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In the spotlight, Google finally last week officially launched the Chrome browser, although it is only a beta, but enough to let the world have too much conjecture. The latest week, about Google Browser news is overwhelming, netizens have to try after a bomb has praise. However, when Google launched the Chrome browser on the disclosure of the source code of Chrome, netizens unanimously applauded. Google's new Web browser was introduced in part to stop its rival Microsoft from "splitting" the internet, says Eric Schmi, chief executive. It seems that Google's goal is clear, is to be with Microsoft's IE to seize market share. Google Chrome has a lot of success in the case of Microsoft IE dominates the browser market, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Opera have long been unable to attack. Whose market will it steal?

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Fast function

After downloading Google Chrome, the reporter first entered the "Olympic tickets. CN" and immediately entered the official website of Olympic tickets. This means Google Chrome browser, barrier-free support Chinese CN domain name. It seems that Google's founder, page, said that "Google to release the Chrome, is for ordinary netizens to clean up the various obstacles encountered in the Internet" This sentence has not broken its promise.

And Chrome has made this dream a reality when all browsers have been unable to use desktop apps before. "This will force Firefox and IE to speed up development to address the challenges of Chrome," Mark Anderson Marcandreessen, founder of Netscape, AOL's former chief technology officer and Ning co-founder of social networking sites, said.

Chrome's Address bar and search box are merged, and when you search for keywords in this column, you can also find links to your personal favorites.

The speed of opening a general Web page in Chrome is significantly faster than the most widely used version of the competition, such as Mozilla's Firefox 2 (Firefox2) and Microsoft's IE7, which, according to Third-party testing, run at twice times the speed of Firefox, 40 times Times IE7, Even open 80 tab is still stable.

In addition, the Chrome page load can be done in an instant, and the back and forward of the previously viewed pages is smooth. It may be Google's intention to show complex, data-intensive web pages, such as Facebook, Gmail and Google Maps, with better capabilities than rivals.

  Functional security is flawed.

First of all, Chrome is a multi process rather than a multithreaded browser, so there is still a distance between functionality and plug-ins, and there is no substitute for existing Firefox3 or IE7. The official provides an online installation of the program, the entire installation process is not the user can choose their own settings, and do not support the net silver.

Some technicians believe that with Firefox and Chrome open two Sina pages, Chrome consumes up to 80M of memory, and Firefox's memory is only 50M, perhaps this is the cost of the crash-proof mechanism. Surprisingly, Chrome doesn't support Google toolbars. Without an extended browser, there is no need to install plug-ins and extensions in Chrome, and the functionality and availability are greatly reduced. Admittedly, one of the main reasons users go from IE to Firefox is because Firefox has a lot of extensions.

Firefox and IE toolbars are customizable, and users can choose what to put on the toolbar, and Googlechrome not be able to customize it. Googlechrome currently lacks many basic browser functions, such as print page settings, print Preview, Full-screen display, offline work, status bar, menu, etc., to become a popular browser, many seemingly "simple" features can not be so casually omitted.

Reporter also found in the use of chrome into the MSN home page, browsing some Web pages will suddenly garbled, you must manually use Chinese code to display the normal, do not know is the problem of chrome or Microsoft set traps. In addition, the Chrome program and all label crashes appear frequently.

According to security agency Securiteam, a similar crash can occur if a user accesses a malicious connection that contains an undefined handler parameter and has a special character.

Chrome browser has a "Carpetbomb" (carpet bombing) security vulnerability. This vulnerability could allow a malicious Web site to sneak onto a user's computer to download programs or execute programs.


Arrow aimed at four opponents

Google Chrome browser in the interface structure to draw on the suspicion of opera design, especially the anonymous browsing function, and IE8 's privacy function is very similar, also a bit like opera's "Speed dial" function. You can provide pictures of recent or frequently browsed websites on the start page, "Hide" infrequently used features, leave more space for displaying pages, make them look neater and simpler, and prevent browsers from crashing.

When Google launched Chrome, it was Microsoft's launch of IE8 's second beta. When Firefox launched the market share of IE has shrunk a lot, now to kill a Google browser, it is to make Microsoft CEO Ballmer (Steveballmer) feel a chill. No wonder Microsoft is not anxious to improve the performance of IE8 but to prepare to Google sued the court, calling it "very evil."

Although it is known that Google's browser is a threat to Microsoft IE, the action may actually have a bigger impact on the Firefox browser. Lehmanbrothers, analyst at the US investment bank Lehman Brothers, Grass Ammus, said Douglasanmuth, Google's browser market share in the two years to catch up with Firefox, to 20%.

Firefox was originally built by Google, because Firefox's default search engine is Google search, which not only promoted its own website and search engines, but also hit the dead rival Microsoft and its ie. After Google launched Chrome, Firefox's chief executive, Mitchellbaker, said they would sever ties with Google if needed. It seems that Google and Firefox is the enemy is a friend is difficult to distinguish.

Apple has been using safari browsers on its products, will Google launch a browser for Apple systems? Hardly. As for opera, because the market share is not high, the threat may not be many.

However, for Google to be involved in the field of browsers, as users, of course, unanimously agreed. "Competition often leads to such or such innovations that can be proven in the browser market: Avascript performance leaps, security process improvements, and user interface breakthroughs," Mozillaceo John Rilly said. I anticipate that Google's entry into the browser market competition will continue to prove this. The

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