Google ranking is not a simple web page optimization

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Many of my friends think that GOOGLE ranking is a single web page tag optimization solution. In fact, this is a wrong idea.
I am a GOOGLE ranking service and want to do the following:
Step 1: Website diagnosis, including:
Website structure diagnosis: Check whether it is suitable for search engine habits;
Website page diagnosis: Check whether the website layout is reasonable and handled properly;
Website file name diagnosis: check whether an unreasonable file name is used;
Basic website marketing diagnosis: Check whether the network promotion currently used is reasonable.
Step 2: analyze basic website traffic:
Install the traffic statistics system
Traffic analysis,
Regional Distribution Analysis,
Step 3: Website optimization:
Website Structure Optimization: rationalize the website structure to suit search engine habits
Website page optimization: keyword layout, graphic processing, etc.
Website connection optimization: systematize the overall website connection. On the one hand, it helps search engines to search. On the other hand, it guides users to view the website content based on user habits to facilitate final business transactions.
Website tag optimization: design and optimization of website tags.
Step 4: Other GOOGLE ranking strategies:
Manufacturing traffic: the key to GOOGLE ranking is traffic. In this process, we will use many network marketing methods.
Create external connections: improve external connections through friendship connections, article promotions, post promotions, and other methods.
Others... ...
To better rank websites with GOOGLE, you must do well with yourself and promote your websites to obtain a better ranking. Therefore, the ranking of websites on GOOGLE should be taken into consideration from the perspective of comprehensive marketing. In this way, the effect can be achieved.
If you want to rely on a single tag optimization and cheating techniques to achieve the effect of GOOGLE ranking, it is very naive and ridiculous.
After all, GOOGLE rankings are intended to promote websites. So, the comprehensive promotion of the website is well done. It is reasonable to get a better ranking from google.

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