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HTML Tag marquee achieves rolling effect-* opening flowers * html Tag- You can achieve multiple scrolling effects without js control. You can use the marquee mark to move text, images, tables, and so on. Enter the content to scroll.

I. tag attributes

1. Scroll direction ction (including four values: up, down, left, and right)

Syntax: ...

2. scroll mode behavior (scroll: cyclic scroll, default effect; slide: Stop only once; alternate: scroll back and forth)

Syntax: ...

3. Scroll speed: scrollamount (the scroll speed is the length of the movement when each scroll is set, in pixels. If it is not set, the default value is 6. It is recommended to set it to 1 ~ 3 .)

Syntax: ...

4. scrolldelay (set the interval of scrolling in milliseconds. Generally, scrolldelay does not need to be set .)

Syntax: ...

5. Rolling loop (the default value is-1, and the scrolling continues)

Syntax: ...

6. Scroll range: width and height

7. Scroll background color bgcolor

8. Blank Space (for example, the number of empty spaces)

Ii. Events

1. onmouseout () = "this. start ()": used to set the scroll continued when the mouse moves out of the changed area.

2. onmouseover () = "this. stop ()": used to set the scroll to stop when the mouse moves to the changed area.

Iii. Instances

1. Add a hyperlink to the scroll subtitle


2. Move the mouse over the text and stop the text rolling

Text Content

3. Multi-Line Text Scrolling up

· Good morning!
· The air is fresh.
· How good is food?



NOTE: If your webpage is edited by FrontPage, you can only scroll one row after saving it. At this time, you find that your original code order has changed, My god! The solution is to find out the original code and embed itJavaScriptIn document. write, the above Code is written:


/* References:

* 1.

* 2.


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