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New Win7 system, open Google Browser, show that the Web page may be temporarily unable to connect, or it has been permanently moved to the address. In the network search for a lot of data, found that the solution is as follows, the test success.

Reason, there is a problem with the TCP/IP protocol that the service relies on.


1, start-run--regedit.exe, open Registry Editor, delete the following two keys: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Winsock (right-click Delete) HKEY_ Local_machine\system\currentcontrolset\services\winsock2 (right-click Delete)

2, find the C:\Windows\inf\nettcpip.inf file, the file is a TCP/IP protocol file

3, Control Panel-> Network and internet-> Network and Sharing Center-> change adapter Settings-> Right-click Local Connection-> Properties

4, first select Tcp/ipv6-> installation-> Protocol-> add-> from disk installation-> then browse the path to find the file path in step 2nd Find Nettcpip.inf, and then select "Tcp/ipv6."

For the IPv4 protocol to repeat the same operation, finally select Tcp/ipv4, namely: tcp/ipv4-> install-> Protocol-> add-> to install from disk-> then browse the path to find the file path in step 2nd, Nettcpip.inf Then select "Tcp/ipv4".

For the Chrome browser, in addition to the above problems, there are the following related issues, one of the solutions, I have not encountered the following problems, the friends encountered can test the solution:

(1) Unable to access this web site, the connection has been reset------ error code: Err_connection_reset

This error may be due to domestic access to foreign restricted sites caused by problems, you can refer to the experience below " solve the Chrome browser can not login and update the problem " step to solve this problem.

Note: It is also possible to use the HTTP protocol to access sites that need to be accessed using the HTTPS protocol, either by trying to change the address to https://xxx, or by entering chrome://net-internals/# in the Chrome address bar HSTs , add the site's domain name to the "HTTP Strict transport security " list so that when you visit the site later, Chrome will force the use of HTTPS to open the site. (2) Unable to access this web site, the server DNS address could not be found------ error code: Dns_probe_finished_nxdomain refer to the following experience "how chrome clears the DNS cache."  step, clear the Chrome DNS cache and see if the problem is resolved. (3) The Web page may not be connected temporarily, or it has been permanently moved to the new URL------ error code: err_failed

Press WIN+R, open the Run dialog box, and entercmd, enter to open the command-line program to confirm that the command-line program is running in admin mode (titled "Administrator"words). Entering in a command line programnetsh winsock reset, and then reboot the computer.(4) The Web page may not be connected temporarily, or it has been permanently moved to the new URL------ error code: err_connection_abortedRefer to the experience belowtroubleshoot problems with chrome browsers not having access to HTTPS sites"In the description, add the Chrome startup parameters–SSL-VERSION-MIN=TLS1, restart Chrome. (5) cannot display this page, error code: "Err_name_not_resolved" or "err_connection_refused"1. Confirm that the URL in the address bar is correct. 2. In other browsers (such as: IE) Open the problem page, if there is this problem, it is a network problem. 3. If the problem is not in other browsers, refer to the experience below.How chrome clears the DNS cache. Step, clear the Chrome DNS cache and see if the problem is resolved. 4. Verify that the agent is correct or that there is no problem. 5. Enter the chrome://net-internals/#proxy in the Chrome address bar to confirm that the settings are correct.(6) Cannot display this page, error code: "Err_name_resolution_failed"This error is due to a problem with DNS configuration that resolves the problem by changing the DNS configuration.   1. Open Network and Sharing Center. 2. Select the network adapter to access the Internet, right-click menu, click "Property"。 3. In the Network Adapter Properties dialog box, select the IPV4 protocol and clickProperty"。 4. Select "using a custom DNS server", the preferred DNS server input, alternate DNS server input, point"Determine"。   Note: and are the free DNS server IP addresses provided by Google. (7) If the following illustration occurs, the Web server rejects the connection


(1) browser----set--advanced--open proxy settings;

(2) connection--LAN settings

(3) Remove the check in front of the automatic detection setting

These are the solutions to several common browser problems, which are welcome to add.

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