Hex file Read (Eclipse Ehep plugin)

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Eclipse Plugins: (Ehep)Posted onApril 2, 2012by Erich styger

And here are number 4 of my ' Best of ' eclipse plugins:the eclipse Hex Editor Plugin Orehep. It is a great tool to inspect or change files in hex mode. Installation of the plugin is simple:get it from the Http://ehep.sourceforge.net/update site.

Once I has the plugin installed, it offers an additional Hex Editor. I Use the context menuOpen with on a file, and it shows up in the Editor Selection:

Hex Editor Selection

The view allows to inspect and to change any files. So it is not a limited to binary files. Usually eclipse is doing a great job preventing strange characters in source files. But for strange preprocessor compiler errors, it's valuable to check the hex content of a source file. That's the I can exactly see that's in my source file:

Source File in Hex Mode

The view comes with a ASCII column on the right hand side. The status information at the bottom of the view provides additional details, including hexadecimal, decimal and binary VA Lues.

Happy hexing:-)

Hex file Read (Eclipse Ehep plugin)

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