Great path to the gods-Great Integration of Android learning resources, projects and websites (comprehensive data sorting since Android learning)

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Great path to the gods-Great Integration of high-quality learning resources and projects for Android
Android has many excellent learning resources, projects, and websites, but most of them are not concentrated, which is not conducive to beginners to learn and grasp Android as a whole. Today, we are just free to sort out the website materials that we are familiar with and frequently accessed since learning Android, so that we can search for them easily and help you learn quickly and efficiently, at the same time, high-quality resources should also truly exert their value, hoping to help everyone, and will continue to update this blog.

1. Ashes:
Android boutique open source project finishing _ V20140221 (Continuous updates...) (password: a347)
Project Example: 11 types of Android sensors use source code, 100 types of image processing results Daquan projects, Android wifi search connection hotspot creation projects,. FlappyBird pixel bird Unity + cocos2dx Projects
Android win8 style music player, Android Multi-Function Mobile assistant project, etc.


2. High Level
Android excellent open-source projects [Continuous updates ~ Welcome ~] Http://


  • Apollo music player: just a player, but it works well.
  • Oschina client: the client of the oschina website. Both the wp and iOS versions are open-source.
  • Xabber real-time chat tool (based on xmpp protocol)
  • Four-dimensional Sina Weibo client: Today I know it is open source. Hurry up and add it to favorites.
...... Component:
  • Android-Flip: Implements gorgeous Flip pages like FlipBoard
  • Drag-Sort-Listview: You can Drag the item to re-Sort the listview, the effect is very good
  • HoloEveryWhere: ke. Some people like Android's holo style very much. This project will definitely make you happy.
  • Universal-ImageLoader: the classic asynchronous image loading.
Example image:

3. Learn from God
Android classic open-source code is a must-have and foreign exquisite design Series
Android development artifacts are recommended (including various UI effects and android code library instances)
Rubychina4androidTimelyTextViewAndroid-UndoBar ......
Image example:

4. Student level
Very useful Android components or frameworks-decisive collections
1. ImageLoader asynchronously loads images, caches images, and generates thumbnails. Basically, this lib is required for each application.
2. Android-PullToRefresh is similar to Sina Weibo, twitter, and the pull-down refresh list. Even more, it also supports pulling and loading more. It is not only a ListView, but also a GridView.
3. androidannotations is a good framework for rapid development. annotation is widely used to replace hard code. AndroidAnnotations is an Open Source framework that speeds up Android development. It takes care of the plumbing, and lets you concentrate on what's really important. By simplifying your code, it facilitates its maintenance.
4. scyclingmenu, which can be combined with ActionBarSherlock
5. actionbarsherlock actionbar is compatible with 2.x
Image example:

5. Rise Level of diaosi:
Android video big collection, diaosi day no longer Mod = viewthread & tid = 611 & extra = page % 3D1
| ----- Android app Development Directory: Course 1 on the first day of Android app development. android introduces the first day of Android Application Development Course 2. android development environment construction and development the first Android Application Development day course 3. android app running process analysis and shell logging course 4. Android app development day 1. the second day of Android Application Development Course 1. unit Test and output log information Android Application Development Course 2. file Operations for Android app development the next day course 3. file Operation Mode and SDCard read/write access the second day of Android Application Development Course 4. the second day course of Android Application development using the SAX parsing XML-1 5. the second day of Android Application Development Course 6. use DOM to parse XML Android app development course on the second day 7. use Pull to parse and generate XML Android Application Development Course on the second day 8. enable Course 1 of the third day of Android Application Development for data storage using SharedPreferences. create a database and complete the addition, deletion, modification, and query operations. The third day of Android Application Development Course 2. use another method to add, delete, modify, and query the database. Course 3 of the third day of Android application development. transaction operations and data display Android Application Development Third day course 4. use ContentProvider to share data externally and listen for changes in ContentProvider data. Course 5 of the third day of Android application development. the fourth day of Android Application Development for contact operations in the address book. Course 1. the fourth day of Android Application Development Course 2. android app Development 4th day course 3. Get video information in xml format from the network. obtain video information in json format from the network. Android app development course 4. submit parameters to the server in Get mode ......
| ----- Android development video tutorialAndroid development video tutorial Episode 1: android learning roadmap introduction. avi 42.54 MB Android development video tutorial Episode 2: Introduction to the android system framework. avi 122.37 MB Android development video tutorial Episode 3: android development environment Creation. avi 37.23 MB Android development video tutorial set 4: android lifecycle introduction. set 5 of avi 62.84 MB Android development video tutorial: android uses the intent to transmit data to global variables. set 6 of avi 52.94 MB Android development video tutorial: using the clipboard for android to transmit data. set 7 avi 87.04 MB Android development video tutorial: a common way for android to transmit data with intent. avi 140.50 MB Android development video tutorial Episode 8: android uses static variables to transmit data. avi 35.43 MB Andro Id development video tutorial: android uses intent to pass data to return results. avi 153.81 MB Android development video tutorial Episode 1: Build a development environment on Baidu map. avi 128.83 MB "Android development video tutorial" second set: Baidu map cover description. avi 80.79 MB Android development video tutorial Episode 3: Description of multiple covers on Baidu map. avi 93.08 MB Android development video tutorial set 4: How to initiate range search based on range and keywords. avi 100.36 MB Android development video tutorial Episode 5: marking the driving route SOU shuttle. avi 96.96 MB ......
| ---- News client development tutorialBytes

6. Scum attack level
For small Android instances, learn a little bit a day, and Bai fumei is getting closer and closer to you.
1. Baidu map example:
2. Android alarm clock source:
3. MySeekBar custom:
4. SeekBar and system volume synchronization:
5. timed close program:
6. Rolling view:
7. SpinnerDemo:
8. Get current resolution:
9. Imitation Sohu application sliding ad source code:
10. aidl cross-process call:
11. Android imitation of the APP:
12. Android unreceived call after processing (Judge not received call):
13. Android and JS Interaction:
14. Android remote login with Loading login effect:
15. Android phone and computer Scoket communication in Wifi:
Android listening phone status:
17. Android Automatic send SMS:
18. Android automatic switch machine implementation:
19. BrewClock alarm clock:
20. cellmap v2.0 base station query positioning Navigation System:
More 0

More exciting resources:
* Great foreign website resources, a variety of dazzling beauty:
* Luo Android Development Video tutorials, projects, game sharing site:
* CSDN application development data, source code examples, development experience sharing, Chinese API, android blog column recommendation:
* Open Source China Community code sharing site: Lang = java & catalog = & show = week * GitHub open-source project summary:
Http:// Mod = viewthread & tid = 5377 & extra = page % 3D1

* Android Application game source service expert: Category_name = blog_forum

* Special Topic breakthrough Summary of source code related to Android beautification: Http:// Mod = viewthread & tid = 471 & extra = page % 3D1
* Special Topic breakthroughAndroid multi-thread development: Http:// Mod = viewthread & tid = 418 & fromuid = 5

* Special Topic breakthroughAndroid message mechanism details: Http:// Mod = viewthread & tid = 847.

For more video downloads:
* Mobile development video collection: Http://
* The Best Mobile developer community Video System tutorial examples of android device functions: Http://【eoeandroid androandroandroandroandroandroandroandroandroandroandro. html
Http:// Gid = 180

* Bo Wen viewpoint Android programming classic 200 cases of CD-Rom download, book CD-Rom self-study tutorial Http://

Apart from technology: Excellent developer Essays
* Eight App operation rules: Http:// :201201201 Http://

* Android profit forum: Http:// Mod = forumdisplay & fid = 256
Http:// Mod = forumdisplay & fid = 173

* Advertising platform: Rice: Century: 360 Application Development Platform: Baidu application:

Finally, I hope everyone can help me. I hope you can make some achievements and welcome Bai fumei as soon as possible.

Appendix, if you are free, you can also try again:

Storm combination of 49th teams: brainstorm:


Introduction to our games:

Brainstorm is an entertaining and leisure puzzle game, it is mainly composed of nine small modules, including classic and interesting Dongxi, turning over and covering, colorful, instant memory, a variety of guesses, a sweep of the light, one-to-one correspondence, eye-catching eyes, and idiom skews, I believe that there is always one of your favorite game options, coupled with the choice of classic modes for leisure, interesting random compass modes for boring times, or happy and advanced challenge modes, there are multiple game modes to choose from, it will certainly bring you more pleasure and fun in your spare time, wonderful every day, and fresh, professional, and image art design, it will also give you a different gaming experience. In the future, we will continue to launch the game scoring network rankings and online PK for players. Please stay tuned. Your support and encouragement are our continuous motivation, thank you ^ & ^ (the code will be posted later for discussion and learning. Please stay tuned)

The following is the game running interface.:

Thanks for your support:

Storm combination of 49th teams: brainstorm:


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