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HTML tags at a glance:

Mark Type Name or meaning Role Note
File tags
<HTML> File declaration Let the browser know that this is an HTML file
<HEAD> Beginning Provide overall file information
<TITLE> Title Defines the file title, which is displayed at the top of the browser
<BODY> Subject Design file format and content
Typesetting mark
<!--annotation--> 0 Description Mark Add a description to the file but not be displayed
<P> 0 Paragraph mark Leave a blank line between the words, figures, tables, etc.
<BR> 0 Line Wrap Marker Make the word, diagram, and table appear on the next line
<HR> 0 Horizon Insert a horizontal line
<CENTER> Center Make words, graphs, tables, etc. appear in the middle Against
<PRE> Preset format Make the file appear in the way the original code is arranged
<DIV> Locator tag Set the position of words, figures, forms, etc.
<NOBR> No Line Wrap Make text not wrap for too long
<WBR> Suggested Line Wrapping Preset line Change position
Font marks
<STRONG> Aggravating tone Produces font bold bold effect
<B> Bold tag Create font Bold effect
<EM> Accent Mark Font appears italic effect
<I> Italic mark Font appears italic effect
<TT> Equal-width fonts Courier font, same letter width
<U> Underline Underline Against
<H1> First-level title tag Make the font larger, the higher the series the smaller
<H2> Second-level title tag Make the font larger
<H3> Level Three title Tag Make the font larger
<H4> Level four title Tag Make the font larger
<H5> Level five title Tag Make the font larger
<H6> Level six title Tag Make the font larger
<FONT> Font marks Set font, size, color Against
<BASEFONT> 0 Datum font Marks Set all fonts, sizes, colors Against
<BIG> Font enlargement Make the font a little bigger
<SMALL> Font reduction Make the font shrink slightly
<STRIKE> Add Strikethrough Add Strikethrough to Text Against
<CODE> Code Font slightly widened as <TT>
<KBD> Keyboard word Font slightly widened, single blank
<SAMP> Example The character is slightly wider like <TT>
<VAR> Variable Italic effect
<CITE> Italic mark Italic effect
<BLOCKQUOTE> Indent Right Indent text to the right
<DFN> Definition of the stated language Italic effect
<ADDRESS> Address tag Italic effect
<SUB> Subscript Word Text subscript
<SUP> Superscript word Superscript on text
Manifest markup
<OL> Order List List items will be in numbers, alphabetical order
<UL> Unordered list The manifest item will be arranged in a solid dot as a symbol
<LI> 0 List items Items in the manifest, one line marked
<MENU> List of options Use the type parameter to specify a bullet. Anti-
<DIR> Catalog Listing Same as <menu> Anti-
<DL> Definition Checklist The list appears in two tiers
<DT> 0 Define Entry Clear Item Title
<DD> 0 Define Content List Item Contents
Table tags
<TABLE> Table tags Set the parameters of the table
<CAPTION> Table title Make a column to fill in the table title
<TR> Table columns Set columns for this table
<TD> Table column Set the column of the table
<TH> Form headers Equal to <td>, but the inner text font becomes thicker
Form tags
<FORM> Form tags Determine the mode of operation of this form
<TEXTAREA> text box Provide text entry bar
<INPUT> 0 Input tags Determine input form
<SELECT> Select tag Create a pop-up scrolling list
<OPTION> 0 Options Each inventory option
Graphical indicators
0 Graphical indicators Use to insert graphics and set graphic properties
Link Markers
<A> Link Markers Join link
<BASE> 0 Datum mark You can turn relative URLs to absolute and specify links
Frame marker
<FRAMESET> Frame setting Set frame
<FRAME> 0 Window settings To set a window in a frame
<IFRAME> 0 Inside page Frame Insert a frame into a Web page Ie
<NOFRAMES> Frame not supported To set a prompt when browsers do not support frames
Image map
<MAP> Image map Name Set Image map name
<AREA> 0 Link area Set up each link area
<BGSOUND> 0 Background sound To play music or sound in the background Ie
<EMBED> 0 Multimedia Add sound, music, or video
Other tags
<MARQUEE> Merry-go Make text move around Ie
<BLINK> Flashing text Make text blink NC
<ISINDEX> 0 In-page search device You can enter a keyword to find the page Against
<META> 0 Beginning description Provide information about this page to the browser
<LINK> 0 Relationship definition Define the relationship between the file and other URLs
<STYLE> Model table Control page Layout
<span> Custom Mark Use independently or with a style sheet


  · indicates that the tag belongs to a containment tag, that is, the end tag </tag >.
  · 0 indicates that the tag is an empty tag, that is, no closing tag is required.
  · IE indicates that the tag is only suitable for Internet Explorer.
  · NC indicates that the tag applies only to Netscape Communicator.
  · objections indicate that the tag is not endorsed by the consortium, which is typically Microsoft or Netscape, and has been supported, except that there are other features or better options in the HTML standard.
  · discarding indicates that the tag has been discarded by the web, is an obsolete tag, but HTML is backward-compatible, so browsers still support it.
  · new indicates that the tag is new in HTML 4.0.

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