How does a good blog be tempered?

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Today, I saw Xingdong wrote an article, "excellent blog is how to refine it?" "The article was written last year, but now there are a lot of good places to look at."

There are a few points to disagree: the use of real names in China's environment is extremely unrealistic, it is easy to eat big losses. About grandstanding, selling personal privacy, lower body writing and so on, I remember Xingdong blog China does not officially rely on these to start? Later not also specially please come to the wood to do the U.S. market Director? It seems that Xingdong's memory is not very good. In addition, I add one for Dr. Fang, that is to have the government public relations ability, the Overseas blog services are all sealed (at present only MSN space has not been sealed, probably because Microsoft's name is relatively large), Wiki services are also closed, Then your doctor's blog China and wiki China do not have so many foreign competitors. But at present Sina Sina blog probably let Fang Doctor very Wohuo, seal of so many blog service, but was Sina from behind stabbed a knife.

The following is "How to make a good blog?" "The full text:

How does a good blog be tempered?

(How to become a good blog, excellent blog cultivation guide)

Author: Xingdong

"Everyone is a blog", "a minute to become a blog," This is the idea of the blog commune advocated. Indeed, it's easy and simple to become a blogger, but it's not that easy to be a good blogger. Some excellent blogs may be innate, but more excellent blogs are not inborn, but refined. Grasp the following experience and suggestions, can help you become a good blog faster, make your blog journey more lasting, exciting and exciting. Of course, if you have no sense of the concept of blogging, then you should look back at these myriad definitions and metaphors and you will feel something. Of course, eclectic is also to the essence of excellence, the following personal suggestions for reference and reference only.

My research blog for two years, the favorite folder in the blog site has more than 1000, I often see the blog site has dozens of. Summary of the characteristics of the outstanding blog, the most concise about a few: the use of real names, using hyperlinks, focus on their own field, to achieve "Bielo" unique. The following is elaborated in detail:

1, True. Sincerity is a kind of capital, sincerity can also create capital, in the virtual world, more so. In the blogosphere, you can still be anonymous, but a good blog must be candid and straightforward. Using your own "real name" instead of "anonymous or pseudonym" is the best option. The blog is self present, is the ego constructs, therefore, uses the real name, may let the other people more trust, lets oneself be more responsible, why not? Truth is the soul of a good blog.

2, focus. The most important secret of a good blog is focus. Is the water account good? Would any graffiti be good? Is everything good? Of course it's hard. A blog is a person who sees the world, so the most important thing is to put your limited energy and ability into a more limited, more focused direction. Not afraid of alternative, is afraid of the same quality, not afraid of the narrow, afraid of miscellaneous, not afraid of novelty, afraid of stereotypes. It is best to be different, preferably professional and professional, in your field of blog, you are the most unique and best, that your blog site can naturally stand out. For example, a journalist's blog, can pay attention to a field every day, even a company, accumulated all the year round, your blog is the richest knowledge base, you do not want to become "experts" are not. Focus is the life of excellent blog!

3, interest. Blog is not all a relaxed and comfortable things, after all, you need to constantly update the construction, and can not Santian two days to play. So, what can make you persevere, the best motivation is of course your interest. Blogs reflect your interests, and blogs can enhance and enhance your interest. With interest as a guarantee, you can forget all the utilitarian expectations and the short-sighted goals. One day, when you look back, you will find that your blog is already a huge "online personal asset", and that success and opportunity may be met by chance. Interest is the power of excellent blog!

4, open. A long voyage in the sea captain, excellent or not, peer Word-of-mouth, to a large extent, is his "log" written whether it is very exciting, whether there is a great reference value. And the blog is every one sailing in the network of people in the sea, he or his discovery at any time refined out, open to everyone. Excellent blog will not be a large number of paste, will not copy, but the use of "HYPERLINK", the chain to those wonderful articles, wonderful information, wonderful site (of course, often the failure of the link is very frustrating things). In the blogosphere, giving someone a hyperlink is not a "give", but a basic courtesy, a basic way of behaving. The hyperlink itself is content, with hyperlinks, all the content in the Internet world can be your performance, hyperlinks are excellent blog "Nuclear weapons."

5, diligence. Grandstanding, the sale of personal privacy, lower body writing, chest writing, but also famous for some people. However, true excellence and success is 99% by diligence. Build their own blog site, is to build the network itself, the virtual world of a mirror. Blog reflects your quality, your ability, your knowledge, your content. Whether busy or casual, whether the wind or rain hit, must think that the network on the "own" also need to constantly update, and constantly improve. Therefore, diligence and perseverance is the only way to a good blog.

6, accumulation. Bit by bit, accumulate over the cumulative. The iron rod was sharpened into a needle. Blog is not only self-expression, daily description of their own lives of the ego. Blog is with its own personality and characteristics of the vision, to unlimited life and unlimited network, mining and refining the most pristine knowledge, information and content, dedicated to every one to your blog to visit the people. So if your blog is focused on a particular area, then you have to take the "break iron pot" momentum from the start, bring the best things in this field to your blog, the best sites in the field, the best books and media, the best experts and businesses, the most important knowledge, to carry forward your "collection addiction", With the daily writing and expression, the accumulation will make your blog into the field of "synthesizer", the value of nature can not be stopped. Accumulation is the power of excellent blogs.

7, social network. If the BBS is a public square, anyone can be wild-like vent and shout, and then buttocks a fling, even if the flood behind the monstrous. So, blogging is an open personal room. You are the owner of the room, all the readers are your guests, your friends, you have to try to tidy up the room more beautiful, decorate more rich, present more exciting. Let your room become an online café, the address of your room (blog URL) to tell your friends and relatives, classmate colleagues, let them visit, to leave a comment, of course, more to attract more friends to come, more unexpected friends. All of this is your social network, are your social capital, you will find that building a blog is not a boring game, not a fun thing, but a real network life.

8, the whims. Most blogs are not intended for utilitarian purposes, but blogging is not a boring game, it's not an idle pastime. At least, blog to bring happiness, blog can bring friends, blog can become an informal personal knowledge management tools, personal information centers, personal communication Center. The whims, will make your blog add charm. Put your hobbies, life and work easily presented, fully show yourself, so that everyone better understand you, provide a variety of contact information, so that readers to facilitate the message, give you feedback, and contact you, because "readers will always know more than you." But also can online interaction with the network, a better life, increase opportunities.

9, mentality. Blog first is a mentality. A person should be in the mentality of the first blog up, otherwise, you are never a good blog with invisible distance. A person will continue to instill professional knowledge into his belly, he became a doctor, a person will continue to network the world of good things open to everyone, he became a blog. A person's life to keep the knowledge into the brain, became a well-known experts; a person at any time to share the good knowledge to others, became a good blog. In the online world, you have an influence because you are constantly giving something good. Do not have reservations, don't be reluctant to, do not haggle over, do not vindictive. Links to others and do not seek back the chain, let others reprint without harsh constraints.

10, Hyperlink. hyperlinks, or hyperlinks! If you have a first-class writing, a good ability to write, it is of course to become a good blog to lay a favorable condition. However, no first-class level of writing can also become a good blog. Because, the blog not only has "the pen", but also has the hyperlink. As long as you are good at discovering great content in the boundless Internet ocean, refining and collecting it on your blog every day, you are a good blog. After all, a person's thinking is limited, but the network is unlimited, only with limited energy to express the unlimited network, is the true realm of excellent blog. Excellent news blogs, knowledge blogs and so on. A blog that is not good at using hyperlinks is generally not a good blog. So be sure to use the Hyper-link, the omnipotent weapon, handy.

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