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I often see people asking: How much is it for a commercial website? Someone said it would take 100,000 million! Someone said tens of thousands! Someone said it would take thousands! Someone else said it would take several hundred!
Which one is true? The answer from huijian is that these are true. Let's take a look:
1) The simplest Construction Method: Buy a virtual host space, get a set of ready-made programs, and then buy a domain name, which requires several hundred pieces. This is the simplest investment.
2) Construction Method of complex points: Buy a virtual host space or VPs virtual server, get a set of ready-made programs, slightly modify it, and then buy a domain name, buying a few sets of group-sending software and a little bit of online advertising is enough for thousands of dollars.
The above two types of websites are basically not normal commercial website development, but more like the construction of personal websites.
3) entry-level Construction: Buy a server hosting service, recruit programmers and customer service personnel. Targeted construction of a set of website programs and the purchase of some online advertisements, tens of thousands of dollars is enough. In this case, basically starting to operate according to the true meaning of commercial websites, although the investment is small, it is also a method of tightening the belt.
4) normal construction method: buy more than one server for hosting, parse the CDN or perform intelligent resolution, and recruit a number of programmers, engineers, and customer service personnel. Specifically, we need to build a set of website programs, purchase corresponding network promotions, and operate according to business rules. In this case, we usually need 100,000.

5) entrust a network company with rich experience to outsource technology and beauty services (including website programs, spaces, domain names, email addresses, technical maintenance, website templates and functions ), you are only responsible for website content maintenance and operation. In this case, a good website construction company can be found within. It is recommended to find a website construction company with technical strength, such as a CMS development company with its own website construction products. Developers of CMS programs such as discuz, phpwind, hbcms, Dede, php168, and ecms have more technical strength than traditional website construction companies.
Here is a detailed analysis of huijian. What are the costs of building a commercial website? How much does a commercial website cost?

The first is the pre-preparation fee, which refers to the pre-planning and preparation costs of the website, including the website planning fee and website license fee.
The cost of preparation (such as applying for various website license certifications) and website development and operation personnel recruitment is high.
Enterprises do not take the case seriously. In fact, this part is very important. If this part is done well, there will be fewer detours in the future.

Second, the hardware cost of the website. This part refers to the purchase and configuration of hardware software, such as the website server, firewall, bandwidth, and so on.
The purchase fee of the slave instance. This part is very different. If only virtual host space is used, it can be as low as several hundred yuan.
The configuration cost can be tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands.

Third, program development costs: This part mainly includes the salaries of website interface designers and website program developers.
The administrative cost of development and the cost of website testing. The cost varies greatly in different regions, mainly because of the development of different regions.
Different levels lead to great differences in wages and development requirements. Here, we try to use Shenzhen as a suitable service for commercial website development.
Manual introduction:

Website interface designer salary
Website artist's monthly salary is about 3 K-5 K
Website developer's salary
The monthly salary of ASP programmers is about 4 K-5 K programmer's monthly salary is about 5 k-6 K
PHP programmers earn a monthly salary of about 5 k-7 K
JSP programmers earn a monthly salary of about 4 K-6 K
Windows Server administrator monthly salary of about 3 K
Linux and UNIX server administrators earn a monthly salary of about 5 k-7 K
Website test fee
Cost of human and machine engineering testers for websites: 2 k-3 K per month
Website Security tester fee (mainly for initial one-time use) 5 k-10 K

Fourth, the cost of website promotion: This part mainly includes the cost of Network advertising, Network Public Relations, traditional communication and other promotional channels.
. This is also the biggest investment in commercial websites. This is also the most flexible, big or small, depending on the financial resources. According to
Situation: commercial websites with a monthly promotion cost of 0.1 million are calculated as follows:

A total of 50 thousand of Online ADS (hard ads can bring about 6 K-plus traffic every day, and Seo depends on the effect)
Baidu search keyword 10 thousand (cause: first, Baidu purchases, and second, the usage habits of low-level Internet users)
Google Search Keyword 10 thousand (cause: Google search has high accuracy and effectiveness)
Ad alliances promote Theme 10 thousand (cause: low cost, can make up for other advertising deficiencies)
15 thousand of related website advertisements (this is mainly for professional and industrial commercial websites)
Website optimization costs 5 thousand (depending on the effect)
Internet Public Relations: A total of 30 thousand RMB (2-4 articles can be published every month to create an event in about 2 months)
The fee for network media and manuscript sending is about 10 thousand yuan
Online publicity hypes about 20 thousand yuan
Traditional communication part: 20 thousand (This part mainly expands the influence of traditional media and the influence of financial and commercial industries)
About 0.5 K of media news publishing fee
Traditional Social Activities cost about 1.5 K

In this way, it is estimated that a total of more than 10 thousand IP addresses can be generated every day, and there will be constant hype and publicity.
Climax. If you can ensure that the website has a normal stickiness, it is no problem if the daily IP address reaches more than 0.1 million.
(Note: for the time being, we will only discuss normal promotions, not the cost of cheating)

In short, the specific cost depends on the actual situation. With the experience of huijian, if it is used as a normal commercial website, it usually requires at least
Prepare about 0.1 million of the cost. If it is less, you can only take chances, or you have high skills and execution skills.

To sum up, if you adopt the 5) method to operate a commercial website, you can save a lot of technical costs. However, the risk is to find a website construction company that can cooperate for a long time.


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