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Google is now a "big business" company. They always offer some fresh services, which will make the industry more exciting. However, over the years, Google has developed too many services and software. What services have they provided? Now let's take a look.

Add to Google

This is a website that provides webpage information. Its main function is to introduce its home page to Google for indexing. However, it takes at least a month or two to get indexed by Google, however, once you collect your homepage, the popularity will increase faster.


The blog service provided by Google already has a Chinese version. You can go to your home and write the address to this article for comments.


This is a professional engine. You can enter what you want to buy and get the keyword-compliant results. You can compare the prices of different shopping websites and select the most suitable place to purchase.


Gmail is the most popular free email service provided by Google, providing more than 2 GB of storage space.

Google Adsense

Google's advertising service, do you encounter IP addresses that do not know the source often maliciously click your advertisement, and you cannot know the IP address, so it cannot be banned, do you want to know which or which pages of your advertisement have the highest click rate and are not limited by the number of channels? It mainly targets Google Adsense rules, provides users with timely and detailed ad click statistics without violating rules.

Google adwords

A special advertisement site provided by Google to sellers. If someone clicks here, they will charge sellers according to certain rules. This is a classified advertisement on the Internet.

Google Alerts

This is a custom news site. You can customize the content you need through the mailbox and get the relevant information.

Google Analytics

The Free Website Statistics Service launched by Google only requires simple registration to help webmasters analyze their websites. The content in the service is very detailed and not only useful for small websites, large websites can also serve as a reference indicator.

Google Answers

Google's Q & A site can answer a lot of questions you don't know, similar to Baidu's website. Now this site is in charge mode, and you can offer a reward for purchasing the answer to the question.

Google Base

Compared with other Google services, this service may seem messy. It also allows us to submit different information to Google and make it appear in Google's search.

Google blog search

This is a search service for Google blogs that collects massive amounts of information.

Google Book Search

Google's book search service is actually a small extension of the Google engine, but the results found here are professional and concentrated.

Google catalogs

Google's mail order search service is not very useful for Chinese people.

Google Code

A service that Google uses to promote and develop open source software.ProgramMember'sSource codePublic site

Google compute

Google's grid computing can distribute some ultra-large-scale computing workload to computers in different countries and regions around the world to get results as soon as possible. This is useful for global computing, I hope all my friends with computers will join us.

Google Desktop

This is a tool bar placed on the desktop. It provides news, weather, email, and other small programs to learn the latest information.

Google directory

A super-large Manual classification directory created by goolge allows webpages to be sorted by importance. The Directory Search Service allows users who want to browse related information under a specific topic.

Google Earth

This service allows you to query satellite images in most regions of the earth, especially in big cities. It allows you to see more images like astronauts and learn about the world without leaving your home.

Google groups

Group services provided by Google. You can use it to create a mailing list, read news, or share your interests with like-minded users.

Google Homepage

It is a homepage service provided by Google. You can customize it. It provides various services such as weather, news, and divination.

Google Image Search

Google's image search is almost the earliest service of Google. This is its image search page. I believe everyone has used it. The image search accuracy is still good.

Google Labs

Some links to the Google lab services can be seen from here what are their genius inventions.

Google local

Google local search. With this service, you can use keywords to search for a type of company in a specific city and display the location of the company on an electronic map. This service is now available in the Chinese version.

Google Maps

The Google map search service allows you to browse maps and highways around the world. Compared with the satellite maps mentioned above, it is more traditional.

Google mobile

Google mobile Internet Users' Services, as long as the mobile phone can be connected to this website, you can search for images, keywords, and other information like using a PC.

Google movie showtimes

Google provides the movie release time search service. You only need to enter the zip code or address of a place to search for the release time of a local cinema or movie.

Google News

Google news sites present the latest news to everyone. All the news above are automatically aggregated by a specific Google computer.

Google Page

Google's free personal homepage service allows you to get a m free homepage space.

Google Reader

Google's online RSS reader relies on RSS and atom technologies to help users obtain information in a timely manner. users do not have to check their favorite sites. Google Reader can help you.

Google ridefinder

Search for buses and taxis in 12 U.S. cities.

Google Scholar

AcademicArticleSearch engines are essential for senior students, especially those who often need to write some papers.

Google send to phone

The service that uses the network to send text messages does not feel special.

Google sitemap

Google's sitemaps program aims to accelerate website information search and enhance indexing capabilities. Google said: "This collaborative search system will further improve the coverage and refresh speed, so that users can use Google to achieve optimal search ." Google calls the website administrator to place files in sitemaps format on the website server. In this way, Google's search engine can see those webpages on the website and those webpages whose content has been modified.

Google SMS

Google SMS is a technology used to search for specific information through SMS. It provides the driving service and supports SMS in wireless products.

Google suggest

This is a test site that guesses your intention. When you enter text in the keyword search box, the drop-down list displays a list of alternate search words or phrases. The page number of each word or phrase is displayed. Select a word or phrase from the candidate to search.

Google Talk

Google launched the instant online chat tool, which was very popular at the time. Many people in the industry said they could work together with various instant chat tools. However, there are not many people using it, which has a low impact.

Google Toolbar

Google's search toolbar has many useful functions, such as searching, intercepting pop-up windows, and viewing the prvalue of webpages.

Google Video

This is another new attempt. Google launched a wide range of video search content, but domestic users seem to be subject to certain restrictions.

Google Web Accelerator

It can accelerate webpage loading, especially for foreign websites with slow network access.

Google Web Search

Google's default search service.


Hello instant chat is a very small instant messaging client. It works with Picasa, a Google Image Viewer, to share images with friends and family members.


thanks to its efficient image management mode, the powerful image management and display software allows us to classify and analyze all the pictures on the computer. It is now a free software, and you can turn ACDSee off.

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