull back the commit of the remote repository
git push Push to remote repository
Git rebase Branching variable Base
Git reflog Branch and other reference change records management
Git remote Remote repository Management
Git repo-config* Equivalent to git config
git reset Reset Change Branch "cursor" to point to
Git rev-parse Convert various reference representations to hashes, etc.
git revert Reverse Commit
git rm deleting files
Git show Display various types of objects
It stage* Equivalent to git add
Git stash Save and restore Progress
git status Show workspace file Status
git tag Milestone Management
2. Object library operation related commands
Command Brief Description Special Notes
Git commit-tree Create a submission from a tree object
Git hash-object Computes a hash value or creates an object from a standard input or file
Git ls-files Show workspaces and staging area files
Git ls-tree Displays the files that the tree object contains
Git Mktag Read standard input to create a milestone object
Git mktree Read standard input to create a tree object
Git read-tree Read tree object to staging area
Git update-index Work area content registration to staging area and staging area management
Git unpack-file Create temporary file containing the contents of the specified blob
Git write-tree Create a tree object from staging area
3. Reference operation related commands
Command Brief Description Special Notes
Git Check-ref-format Check if reference names conform to specifications
Git for-each-ref Reference iterators for Shell programming
Git ls-remote To display a reference to a remote repository
Git Name-rev Display the commit ID as a friendly name
Git peek-remote* Obsolete please use Git ls-remote
Git rev-list Show version Range
Git show-branch displaying branch lists and topological relationships
Git show-ref Show local references
Git symbolic-ref Display or set symbol references
Git update-ref Update references to point to
Git Verify-tag Check the tag of GPG signature
4. Repository Management Related commands
Command Brief Description Special Notes
Git count-objects Shows the number of loose objects and disk usage
Git filter-branch Version Library refactoring
Git fsck Object Library Integrity Check
Git fsck-objects* Equivalent to Git fsck
Git GC Repository Storage Optimization
Git index-pack Create a corresponding index file from a packaged file
Git lost-found* Obsolete, please use Git fsck–lost-found
Git pack-objects Read the object ID from the standard input, package it into a file
Git pack-redundant To find extra pack files
Git pack-refs To package a reference in a. git/packed-refs file
Git prune Delete an expired object from the object library
It prune-packed Remove loose objects that have already been packaged
Git relink To establish a hard connection for the same objects in the local repository
Git repack Packaging loose objects that are not packaged in a repository
Git show-index Reads the index file of the package, displaying the contents of the packaged file
Git unpack-objects Release files from packaged files
Git verify-pack Verifying Object Library Packaging files
Data transfer Related commands
Command Brief Description Special Notes
Git fetch-pack Execute this command locally when executing a git fetch or git pull command to get the missing object from another repository
Git receive-pack Commands that are executed remotely when executing a git push command to accept push data
Git send-pack Commands executed locally when executing a git push command to push data to another repository
Git upload-archive execute git archive–remote command when you create an archive based on a remote repository, the remote repository executes this command to deliver the archive
Git upload-pack Execute this command remotely when executing a git fetch or git pull command, packaging and uploading objects
6. Mail-related commands
Command Brief Description Special Notes
Git imap-send Send a patch over IMAP
Git mailinfo Submit instructions and patches from mail export
Git mailsplit Extract messages from an MBOX or Maildir format mailbox to a file individually
Git request-pull Create information that contains the differences between commits and the address of the pull operation
Git send-email Send mail
7. Protocol-related commands
Command Brief Description Special Notes
Git daemon Implementing the GIT Protocol
Git http-backend CGI program to implement HTTP protocol, Support Intelligent HTTP protocol
Git instaweb Instant launch Browser browsing the current repository via Gitweb
git shell Restricted shell that provides SSH access to execute only git commands
Git update-server-info Auxiliary files required for new dumb protocol
Git http-fetch Get repository via HTTP protocol
Git Http-push Push via HTTP/DAV protocol
Git remote-ext Called by the GIT command to provide extended protocol support through external commands
Git remote-fd Called by the git command, using the file descriptor as the Protocol interface
Git remote-ftp Called by the GIT command to provide support for the FTP protocol
Git Remote-ftps Called by the GIT command to provide support for the FTPS protocol
Git remote-http Called by the GIT command to provide support for the HTTP protocol
Git Remote-https Called by the GIT command to provide support for the HTTPS protocol
Git remote-testgit Protocol Extension Sample Script
8. Repository conversion and interaction-related commands
command brief description Special Comments
git archimport import arch repository to git
git bundle submit packaging and unpacking to pass between different repositories
git cv***portcommit
git cvsimport import CV S version library to git. or use Cvs2git
git cvsserver git CVS protocol emulator for CVS commands to access git Repository
git fast-export submit export to Git-fast-import format
git fast-import other repositories migrate to git common tools
git svn git as the front-end operation Subversion

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9. Merging related auxiliary commands
Command Brief Description Special Notes
Git merge-base For other scripts to invoke, find two or more commits to the nearest common ancestor
Git merge-file Three-to-one file merge for two different versions of a file
Git merge-index Invoke the specified conflict resolution tool on the conflicting file in index
Git Merge-octopus Merge more than two branches. See Octopus Merge strategy for git merge
Git merge-one-file Standard helper programs called by Git Merge-index
Git merge-ours Merge with local version and discard others version. See ours merge strategy for git merge
Git merge-recursive A three-to-one merge for two branches. See recursive merge strategy for git merge
Git merge-resolve A three-to-one merge for two branches. See resolve merge strategy for git merge
Git merge-subtree Sub-tree merging. See subtree Merge strategy for git merge
Git merge-tree Explicit three-way merge results without changing the staging area
Git fmt-merge-msg A script call to perform a merge operation to create a merge commit description
Git rerere Reusing a documented conflict resolution
10. Miscellaneous
Command Brief Description Special Notes
Git bisect–helper Called by the git bisect command to confirm the binary search progress
Git check-attr Shows whether a file has a property set
Git checkout-index Copy files from staging area to workspace
Git cherry Find commits that are not merged into the upstream
Git diff-files Compare staging areas and workspaces, which is equivalent to Git diff–raw
Git diff-index Compare staging area and repository, equivalent to Git diff–cached–raw
Git diff-tree Compare two tree objects, equivalent to Git diff–raw a B
Git difftool–helper Called by the git difftool command, the default diff tool to use
Git Get-tar-commit-id Extract the Commit ID from the TAR package created by Git archive
Git gui–askpass Command git GUI to get user password input interface
Git notes Submit Comment Management
Git Patch-id Patch Filter line number and white space character to generate patch unique ID
Git quiltimport Apply the quilt patch list to the current branch
git replace Submit Replacement
Git shortlog Summary output of git log, suitable for product release notes
Git stripspace Delete empty rows for other scripts to invoke
Git submodule Sub-module Management
Git tar-tree Obsolete, please use git archive
git var Show Git Environment variables
Git web–browse Launch a browser to view a directory or file
Git whatchanged Show the commit history and each commit change
Git-mergetool–lib Included in other scripts to provide selection and execution of the merge/diff comparison tool
Git-parse-remote Included in other scripts, providing functions to manipulate the remote repository
Git-sh-setup Included in other scripts, provides Shell programming library of functions

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Git common command set quick check table

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