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HTML is the main component of a webpage. Basically, a webpage is composed of HTML languages. To learn how to build a website, you must start with the basic linguistics of the webpage. What is an HTML file?
HTML indicates Hyper Text Markup Language ).
An HTML file is a text file containing tags.
How does the Browser display the page with these tags.
HTML files must have the htm or html extension.
HTML files can be created using a simple text editor.

First, let's give a brief introduction to the HTML language (what we instill here is that we can actually operate on it). HTML is a common network language and a simple and general fully-set markup language. It allows web producers to create complex pages that combine text and images. These pages can be viewed by anyone else on the internet, regardless of the type of computer or browser they use. Amazing? It's not amazing at all, because now you see pages written in this language.

Yes, HTML is not amazing, just because you don't know it very well. Now let's get started with her veil. First, we will introduce the composition structure of HTML:

HTML Composition
(The head, eyes, and body are like a person, right ?)

1. header. As long as you have learned English, you should know how to write your head in English! Yes, the HEAD is. Therefore, the HTML format of the header isHeader content, Not simple. Note that these two are very similar, but the last one is more "/" than the previous one. This is often used in the future.

2. Eyes. Just like a person's eyes, it is the Window of the soul, and the eyes of a webpage should be the title of its page. What should I say about the title? Title, yes! You know that your eyes are on your head, so: TitleThese should be placed inAnd. That is

3. Body. The body is the most important part of the web page, because what we talked about earlier is not what the page shows, the page we see is the BODY part (of course its TITLE can be seen in the top left corner of the browser). The BODY-BODY is written in the following way:Page Content
Finally, don't forget to integrate these parts into a web page, so we will usePack them.
Let's take a look at the structure of the webpage:

The Code is as follows:

<Br/> title <br/>

Page Content

Do you want to try it?
If you are running windows, open notepad and enter the following text:

<Html> <pead> <title> Title of page </title> </pead> <body> This is my first homepage. <B> This text is bold </B> </body> </ptml>

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