HTML tags and attributes

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HTML Hyper text Markup Language, Hypertext Markup Language, markup language differs from programming language, markup language is a set of tag tags, HTML uses tag tags to describe web pages

HTML documents contain HTML tags and plain text

Save format: Save text document in HTML format, open in Browser, view page effect

HTML integration Editor (client software specifically designed to write HTML code): VS Coder

Text Editor: Notepad (PC) or TextEdit (MAC)

HTML Common packet Framework, etc.:

MODERNIZR Automatic detection of browser versions and features

An HTML composition: tags, attributes, content

or in professional terms: an HTML element, which is the code from the start tag, attribute, content, to end tag

Some of the terminology explained:

Tag tag <a><a/> angle brackets keyword in pairs appear start and end tags

Property <a s= "x" >list<a/> s set in start tag

The content list is displayed in a Web page as a object with an S attribute (not rigorous and object-oriented but can be understood)

The format is as follows:

< tag keywords Tag properties > contents of Tag Objects < end of this tag object >

<a s= "x" >list<a/>

A set of tag HTML tags nested

The contents of an HTML element, which can be other HTML elements

Framework class elements

Text description page between

<body> Visible Page Content <body/>

Basic display elements

<p> paragraph <p/> (paragraph means automatic another line)


<a Herf = "URL" > This is a link <a/>

Link Label <a> link property link Address herf = "URL" contains linked text this is a link


Image label properties: Image source SCR = "Local picture relative address" or network picture absolute address "width=" pixel width "height=" Pixel High "

Empty content Element

Line break

<br/> is both the start tag and the end tag

HTML tags and attributes

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