Google will no longer support Android Eclipse Tools

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Google recently announced it will stop all support for Eclipse Android development tools by the end of the year.

When the Android Studio version 1.0 was released, Google announced it as the official Android development tool and advised developers to move to Android studio. For developers who have not yet turned to Android studio, they now have to face the problem because Google has announced that it will end the development and support of Eclipse's Android tools by the end of this year. This includes ADT plug-ins, ant build Systems, DDMS, TraceView, and other performance and monitoring tools.

To migrate from Eclipse to Android Studio, it is recommended to read this migration guide to understand the new project structure and how to build an Android project through Gradle. If prerequisites are met, you can use Android studio to import the Eclipse project and then perform validation (build and run) to make sure everything is correct. If there is a problem, Google recommends tweaking the Eclipse ADT Project and importing it again.

Developers who want to continue using eclipse are advised to look at the Andmore project and participate in it, which is designed to enable Android tools to continue to work in eclipse. Andmore includes JDT, CDT, and ADT, and supports Maven and Ant, and also plans to support Gradle, which can now be integrated with Mylyn, Egit, and GitHub.

As we all know, Google has launched a lot of projects and made a lot of bold innovations, but in many cases it is easy to kill a project that proves unworkable, Reader, Wave, Buzz, Knol, Code, Dart Editor, and Chrome Dev Editor and so on. This is quite different from the practice of many software developers who follow up on projects that lack motivation to ensure that projects can be revived. While Google's flexible approach has been incorporated into the company's DNA, many development communities are uncomfortable with it. We saw a lot of developers commenting that they were reluctant to participate in Google's new projects because they feared that they would be terminated in a few days, delaying the use of such projects. Should Google change the way they do things, or should developers be more flexible?

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Google will no longer support Android Eclipse Tools

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