How to earn money through blog?

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How to earn money through blog?

-Excerpt from blog crazy
Blog experts reveal how to generate revenue


In my previous content, I mentioned blogs three times over five times.
I can earn money, but I have never explained what this is. Now let's take a look at how blog writing actually makes money. While reading the following content, you can find out which methods are suitable for you.

1.2.1 introduction to professional blogs

Over the past few years, blogs have many aspects
Evolution and evolution. This kind of behavior that used to grow rapidly has now developed into a micro-industry. With the rapid growth of the blog author team, the applicable tools and services are also emerging.

This once required perseverance and technical proficiency
Today, anyone can easily perform things with just a few mouse clicks and a few mouse clicks on the keyboard. The era of popular online publishing has arrived.

With the development of blogs and the awakening of public awareness
They have successfully benefited from their blog. At first, earning money through a blog was almost unknown-in fact, it seems to be contrary to the blog culture. However, things quickly changed. First in the first batch
After sharing their benefits, the public began to pay more attention to earning money through blogs. Although not everyone is eager to try, at least everyone has agreed with this method.

In recent years, "professional blog Author" I has appeared
It is used to describe those who do not simply write a blog as a hobby, but also use it as a means of earning a living.

1.2.2 how much can you earn

Before going deeper, we need to emphasize that
First, you should check whether your expectations are realistic. Although millions of blog authors are trying to be professional, the vast majority of them are not making a fortune.

Although I and
Some blog authors do rely on full-time blog writing to earn a living, and even many others earn more than us, but more people earn only enough to buy fashionable gadgets in this respect, or barely pay for the Internet

Just like the vast majority of industries, true winners
It's a small part of people who have made long-term efforts, and more people just quit before they get on the right track.

1.2.3 no professional blog
It can make you get rich overnight

When I tell people who want to get rich quickly, it's better to find another one.
It will inevitably disappoint them. Unfortunately, it takes time for these people to create a profitable blog. Just like you can't be a professional golfer right away, neither can you.
Can become a professional blog author overnight. To earn money through a blog, you must be prepared for long-term efforts.

Yes, you can earn a lot of money by writing a blog. That
People and things that write blogs more than earn money at work are widely circulated on the Internet. Reading this will make you believe that the dream can come true. However, we also need to pay attention to the hard work and time investment required to earn money. Remember, when you read
Behind every success story of the hype, there are countless unknown failure attempts. And those months
Compared with heavyweight news figures, more people are struggling to make their blogs earn more than a few dollars.

Do not misunderstand what I mean. I'm not trying to do this.
The passion and dream of becoming a professional blog author. The core content of this book is to help you realize those dreams.
Yes, but I think the risks in reality are exactly the responsibilities and obligations of those who "advocate" blogs. There is no magic wand, no hidden tricks, and no behind-the-scenes operations can help you
Success: only time, energy, and determination can make you succeed.

1.2.4 direct profit and indirect profit

We will explain it later in this book.
There are two ways to earn money from a blog: direct profit and indirect profit.

Most blogs and blog authors often stick
One way, but you can try both.

Direct profit

Direct profit refers to the use by bloggers through their blogs.
Directly obtain income. The method is as follows:

  • Network advertisement;
  • Sponsorship;
  • Affiliated marketing;
  • Paid product reviews.

The advertisement above


You can directly make a profit by placing online ads on the page.

Indirect profit

Indirect profit refers to the use of blogs by bloggers
From other channels

Income. For example, you can use the authority, professionalism, and credibility of your blog to achieve the following goals:

  • Sign a free draft contract;
  • Book an invitation;
  • Invited speeches;
  • Serves as a consulting consultant;
  • Sign a business contract.

You will not see any advertisement when visiting my blog,
However, we will find many referral links that may bring me indirect income,

Use a blog to sell services

Extended exerciseCheck the list of blogs you listed in the previous exercise. If some of these blog authors make money through their blogs, what do they do? Search
Obvious signs, such as online advertising. Then look for the less obvious elements, such as the navigation elements that they can provide services.



1.2.5 passive benefits and active benefits

Blog writing (in fact, it also includes other online publishing forms
The charm of making money is that it is more regarded as a passive benefit.
. This is a benefit even if you do not take the initiative to work.

Although in some ways, blog writing can bring
Passive income (for example, you can get advertising revenue while you are sleeping, and you can take a few days off at any time), but if you want to generate stable or more income, you still need to be proactive and never relax.

Those who are no longer updated, no longer taken care of or understand
A blog that is filled with automatic reply or plagiarism and perfunctory content will eventually decline and disappear. When a blog cannot attract visitors, the author will not gain any more benefits.

1.2.6 is a professional blog suitable for you?

Me and
Every day, I am reminding bloggers who indulge in blog rich stories and want to earn money through it. We tried to give them a lot of suggestions. One of them was to stop and ask ourselves to find out how to make money through blogs.
Is it suitable for you. Although not many people are willing to listen to it.

Although it seems a silly question, from some
To some extent, it is even disrespectful, but it is intended to help you really examine your intentions. Not every blog author is suitable for making money using the blog.

Many new bloggers found that a large number
But after the initial enthusiasm gradually subsided, even every day
It becomes more and more difficult, let alone maintaining all aspects of a blog. When your income is completely dependent on forced perseverance, you may find that the original
This excitement and pleasure have long been transformed into resentment, and blogging has become a boring burden.

1.2.7 which method of profit is suitable for you?

Sometimes it is difficult for us to determine the method to be taken.
Obtain benefits. Different profit methods are suitable for different types of blogs and blog authors.

Let's take a look at the purposes listed below and check whether they match you.
. I have classified them based on their main features.


  • "I wrote a blog to promote my own business ."
  • "I write a blog because I want to sell my own books ."
  • "I write a blog because I want to be famous ."


  • "I write a blog for entertainment purposes, and the content in it is my hobby ."
  • "I wrote a blog to earn some money after work ."
  • "My blog is related to products and I will write some comments ."

If you write more than one blog
Problem. It is also feasible to adopt a hybrid strategy. However, those who are preparing to use their blogs as their income sources need to weigh the balance between them,
This may affect other goals.

I have myself and
Real cases that have been used before. It can be seen that advertising on a blog is sometimes not a good idea. Although these examples may be somewhat special, I believe they represent a considerable number of people.
. Of course, you can also extend more scenarios.


Commercial blogs advertised by competitors

Many business-minded
People don't want to lose the money they should have. Therefore, when they heard that they can put advertisements on their blogs, they thought they had found a way to "maximize the value" of their webpage traffic. In fact, they are likely to send
Now, my blog shows competitors' advertisements. Although they can block some of them, they will always come out more. Note that if you are promoting your own products or services, release only
Facilitate your own advertising. In many cases, the space allocated to irrelevant advertisements is used to sell their own products, but it will bring greater benefits.

Reader's dislike

A blog author told me
One day, she added a banner advertisement to her blog, which aroused a strong reaction from readers. She was so angry with her readers that she had taken this path.
To be filled with indignation. For some blogs, the reader group does not have a strong sense of belonging. However, some blog readers may criticize blog authors who change rules in the middle for various reasons, involving mandatory advertisements or actions.
This is especially true for advertising. Sometimes you may lose readers, depending on the strength of your blog community and the way you add advertisements. You need to consider whether the value brought by advertising revenue is higher than the loss of readers.

Money obsession

This may be the most miserable
Example. This is a very interesting and successful blog. Although it is not a top-level blog, it has a very loyal and growing reader team. This gratifying trend gave him the opportunity to "earn money through blog"
Instead, the idea of money ruined his blog because he was too paranoid. He deleted all the content in the archive that has nothing to do with making money, and filled his blog with advertisements, making it hard for readers to find any real content in it.
Contents. In the end, he did not write anything except what he thought he could make money. This practice makes him lose the vast majority of readers, and eventually his blog becomes dull and lazy.

Distraction and disorder

Many bloggers
And then removed them. This is mainly because they get too little return and think it is not worthwhile to sacrifice the space for the blog. Advertisements make the blog appear messy, and
If it is sufficient, it seems that the cloud is fully connected. Of course, this varies from person to person, and sometimes the responsibility is to blame the form or topic of the selected advertisement. However, we find that this is still the blog author.
From blog

One of the main reasons for advertising.

Damaged reputation

Nowadays, credibility is becoming more and more important and difficult to establish. It is easy to lose the trust gained by painstaking efforts. My last example is about the author of these blogs. They had a hard time building up credibility, attracting readers, and then
And rushed all of these to the sewer. In addition to online advertising, many blog authors focus on affiliate marketing and paid comments, and use them as their next revenue source. But when they only consider what marketing brings
When you start to promote affiliate marketing products that you are not familiar with, the problem arises. Inevitably, some of these products are not of sufficient grades and may even be suspected of fraudulent customers. The promotion of defective products or the compilation of misleading comments will undoubtedly make these blog authors betray their own readers, and this consequence is hard to make up.

1.2.8 How To Make A blog
Advertisement for you

Below are some blogs
Important advertisement tips:

  • Reader-oriented, content-oriented;
  • Do not let ads rule your blog;
  • Ensure that only relevant and appropriate advertisements are displayed;
  • Write comments only for products that you have actually experienced;
  • Only marketing products that you are sure are worth the money.

By following these rules, you will be able to avoid problems in most cases.


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