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Just go to the Gmail Web version of the computer to see "One", if you need an Apple/Android phone and tablet can also send and receive Gmail mail, you need to read through the entire tutorial.

I. Change of hosts preparation:

Download the huhamhire-hosts,32 bit version from the software above is generic and does not affect use.

Apple Mac OS x:

Linux version:


1. Click on the server to select any one other than Google code. The connection appears green "normal" for next steps.

2. Click on the Download button on the right.

3. The bottom progress bar shows "Download Complete" and then click on the Green gear "change hosts" button.

4. Then click "YES", if 360, Jinshan and other anti-virus software pop-up warning window must choose "Allow"!

Failure resolution:

1. If prompted to "get the data from the server is an error, please try the previous operation after replacing the server" prompt window, change the server, another time to try again.

2. Access to permissions issues please refer to: huhamhire-hosts permission issues prompts to be an administrator or root identity into the solution.

Second, Yahoo/outlook mailbox Add gmail Account

Yahoo (US) mailbox and Microsoft Outlook mailbox have Chinese version of the page, and the server is overseas, you can send and receive the normal Gmail mail. Download it to the Yahoo Mail demo how to send and receive Gmail, computers, Apple/Android phones and tablets can be normal transceiver.

1. Register Yahoo email account

Open the Yahoo (US) email page (, sign in or sign up for a Yahoo email account. Details of the steps can be referred to Yahoo American Chinese version of the Mail Register tutorial.

2. Add Gmail Account

(1) login to Yahoo Mail, click on the top right gear icon, select "Settings."

(2) Click on the "account" on the left, and click the "Add" button after "send and receive mail from other email services".

(3) Fill in the letter with the name, email address, description, return address, check "set up the Receiving function", fill in the Gmail account name and password, other keep the default, drag down the scroll bar click "Save" button.

(4) prompted to login just added gmail email check confirmation email, while the account will also show "unconfirmed", at this time is not normal to send and receive Gmail mail.

(5) Login Gmail mailbox, play the development of a person "Yahoo" theme for "Please verify your alternate e-mail address" of the mail, click on the "this link" links to complete the certification.

(6) The mouse points to Yahoo mailbox Inbox, click the "Check New mail" button, if normal receive, ignore the 3rd part. If you are prompted that the password may be incorrect, please see step 3rd.

3.Gmail "Suspect logon has been blocked" issue

Yahoo Mail IP is located in the United States, you have always only logged in China, so will trigger Gmail security prompts.


1. Click to enter Https://

2. Allow access to your Gmail account and click "Continue". You may also need to enter a verification code, account, password, and so on.

4. Send and receive Test

Download the small series using QQ mailbox to send a test email to Gmail, Yahoo mailbox Normal reception.

Through the Yahoo email to send gmail mail to QQ mailbox also sent normal.

  Android/Apple phone and tablet add gmail email

1. Apple Mobile/tablet

In the Apple iOS system open "Settings", click on the left side of the "Mail, Contacts, Calendar", click on the account "Add Account", click the Yahoo Mail icon, add Yahoo email account can be.

2. Android Phone/tablet

Android system using the system with its own mailbox function or use NetEase produced NetEase mailbox Master (, add Yahoo email account can send and receive Gmail mail.

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