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Every seoer know, search engine site optimization is divided into station optimization and outside the station optimization, outside the station optimization is what we often say outside the chain construction. Outside the chain of construction methods have many kinds, for example, using the major portal blog to do outside the chain is a common and more useful approach. Blogs, as long as the content does not violate the blog service provider's user agreement, generally will not be blocked. Even though the search engine website has reduced the weight of the blog, but if your blog has been raised, then the effect is very good. Today from how to choose a blog platform and pest marketing software to do a blog to do outside the chain of methods and skills.

first, how to choose a blog platform

A good platform can let us with half the effort, if casually find a portal blog, but always do not include, that is equal to white do. So we do blog outside the chain, the first thing to do is to select a good platform. But some friends may despise disagree, is not the choice platform? How big a deal. Sina, Sohu, Baidu Space, news, and so on, but not a simple question, the specific situation can see before an article "Let the data, bug blog mass really useless?" But there are often a number of errors on simple issues. We should pay attention to the following questions when choosing the blog platform.

1, see whether the blog wrote nofollow

Blog General situation is not used nofollow, but if the whole platform to do a lot of outside the chain, damage to the purpose of the blog itself, then these portal blog will also use nofollow added in the blog link.

2, for different search engine sites to choose a different blog platform

is not a portal blog to adapt to your site optimization, each search engine site spiders themselves love to go to the blog platform, such as Baidu is more inclined to Sina and Baidu space, and Google is more like the end of the Earth and Sohu, and then, for example, search will also like their own QQ zone. Therefore, in the optimization, for different search engine site needs to pick a different platform, this is a very important thing.

3, pay attention to the friend chain of the blog has no effect

Today, many of the Friends of the portal blog has no effect, such as Baidu Space, Hexun,sohu and so on, want to use these blog friends chain to do outside the chain is no use, remind everyone to do before you can do webmaster tools check to see if there is any effect.

4, pay attention to each portal blog user groups

Each portal blog has its own group of users, and we must understand this. For example, for Baidu space, are young people love to go to the place, the feelings of the article is relatively popular, such as Sina, including more, but are recent events at home and abroad, QQ space is some non-mainstream love to go to the place, emotional articles and new articles are popular, and the news are financial and other personnel often go to, Article professional strong. Therefore, when collecting and publishing the article should pay attention to the article on the content of each portal blog to adjust. If the article users browse more, the more comments, the search engine on the weight of this article is relatively large, so that the link will be valuable.

 Second, the use of pest marketing software blog To do outside the chain of methods

1, in the selection of good blog after this, the next thing to do is to give the blog a name. We can think of a blog as an independent website, and look at it as a website. Be sure to write down its title and description. Blog title and description is the blog's nuclear idea, to let search engine site to see the blog is to do and so on. When you're registering for a blog with a bug Marketing assistant, blog title to include the site's keywords or company name, such as in the registration of Sina and Baidu Space, the title is named after the user name, so the user name to include your site's keywords, but also pay attention to an IP can only register three blog, 163, and such as the C.J option of the blog name to be set up, if you are strong enough to execute, you can also manually add a blog description, but a large number of blog words or free, the title to do a good job on the line.

2, to know that raising a blog is a period of particularly long process, not a few days of Kung Fu can be successful, so that raised the blog to have the weight, the launch of the chain is also more effective fruit. So we have just started the blog needs to raise at least one months to do, in this period of time can not send ads nature of the article, also do not bring anchor text links and web site articles, otherwise light is not included in the article, the blog is directly blocked. In addition, the content of the article to highlight the theme, the topic to be clear, so that the site site keywords favorable. Therefore, we should pay attention to the following points when using the worm software to collect articles:

(1), the essence of the selection: Whether you are original or collected, must be related to the theme of the blog, so that your article only users to browse, but also effective for others to reprint, which we can use the worm software to collect articles and then publish. (2), blog update frequency: The content must follow the gradual approach, to have the regular increase, do not three days to catch two days of scattered nets, early blog update frequency is best for each blog one article a day, after 10-15 days can day 3-5 every day. (3), leaving the chain of the problem: the front is said not to start with the link in the article, this is done is not to lose, first to raise, and then hair. We can set up a friendship link on the blog in the early stage, worm software can achieve this function, first in the "Optimized keyword Management" tab to set your keywords and web site, and then right-click the blog you want to set up, and then select the extended function, the last click "Set Friendship or signature file"

3, submit processing blog to search engine website: blog and site also, to submit processing to the major search engine sites. Also submit to the major search engine RSS to go, so that you can increase the blog by the search engine site included in the possibility and the amount of content, with the bug software set to submit the RSS method is right click on the blog you want to set up, and then select the extended feature, the last click "RSS submission.

4, do not use the same IP in the publication of a continuous article, use worms to publish blog posts, to set the thread to 1, the interval time set longer, if you use ADSL dialing number, then with the forum to share a routing of the number of software to publish, the effect is very good.

The above is that we use the major portal blog to do outside the chain to pay attention to the place, with Bugs software registration, blog methods are also to pay attention to, so do out of the chain only value. If you want to learn more about the use of worm software can be viewed in, but also can join our pre-sales group: 147740579 for consultation.

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