HTML 5.1 is coming. Updated Content preview and 5.1 Content preview will be officially released in March

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HTML 5.1 is coming. Updated Content preview and 5.1 Content preview will be officially released in March

HTML 5.1 is coming. HTML 5 has been supported by most mainstream browsers since its birth. Next, the Internet programming language will be more standardized. W3C recently announced that it is preparing HTML 5.1 language standard specifications. The first draft is expected to be completed in middle June and will be officially released in September.

It is reported that, compared with HTML 5, the coming HTML 5.1 will not only be more powerful, but also more friendly and more efficient to execute. HTML5, like any standard that has been developed for decades, implies a variety of problems. 5.1 aims to solve some problems.

Update Content preview:

Tabbed Out


Content Security Policy describes how to prevent cross-site scripting attacks. HTML 5.1 adds inline elements and other styles and scripts.

Off the Table

In HTML 4, you write "TFOOT" before "TBODY". HTML5 allows you to write "TFOOT" anywhere. However, due to the Tab key and the accessibility of HTML 5.1, the content model has been restored to HTML 4.

RIP Microformats

Microformat and Microdata are cool small labels. You can add them to your HTML to specify the content, such as an address.

According to reports, HTML 5 was first born in January 2008, but it was not until October 2014 that it had the first standard language specification. Currently, HTML 5 technology is considered to replace the old Flash and become the mainstream programming language for the new generation of Web development.

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