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Name or meaning



File tag


File Declaration

Let the browser know that this is an HTML file




Provide overall File Information




Defines the file title, which will be displayed at the top of the browser




Format and content of the design File


Typographical mark





<! -- Annotation -->

Description mark

Add instructions to the file but not displayed



Section mark

Leave a blank line between words, graphs, and tables.



Line feed mark

Display words, graphs, and tables in the next row



Horizontal line

Insert a horizontal line




Display words, graphs, and tables in the middle



Default format

Save files as originalCodeDisplay the arrangement



Locating tag

Set placement of words, graphs, tables, etc.



Do not wrap

Make Text wrap not too long



Suggested line feed

Default line feed


Font mark


Aggravated tone

Generate bold and bold font Effects



Bold mark

Generate a bold font Effect




Italics appear in the font



Italic Markup

Italics appear in the font



Same Width font

Courier font with the same letter width







Level 1 title mark

Increase the font size, and the higher the level, the smaller the font size.



Level 2 Title mark

Increase the font size



Level 3 title mark

Increase the font size



Level 4 title mark

Increase the font size



Level 5 Title mark

Increase the font size



Level 6 Title mark

Increase the font size



Font mark

Set Font, size, and color



Base font mark

Set all fonts, sizes, and colors



Font increase

Make the font slightly larger



Shrink font

Reduce the font size slightly




Strikethrough text




The font is slightly widened, as shown in <tt>



Keyboard character

Slightly wider font, single blank




The text is slightly added as shown in <tt>




Italic Effect



Italic Markup

Italic Effect



Scale down to the right

Shrink text to the right




Italic Effect



Address tag

Italic Effect




Text subscript




Text tagging


List tag






Sequence List

The list items are listed in numbers and letters.



Unordered list

The configuration items are arranged with solid Dots as symbols




A project in the list, marking a row



Option List

The type parameter can be used to specify the project symbol.



Directory List

Same as <menu>



Definition list

The list is displayed in two layers.



Define entries

List item title



Definition content

Configuration item content


Table tag


Table tag

Set parameters for the table



Table title

Create a column to enter the table title



Table Column

Set columns in the table



Table Column

Set the columns of the table



Table Header

Equal to <TD>, but the font of the text in the text will become bold


Form tag






Form tag

Determines the operation mode of the form.



Text Box

Text input bar



Input tag

Determines the input format



Select tag

Create a rolling list




Each configuration option


Graphic Markup

Graphic Markup

Used to insert and set graphic attributes


Link tag






Link tag

Add Link



Benchmark mark

You can convert relative URLs to absolute URLs and specify links.


Frame tag


Framework settings

Set framework



Window settings

Set the window in the frame



On-page framework

Insert a frame into a webpage



Framework not supported

Prompt when setting the browser does not support the framework


Image Map






Image Map Name

Set Image Map Name



Link Area

Set connection Areas




Background sound

Make the background play music or sound




Add sound, music, or image


Other tags






Lawn lamp

Move text



Flashing Text

Text flashing



In-page Finder

Enter a keyword to search for this page.


< Meta >


Provide information about this page to the browser



Link Definition

Define the relationship between the file and other URLs




Style table

Control webpage Layout



Custom tag

Used independently or with style sheets


· ● Indicates that the tag is a blocking tag, that is, the tag needs to be terminated </Tag>.
· ○ Indicates that the tag is an empty tag, that is, the tag does not need to be terminated.
· Ie indicates that this flag only applies to Internet Explorer.
· NC indicates that the flag only applies to Netscape Communicator.
· Objection indicates that the flag is not w 3c As agreed, this mark is usually customized by Microsoft or Netscape and has been supported by everyone, but other functions in the HTML standard are the same or better.
· Indicates that the tag has been replaced by W. 3c Discarded tags are outdated tags, but HTML is backward compatible, so the browser still supports them.
· Indicates that the tag is added in HTML 4.0.

Nowrap: The nowrap attribute of the TD element in HTML indicates that text wrapping in cells is prohibited. Note that the behavior of the nowrap attribute in the TD element is related to the width attribute of the TD element. If the TD width is not set, the nowrap attribute takes effect. If the TD width is set, the nowrap attribute does not.

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