GlobalSign multi-domain (SNAs) SSL certificate

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GlobalSign multi-domain (SNAs) SSL certificate

650) this.width=650; "alt=" GlobalSign SSL Certificate "src=" Http:// "/> GlobalSign multi-domain (SNAs) SSL certificate, different from the wildcard SSL certificate can protect all sub-domain sites under a domain name at the same time, SANs certificate further covers the protection network to several domains and their subdomains, servers, to help you greatly save time, management costs, Strengthen the efficiency of website information Security management. Available in 40-bit/56-bit/128-bit, up to 256-bit adaptive encryption.

GlobalSign multi-domain (SNAs) SSL certificate Features

GlobalSign multi-domain (SNAs) SSL certificate is divided into domain name level multi-domain name type, Enterprise Multi-domain name type and enhanced multi-domain name type three kinds, strictly review the website Enterprise identity and domain name ownership, as well as extended verification;

Trusted by all major browsers and mobile devices, while protecting your www. and non-www. Site

Free GlobalSign website security seal; One purchase for many years, you can enjoy a discount;

7 days Unconditional refund, unlimited number of free re-issuance within the validity period, globalsign risk guarantee up to $100000;

A SANs certificate, you can add any domain name, sub-domain name, IP address and its combination, the limit of up to 100 .

WebTrust Certified CA Certificate issued by the company GlobalSign all-round digital certificate technical support.

Website Security Seal

Purchase GlobalSign certificate, not only has the SSL digital certificate, but also has a website security seal. The obvious website security seal will always remind online users that all credit card information and other confidential data submitted online are being protected by high-intensity encrypted transmissions and are very secure (choose one of the following styles of security seal).
650) this.width=650; "width=" 703 "height=" "alt=" GlobalSign Security Seal "src=" /globalsign-secured-seal-format.jpg "/>

Protect your www at the same time. and non-www. website

SSL certificates are typically issued to fully qualified domain names (FQDNs) and can only be used for fully qualified domain names (FQDNs), such as and, which will require two separate certificates for purchase GlobalSign certificates, add to the same certificate, so that the certificate can serve both and, and does not require any additional charges and additional server settings.

GlobalSign multi-domain (SNAs) SSL certificate

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